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6,000 Years of Biblical History – It’s Closer than you think!

(#58 – the Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon - Part 1 of 3)

By Doug Krieger


Why is it such a big deal for Christians – especially, evangelical types – NOT to calculate the possible timing of the return of Jesus Christ?  The passage is forever used:  “No man knows the day nor the hour” – as if to dabble in this arena is somehow sacrosanct and that anyone who does turns out to be a false prophet akin to Harold Camping…newly repentant after his final round of “We’re almost there!”  And, worse, anyone who gets into “date setting” is somehow sinning against the Holy Spirit or as America’s Pastor entombs: 

“Speculating on the exact timing of Christ's return is futile, because Jesus said, ‘No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.’ Since Jesus said he didn’t know the day or hour, why should you try to