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Douglas W. Krieger


INTRODUCTION (Note:  Links are live throughout the article)

Ezekiel on his side

While preparing to speak on HOW CLOSE ARE WE TO 6,000 YEARS at the Denver Prophecy Summit this August 6-8 (as one of two topics), I received an article presented in 1999 to the Evangelical Theological Society by Dr. William D. Barrick, Prof. of OT at Master's Seminary (John MacArthur).  The article is about the eschatological attributions given to Leviticus 26, which are, of course, most stimulating.  Special thanks to Dr. William Watson of Colorado Christian University in Lakewood, CO, for sending me the article—Dr. Watson will be one of the ten speakers at the first annual Denver Prophecy Summit this August 6-8, 2017.  

Blatantly, then, this is an advertisement to encourage registration for this FREE PROPHECY SUMMIT regarding the relationship between Israel and the Church at the “End of the Age” – hence, its title:  ISRAEL & THE APOCALYPSE.  One still must register to attend--seating is limited.

THE 390 DAYS AND 40 DAYS OF EZEKIEL 4 = 430 DAYS/YEARS x 7 = 3,010 YEARS...

I have pondered--as some of you know--Lev. 26 in its eschatological context for some time now and, due to Doug Hamp's insightful input into the matter, have concluded without hesitation that the dispersion/retributions wrought upon Israel found in Leviticus 26, have much in every way to do with the prophetic metaphors found throughout Ezekiel in chapter 4 of his accounting.  Metaphorical, only in the sense that Ezekiel is told to lay on his left side for 390 days (Israel’s 10 Northern Tribes) and then on his right side for 40 days (for Judah’s 2 Southern Tribes) for a total for Israel (390 days) and Judah (40 days) or 430 days (390 days + 40 days = 430 days/years).  

"For I have laid on you the YEARS of their iniquity, according to the number of the days, three hundred and ninety days; so you shall bear the iniquity of the house of Israel." (Ezk. 4:4-7).  

The context of the prophecy was the SIEGE OF JERUSALEM and the pending captivity of Judah--whereas the House of Israel (aka Ephraim or Samaria) had in 722 BC fallen to the armies of the Assyrians.  Millions of the 10 Northern Tribes of Israel were brought into Assyrian captivity over the course of some 20 to 30 years up through and including 712 BC (from approximately 740-712 BC). At the time that the Lord accorded to King Hezekiah his "life-extension” in 712 BC, the Northern Kingdom had already been under siege for nearly three decades!  

King Hezekiah of Judah was in the fourth year of his reign when the 722 BC siege of Samaria commenced.  Then some10 years later, after the fall of Samaria, then in the fourteenth year of his reign in 712 BC, his life was extended--i.e., the residue of the Northern 10 tribes were under continuous barrage by the Assyrians and, consequently, their captivity was on-going during and up through 712 BC until the armies of King Sennacherib were miraculously destroyed in 2 Kings 19:35-37 (some 185,000 were slain by the Angel of the Lord in sparing Judah under King Hezekiah's reign).

Although I perused Dr. Barrick’s work with keen interest - and was very grateful that the author left the door open (as we all should) to further "eschatological exploration" (i.e., no immediate conclusions were made) . . . I was not surprised he appears to have purposefully left unanswered the meaning of the “390 days” and the “40 days” and how they might be connected to his exposition of Leviticus 26.

In that Leviticus 26, as Dr. Hamp suggests, gives a four-fold formal accusation that the RETRIBUTION given to the Israelites would be SEVEN TIMES (vss. 18, 21, 24, 28 of Lev. 26 - "then I will punish you seven times more for your sins"), therefore, connecting Leviticus 26 with Ezekiel 4 seems altogether prophetically plausible--for Israel's scattering from the Land seems cardinal in the Leviticus 26 prophecy and its fulfillment poignant in Ezekiel 4.  Yes, this does comport to Jesus' declaration to "forgive seven times seventy" - i.e., SEVEN TIMES.  However, we are still left to contemplate how these DAY-YEARS in Ezk. 4 are, therefore, intertwined, prophetically, with Lev. 26, no matter how obvious their association may appear.

SIGNS IN THE HEAVENSI have spent an inordinate number of days (SIGNS IN THE HEAVENS & ON THE EARTH, etc.)--speaking of years here--laboring on the Bible's chronological significance--not as much as our beloved Bishop James Ussher and his 10,000-volume library ensconced in Ireland, but standing on his, and the shoulders of other evangelical and even catholic scholarship on these matter, I am convinced that “man’s days” are numbered . . . given the premise that "Man's days are calculated to embrace 6,000 years or 6 days as in a day is as a thousand years--Apostle Peter ("With the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day" - 2 Peter 3:8).

Israel's history (both that of United Israel and those of their divided house--viz., the 10 Northern Tribes vs. the 2 Southern Tribes) seem prophetically bound to Ezekiel's posture--i.e., 390 days (10 Northern Tribes) and 40 days (Judah) - and, since these days are clearly depicted as YEARS; therefore, when added together they comprise 390 years + 40 years = 430 years.  

I find this total of 430 years somewhat astonishing in that it reflects the 430 years of promise wrought in Exodus 12:40-41 and in Galatians 3:15-18 and again in Gal. 4:28 in that via Isaac we are all "children of Promise" and, of course, being IN CHRIST, in the SEED, we are found to be such, for Isaac is THE archetype of the Messiah offered upon the Altar by father Abraham as the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world.

Thus, although there is retribution in view here--there is also the PROMISE in view--I do not think this a stretch or conjecture for throughout these pronouncements of retribution there is the continuous promise of recovery, restitution, and deliverance through dispersion, ingathering, and ultimate redemption.

But this article written by Dr. Barrick evokes other possibilities that could be found by uniting the two as Dr. Hamp suggests--viz., Ezekiel 4 with Leviticus 26.

The resounding evidence given to the timing of the Exodus to be cir. 1445 BCE (or BC)and at its extremities to beAmenhotep IIa between 1446-1444 BC; consequently, I have concluded it to be in 1445 BC for a multitude of reasons (though room does not permit this justification at this time).  Dr. Carl Laney (Western Seminary) not only affirms these dates but is adamant in their significance to the biblical record and its synchronization with the historical facts (attesting to the Bible's inspiration and its chronologies; to wit; ipso facto, it was Pharaoh Amenhotep IIa [for there were two Amenhotep] cir. 1450-1445 BC--Amenhotep IIa perished in the sea with the Egyptian army in pursuit of the Israelites - See Psalm 136:15).2

Finally, Dr. Edwin R. Thiele, upon whom much evangelical modern scholarship rests, calculated the 1446 BC date; although, many evangelical scholars dispute his chronologies--notwithstanding, I would "intellectually" concur with his Exodus date, being that it approximates my own.  Thiele based his conclusions found in my footnotes.3

Therefore, when viewing the 722 BC date of the Fall of Samaria (a date "connected" to that of the Exodus in 1444/45 BC) and multiplying by 2 we arrive at several conclusions; to wit:  2 X 722 = 1444 - which, in addition, automatically brings us to the actual birth of the Messiah in 1 BC/1 AD itself or 1444 years from the Exodus to the birth of Christ--notwithstanding Bishop Ussher's date of 4 BC being the date of the birth of Christ.  

The work of John Pratt (an astrophysicist by trade and, interestingly enough, a Mormon scholar of sorts) concludes, astronomically, that  Herod's death was NOT in 4 BC but nearer to the 1 AD side of the "earthly year" or 1 BC/1 AD (in that there are 6 months in 1 BC and 6 months in 1 AD; however, "astronomically" 1 BC is a full year and 1 AD is a full year - see Pratt's Article:  Yet another Eclipse for Herod).

These two dates of 1445-1444 and 722 (both BC or BCE) constitute major MARKERS in the Bible's chronological order of things.  

If, indeed, Lev. 26 and Ezk. 4 are bound together eschatologically-speaking; then the 7-fold retribution DEMANDED (not suggested) in Lev. 26 must have a bearing on both the composite of the 390 days + 40 days or 2,730 years (390 days X 7 = 2,730 days/years + 40 days X 7 = 280 days/years or 2,730 years + 280 years = 3,010 years.

I do not believe--given the context of both Lev. 26 and Ezk. 4--that these are arbitrary chronologies and miscellaneous suggestions as to times and seasons regarding retribution; but they are given SPECIFICALLY for our end-time edification and insight into both the historicity and validation of the Scriptural record.

If, indeed, 1445 BC marks the date of the Exodus - then 1405 BC would mark the date, some 40 years later, of the crossing of the Jordan River by the armies of Israel under Joshua's leadership--Moses having expired at the age of 120 years--meaning that he was born in 1525 BC. 


We know from the Biblical record that there are these 430 years of Promise given to us at the Exodus in Exodus 12:40-41 and in Galatians 3-4 as previously mentioned.  Thus, from 1445 BC we add the 430 years of Promise (Promise to Exodus/Law--the Law being some 50 days after the Exodus) or bringing us to the year 1445 BC + 430 years = 1875 BC. What happened in 1875 BC?

May I remind us that the chronologies of the Patriarchs from Adam onward (some 21 such Patriarchs from Adam to Isaac (Promise) are comprised of precisely 2,100 years (please view my chart below – this “21”, comports to the fractal of the Hebrew Sacred Cubit’s 2.1 feet or 25.20 inches wherein this dimension is of ancient measurement and taken from the fractal of earth’s 360° rotation per one day X 7 days = 2520° per week – rotation summation for 7 days).

Thus, after these 2,100 years Isaac was precisely 52 years of age when the promise was made to him in Genesis 26:1-6.  In that Isaac is an archetype of Christ--he was never permitted to leave the Good Land for being IN CHRIST there is a sure foundation--a rock--Abraham and Jacob journeyed with the 400-year journey commencing some 30 years after the promise made to Isaac in 1845 BC when Jacob was 22 years of age; and at that time commenced his journey to Haran, after taking the birthright!  The next two charts concerning the Chronologies of the patriarchs and the four sets of 400 years+ mentioned in Scripture (as ANCHORS) are most helpful.4


The above takes into account the 1,948 (1948) years from Adam’s creation to the birth of Abram and then some 100 years thereafter to the birth of Isaac or 2,048 years or given that the creation of Adam would have been in the year 3975 BCE, when Isaac was born, it would have been the year 1948 years + 100 = 2,048 years or 3975 less 2,048 years equals to the year 1927 BC; therefore, when Isaac received the promise at 52 years of age (Abraham being 152 years of age at that time) would have been the year 1927 BC less 52 years = 1875 BC. 

Proof of this can be determined in that 1875 BC + 2,100 years = 3975 BC (Adam’s creation date).  Thus, in 1875 BC the PROMISE was given to Isaac at the age of 52 years less the 430 years of PROMISE as per Exodus 12/Galatians 3 and 4 = 1875 BC less 430 years (Promise) = 1445 BCE – the Date/Year of the Exodus.  Abraham’s birth some 1948 years after Adam’s creation equates to the year 1948 and the declaration of the rebirth of the State of Israel; i.e., 1948 AD.

From Isaac at the age of 52 years to Adam there would be 2,100 years - when Isaac received the Promise there were 430 years from that time at 52-years of age unto the date of the Exodus in 1445 BC.  Isaac was 60 years of age when he "begot" Esau and Jacob (Genesis 25:26) - some 8 years after the promise given at the age of 52--indeed, "8" connotes New Beginning and/or Resurrection and so it was 8 full years after Isaac received the promise!  Again, Isaac was 60 years of age when he begot Esau/Jacob (Genesis 25:26) which was 8 years after he received the promise in Genesis 26:1-6; therefore, again, we take these 8 years (52 years of age + 8 years = 60 years of age when Isaac begot Esau and Jacob) and add an additional 22 years to equal 30 years (8 years + 22 years of age for Jacob = 30 years total); when Jacob fled from the presence of Esau and began Israel's journey for 400 years (i.e., 430 years of Promise less 30 years = 400 years) . . . can you follow me here?


Ezekiel’s prophetic outburst of the DAY-YEAR in Ezekiel 4:4-6 must be understood in the context of the overall history of the Children of Israel (Judah and Ephraim, if you would). 

If Adam’s creation date is 3975 BC—using the EXODUS as the supreme marker for this chronology (1445 BC – ipso facto the date of 1875 BC as the commencement of the 430-years of PROMISE or 3975 BC less 2,100 years = 1875 BC less 430 years of Promise = 1445 BC) – it would, therefore, behoove us to examine the COMPOSITE of the 390 years X 7 = 2,730 years + 40 years X 7 = 280 years – therefore, 2,730 years + 280 years = 3,010 years.  Where do we place these 3,010 years; and, in particular, these 2,730 years; as well as the 280 years . . . for the 2,730 years pertain to Ephraim/Samaria/Northern 10 Tribes of Israel and the 280 years pertain to Judah?




The peculiar verse and Hebrew structure of Genesis 6:3 wherein “man’s days” are given as 120 years is actually a “word problem” wherein “I’m thinking of an original number set which has been doubled and then multiplied by 100—what is that original number set?” 

Well, Moses was fixated upon the Jubilee Cycle of 49 years (Leviticus 25:8-17).  If that is the “doubled number set,” then the original number would be 24.50 or “2450” in that 24.50 X 2 = 49 and that number of 49 (the double of 24.50) is then multiplied by 100 to equal:  49 X 100 = 490 = 4,900 – but that is the DOUBLING of the number; therefore, 4900/2 = 2450 or 2,450 years.

What was Moses thinking when he transcribed Genesis 6:3?  Well, if we take Adam’s creation to be 3975 BCE less 2,450 years = 1525 BCE – the very BIRTH DATE OF MOSES (or 1445 BCE + 80 years [for Moses lived 120 years and died some 40 years later] = 1525 BCE, the birth of Moses) .  Now, in that “man’s days shall be 120 years” – we take 1525 BCE less 120 years = 1405 BCE – the very death of Moses and the very crossing of the Jordan River under the leadership of Joshua.


Furthermore, in our examination of the 3,010 years (390 days + 40 days = 430 days/years X 7 = 3,010 years) STARTING with the creation date of Adam in the year 3975 BCE less 3010 years = 965 BCE.  This date of 965 BCE in accordance with 1 Kings 6:1 demands that the laying of the FOUNDATION of Solomon’s Temple occurred in this year—the FOURTH YEAR of the reign of King Solomon, not in 967 BCE nor in 966 BCE.  

There are, according to 1 Kings 6:1, 480 years between the Exodus/Law and the laying of the foundation of the House of the Lord; thus, 1445 BCE (Exodus) less 480 years equals to the year 965 BCE – perfect!   I would hasten to add that the notion these "years" of 480 are somehow "symbolic" and/or lunar-years of 440 and not 480 orbits of the earth around her sun is pure speculation and, quite frankly, nonsense.  The Exodus/Law of 1445 less 480 years in accordance with 1 Kings 6:1 makes perfect "chronological logic" in every way.  

But more so, from 3975 BCE (Adam’s Creation Date) less 3,010 years = 965 BCE.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so—not by any chronological happenstance—for there is much more here to consider.  Research as to the year of the laying of the foundation of the Solomonic Temple simply overwhelms the researcher--notwithstanding, it is the conviction of this researcher that the Bible's calendric accounting taken from 1 Kings 6:1 of the 480 years in the fourth year of King Solomon's reign for the commencement (foundation laid) of the Temple and 7 years later its completion with another year added for its dedication, presents the most plausible chronology--viz., 1445 BCE less 480 orbits of the Earth around her Sun = 965 BCE.  Its simplicity is PROFOUND!  Thus, Solomon's Temple, the House of the Lord, was dedicated in the year (965 less 7, less 1) 597 BCE5 (in the 12th year of Solomon's Reign).  


The Fall of Samaria – the final scattering of the Ten Northern Tribes which took place from approximately 740 BCE to 712 BCE – over nearly three decades – it was not until 712 BCE (some ten years after 722 BCE) that the final assault by the Assyrians took place in both Samaria and Judea – the same year (712 BCE) that Hezekiah prayed in the 14th year of his reign for an additional life extension—he received 15 years and, therefore, reigned for 29 years – thus, did Earth’s orbit around her sun “slow down” some 5.2524 days per year. 



Since we have the original marker of 722 BCE (confirmed by a host of both Biblical and Historical research) – we also have the 712 BCE date as well—since it occurred 10 years after the Fall of Samaria during the reign of King Hoshea, King of Israel (Please read 2 Kings 18 for all these chronological confirmations.).  It was the Assyrian King Shalmaneser who laid siege to Samaria in the fourth year of King Hezekiah of Judah + 10 years later in the 14th year of King Hezekiah’s reign (2 Kings 18:13); however, the final siege of Samaria took place over the course of 3 years--therefore, from 722 BCE unto 719 BCE was the siege and then 8 years thereafter it was the 14 year of King Hezekiah’s reign in the year 712 BCE (notice the “year” issues here are given but it is “in the year” which could connote the months of any given year).

All this to say that 712 BCE is a MAJOR MARKER for our observation/calculations.  The 2,730 years (390 days/years X 7 = 2,730 years [Note:  A year is irrelevant as far as a “prophetic year” of 360 days or 365.2524 days – we speak of Earth’s yearly orbit around her Sun constituting 1 full year—regardless of the length of that year.]) constitute 2,730 orbits of the Earth around her Sun.

If 712 BCE marks the demarcation date wherein the armies of the Assyrians in their effort to scatter the Ten Northern Tribes miraculously ended with some 185,000 Assyrians being slain (2 Kings 19:35-37) by the Angel of the Lord thereby delivering Judah/King Hezekiah, could we from that day of SCATTERING AMONG THE NATIONS (The 10 Tribes of the North) count their retribution from 712 BCE + 2,730 years (390 days/years X 7 = 2,730 days)?  Why not?

Indeed, 712 BCE = 712 years unto 1 BCE/1 CE + 2018 years (i.e., 712 years + 2,018 years = 2,730 years – thus, the 2,730 years extends from 712 BCE unto 2,018 AD--the actual date which has been calculated to commence the final Week of human history as we know it to be--i.e., the Seventieth Week of Daniel (2018 AD to 2025 AD).


As far as the 40 days/year X 7 = 280 years concerning Judah – we might examine the entitlement of the “Lion of the Tribe of Judah” – the Son of David.  How or where do these 280 years fit?  Most certainly, they are connected to Judah's retribution--but when and where?

If we examine 1 Kings 6:1 and realize that this year in 965 BC marks the 4th year of the reign of King Solomon and the laying of the Foundation of the House of the Lord, then we know that King David reigned some 40 years and six months over Judah only (6 months) and over a United Israel (40 years) – having taken over and reigning in Hebron where he was crowned king for 6 months over Judah only; and then for an additional 7 years over a united twelve tribes of Israel from Hebron; and then David established himself in Jerusalem, in the CITY OF DAVID for some 33 years from whence he did reign over all Israel and did establish the TABERNACLE OF DAVID (Amos 10; also, 2 Samuel 2:11; 1 Kings 2:10-12). 

This 33 years from Jerusalem equates to the age of Jesus at His death in 33 AD (as well) for He was about 30 years of age when He began to minister according to Luke 3:23 or, in our calculations, having been born on a Passover, He would have been precisely 29 years and 9 months of age on the Day of Atonement when He was announced by John the Baptist (the fall of 29 AD) and by the end of 29 AD/30 AD He would have been precisely 30 years of age – see the chart below:




But I digress . . . if we, however, use only the 33 years of David’s rule from Jerusalem and its profound association with THE Son of David (our Lord Jesus) and count them as part of these 280 years, that would leave 247 years (280 years less 33 years = 247 years).  This in turn brings us to the commencement of King Solomon’s Reign in 969 BC, less these 247 years = 722 BC = the Fall of Samaria . . . can you follow me here?

In other words, Judah’s LION commences in the year 1002 BC from Jerusalem where he reigns for 33 years (1002 less 33 = 969 = the year (969 BC) or the commencement of the Reign of King Solomon; and then from 969 BC less the remainder of the 280 years or 247 years = 722 BCE = the year of the Fall of Samaria. 

Yes, there is 10 years separating 722 BC and 712 BC which may indicate 10 X 360° = 3600° - “36” of 360 degrees of any circle is without beginning or ending and is seen as the Almighty having neither beginning or ending but the Eternal One.  Could it be that GOD SEPARATES both the 280 (1002 BC/David’s reign from Jerusalem unto 722 BC or 280 years) from 2,730 years (712 BC/Hezekiah, terminus of Assyrians scattering of Israel’s 10 Tribes unto 2018 AD)?  Is there a veiled effort here to demonstrate that, although divided for most of these years between the end of the Reign of King Solomon (who reigned from 969 BC to 929 BC) unto the Fall of Samaria in 722 BC (i.e., 207 years as a divided kingdom) - that Judah's Scepter and the "Religious Center" of the Temple in Jerusalem still prevailed over "All Israel?"

Therefore, what is the meaning of both the 3,010 years (Adam’s Creation in 3975 BC unto the laying of the Foundation of the House of the Lord under King Solomon in the Fourth Year of his reign—1 Kings 6:1); and of these 280 years relative to Judah's retribution?  Again, the 280 years commence from Jerusalem and David's 33 years reigning therefrom; and then followed by King Solomon's 40-year reign and then the 207 years of a divided kingdom until Samaria's full captivity in 722 BC when "Ephraim" was taken fully captive.

I find it somewhat amazing, mathematically, when taken as "factors" of 33, 40 and 207, eliminating zero - we find the following:

3 X 3 X 4 X 2 X 7 - 504 when divided by 2 is equal to "252" which is the very fractal/resemblance of the Hebrew Sacred Cubit's 25.20 inches - or, for that matter, as the late David Flynn surmised, the 5,040-foot perimeter of Solomon's Temple area.6 


Furthermore, when I view these segmented years of 2,730 years; and 3,010 years; and the 280 years I view them, as well, as FACTORS which can readily produce a product; consequently:

2 X 7 X 3 (2,730 years) X 3 X 1 (3,010 years) X 2 X 8 (280 years) = 20,016 or “216”.  This “216” is the very fractal of the Moon’s diameter of 2,160 miles or is three sets of “72” or 72 + 72 = 144 + 72 = 216.  The Moon’s Diameter fascinates in that if squared it presents itself as 2160 X 4 = 8,640 which in turn is the fractal/resemblance of the Sun’s Diameter of 864,000 miles. 

This, of course, brings us into an entirely new “dimensional reality” of the Woman of Revelation 12 and the MOON beneath her feet and the splendid fact that she is CLOTHED IN THE RIGHTEOUSNESS OF THE SUN (Mal. 4:1-2) for she has no righteousness aside from the SUN OF RIGHTEOUSNESS Who shall appear on the Great Day of God with “healing in His wings.” 

Yes, much of this is “prophetic speculation” concerning the prophetic significance of Leviticus 26 and its fulfillment (I so affirm) in Ezekiel 4.  The Bible’s chronologies are purposeful and possess profound meaning as far as the Plan and Purpose of the Almighty throughout the ages.  As “children of Promise” – we, who are called out from among the Gentiles to be a people for His Name – will, during the crucible of the 70th Week of Daniel . . . whose commencement may readily await us in the year 2018 AD – the 70th Anniversary of the State of Israel (1948 + 70 = 2018), find ourselves brought together at the close of this age during this prophetically potent Week.  Why do I suggest this?


Well, is our time up?  Think about it for a moment.  We have substantial chronological evidence through the genealogies of the patriarchs of Israel (21 of them for 2,100 years unto the 52nd year of Isaac’s life, the PROMISE) and then some 430 years added to these 2,100 years unto 2,530 years unto the Exodus/Law (and there is the very birth of Moses from Adam’s creation wherein 2,450 years is seen from 3975 BC unto 1525 BC = 2,450 years or 2450 ÷ 5 = 490 years or 5 segments of 490 Epic Jubilee Cycles – from whence Moses’ birth some 2,450 years after Adam’s Creation adds credence to the 24.50 or the “original number set” found in Genesis 6:3).

Could MAN’S DAYS BE SO NUMBERED TO COMPRISE SUCH A PRESICE RENDERING OF DATES?  Indeed, if the Hebrew Sacred Cubit’s 25.20 inches is split in two we have 25.20/2 = 12.6 (the actual measurement of a ROD in feet or 12.6 feet or in days as in 1,260 days or one-half of the 70th Week) – “the man with the measuring Rod/Reed in His hand has come to “measure the Temple, the Altar, and those who worship thereat” (Revelation 11:1-2) – thus, are “Man’s Days not NUMBERED and he is Measured?”  I think so…the 2,520 days found in Daniel’s 70th Prophetic Week (360 days per prophetic year X 7 = 2,520 days) reflects, as well, the dimensions of the Hebrew Sacred Cubit (Daniel 9:24-27).

Even so – from the year 965 B.C. (Solomon’s Temple commenced) less 252 years = 712/13 BC or the commencement under King Hezekiah of these 2,730 years unto the year 2018 AD (i.e., 712 years + 2018 years = 2,730 years).

Somewhat amazing that the Almighty would be so precise even from 965 BC unto 712/3 BC.  Likewise, from 712/3 BC less another set of 252 years = 460/459 BC the very year of the 7th Year of the reign of the Persian King, Artaxerxes Longimanus in in Ezra 7:7 (the husband to Queen Esther/Hadassah), who decreed (Ezra 7:11-26) that the House of the Lord in Jerusalem be richly embellished by Ezra’s departure to Jerusalem.

Then we find that that 2530 years (from Adam's Creation to the Exodus or 3975 BCE less 2,530 years = 1445 BCE) + 480 years unto the laying of the foundation of the House of the Lord under King Solomon (1 Kings 6:1) = 3,010 years (or the 7 X 430 years of Ezk. 4 = 3,010 years) in the year 965 BC; therefore, added to 3,010 years (i.e., from Adam's creation in 3975 BCE to the Fourth Year of King Solomon's Reign and the laying of the Temple's foundation in 965 BCE) are these 965 years (i.e., 965 BCE to the birth of Jesus in 1 BC/1 AD) unto the birth of Jesus = 3,975 years.  When we add the 2,018 years from the birth of Jesus to the "possible" commencement of Daniel's 70th Week it equals to 5,993 years (i.e., 3,975 years + 2,018 years (unto 2018 AD) = 5,993 years + the final 7 years of Daniel’s 70th Week = 6,000 years.


A final thought regarding the “spiritual battle” for the Good Land and the close of the age as we “see the day approaching.”  The first 2,450 years of human history from the Creation of Adam in 3975 BC unto the birth of Moses in 1525 BC reveals 5 separate 490-year Epic Jubilee Cycles or 49 years X 10 = 490 years X 5 = 2,450 years unto the birth of Moses in 1525 BC (3975 BC less 2450 years = 1525 BC (the birth of Moses).

Moses lived for 120 years (Deut. 34:7 or from 1525 BC unto 1405 BC); thus, 2,450 years (5 sets of Epical Jubilee Cycles) + 120 years = 2,570 years.  From 1405 BC on 10 Nisan, the very date that the Children of Israel crossed over into the Good Land to commence the fight (Joshua 4:19) – the same day that the prophet Ezekiel saw the Holy District (Ezekiel 40:1) and the very same day that Jesus entered into Jerusalem – Nisan 10 – on Palm Sunday, His Triumphal Entry (Daniel 9:26) – “Until Messiah the Prince” at the close of the 62nd Week (or 69th Week for the initial 7 weeks had already passed) – THEREFORE – from 1405 BC unto 2025 AD there are an additional 7 sets (7 being the number of perfection/completion) of 490-Epical Jubilee Cycles or 7 X 490 = 3,430 years.

Again, I find it somewhat spectacular in that 2,570 years (Creation of Adam in 3975 BCE unto the death of Moses in 1405 BCE); and these additional 3,430 years (from the Death of Moses in 1405 BCE unto 2025 AD, the possible date for the Second Coming of Christ) as FACTORS to nigh supernaturally express the Sacred Measurement of the 25.20 inches in that:

2 X 5 X 7 (2,570 years) = 70

3 X 4 X 3 (3,430 years) = 36

When taken together:  7 X 3 X 6 = 126 or one-half of the Hebrew Sacred Cubit or 126 X 2 = 252

Thus:  2,450 years (Adam to Moses) + 120 years of man’s day or Moses’ lifespan + 3,430 years from Moses’ death to the full 6,000 years or unto 2025 AD; consequently, 12 sets of 490-year Epical Jubilee Cycles = 5,880 years + 120 years of Moses’ life = 6,000 years.  We do well, VERY well, to take note of this precision and ponder the question:  WHAT SHALL THIS MAN DO IF HIS DAYS ARE 120 YEARS?  If so, perhaps the terminus of the 2,730 years (712 BCE to 2018 AD) gives us a clue that the Almighty is about to take the Stick of Judah and the Stick of Ephraim (Ezekiel 37:15-28) during the crucible of the 70th Week and bring them both together in Messiah--literally and spiritually in that 2,730 years = 2 X 7 X 3 = 42 for we know that Matthew 1:17 foretells us there are three sets of 14 generations (Abraham to David=14 generations; David to the captivity in Babylon=14 generations; from the captivity in Babylon to the birth of Christ=14 generations or 14 + 14 + 14 = 42 generations; and these 42 are the total number of the kings of Israel (United and Divided) - THE KING IS COMING! 



Sincerely in Messiah, our Lord Jesus – Douglas W. Krieger/


1.  The Roman Catholic Exodus date of 1512 BC falls in the reign of Pharaoh Tuthmoses II (reigned circa 1518-1504 BC); The Protestant Evangelicals' Exodus date from the King James Version of 1445 BC falls in the reign of Pharaoh Amenhotep II (reigned ca. 1453-1419 BC); the Jewish Seder 'Olam Rabah's Exodus date of ca. 1312 BC falls in the reign of Pharaoh Horemhab (reigned ca. 1321-1293 BC), he being succeeded by Ramesses I (reigned ca. 1293-1291 BC). Note all Pharaonic reigns are from Peter A. Clayton. Chronicle of the Pharaohs, The Reign-by-reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt. London. Thames & Hudson. 1994. ISBN 0-500-05074-0.  Sourced @ 

ALSO:  See Dr. Bryant G. Woods' piece in Associates for Biblical Research entitled:  NEW EVIDENCE SUPPORTING THE EARLY (BIBLICAL) DATE OF THE EXODUS AND CONQUEST (I.E., 1446-1445 BCE).  

2.  A nagging question is, “who was the Pharaoh of the Exodus?” Psalm 136:15 would lead us to believe that the Pharaoh of the Exodus died in the Sea of Reeds. All we need to do, then, to identify the Pharaoh of the Exodus is find a Pharaoh who died in 1446 BC. But this is no easy task. With our present Egyptian chronologies, we cannot pinpoint the death date of a particular Pharaoh to 1446 BC. There are three sets of dates in use: high, middle and low. They vary by as much as 25 years and, according to the three chronologies, there was no Pharaoh who died in 1446 BC. Presently, the most plausible solution is that of William Shea, who believes he has found evidence that a Pharaoh died in 1446 BC and his death was covered up by Egyptian officials (2003a, 2003b: 245–48). Egyptian theology would not allow for the god-king to die while pursuing runaway slaves. By not recording the event, it would be as if it had never happened (Wheeler 2002).

Shea believes that Amenhotep II was the Pharaoh of the Exodus. Based on the high Egyptian chronology, Amenhotep II took the throne in 1450 BC, immediately after the death of his father Tuthmosis III. Four years later, according to Shea’s theory, he perished in the Reed Sea in 1446 BC. He was then replaced with another king who was given the same name and the entire incident was hushed up. But Shea has uncovered scribal slip-ups that left clues as to what had happened. As a result, it appears that there were two Amenhotep IIs who ruled from 1450 to 1425 BC: Amenhotep IIA, 1450–1446 BC, and Amenhotep IIB, 1446–1425 BC. Although the tomb of Amenhotep II in the Valley of Kings in Luxor (KV 35) is not that of the Pharaoh of the Exodus, but that of Amenhotep IIB, we do have some connections with the first Amenhotep II.

Amenhotep IIA at Perunefer

The events of Exodus 2–12 transpired in the royal delta city called Rameses in the Bible. This is a later name for the city, which was earlier known as Rowaty during the days of Joseph and Jacob, then Avaris during the oppression and Perunefer in the time of Moses. Finally, in the 13th century BC, Rameses II built a great capital there and it became known a Rameses from that time on. The royal residency from Moses’ day has been excavated, giving the backdrop against which the confrontation between Yahweh and the gods of Egypt took place (Wood 2008a, 2008b). (Source:  Recent Research on the Date and Setting of the Exodus by Associates for Biblical Research, Oct. 19, 2009)

3.  "Last of all: Prof. Edwin R. Thiele (The Mysterious Numbers of the Hebrew Kings) set Biblical chronology on its head. He sought to synchronize King Ahab of Israel (“The Northern Kingdom”) with King Shalmaneser II(III) of Assyria, and the Battle of Qarqar. Ahab joined a twelve-member alliance against Shalmaneser. When did this battle take place? Thiele calculated that battle at 853 BC. He then telescoped out forty-five years of history between the Kingdoms of Israel and Judah (“The Southern Kingdom”) to fit that date. To do this he assumed all manner of viceroyalties and co-reigns to which the Bible simply does not attest. As a result he fixed the date of the Exodus at 1446 BC. James Ussher (The Annals of the World), using the Masoretic Text, fixed it 45 years earlier. Modern Ussher apologists simply discountdismiss, and disavow any part Ahab played in any battle against Assyria during his reign. But they have no more ground to do that, than did Thiele to assume all those viceroyalties and co-reigns." (Source:  Ancient Chronology, New Model, by Terry A Hurlbut, June 24, 2015 in Conservative News and Views.)

4.  The Chronologies of the Patriarchs can be calculated from the following Scriptures:  Genesis 5:3-32; 11:10-26 (using Terah's age at 70 years when he begot Abram, Nahor, and Haran); 21:5; 25:26 (Isaac 60 years of age when he begot Esau and Jacob); 26:1-6 (Isaac receives the promise).  Jacob had to have been 22 years of age when he fled from Esau in that the JOURNEY of the children of Israel was some 400 years (See: Genesis 15:13-14: Acts 7:6-7)

5.  This author is not alone in his chronology as far as 957 BCE being the date of Solomon's Temple Dedication - there are a host of web sites on Google that validate the same through a wide-variety of research.  I hate to tell you that I'm in good company with the Masons and with the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints (the Mormons) - but, likewise, with many others confirming the 957 BCE date - please view:'s+Temple+was+Dedicated - I have found in my research that many authors/researchers are accurate insofar as the 1445 BCE date of the Exodus and then simply do NOT do the appropriate math to conclude the 965 BCE date for Solomon's foundation - why?  It evades this mathematics instructor beyond belief!

6.  In his text, TEMPLE AT THE CENTER OF TIME, the late David Flynn presents a formidable case in support of his thesis that the Solomonic Temple Mount perimeter reflected the radii of the Earth and the Moon (i.e., 3,960-mile radius for the Earth + a 1,080-mile radius for the Moon = 5,040 miles).  The use of "fractals" or "resemblance" of objects was generously used by Flynn in his calculations and prophetical studies/research.

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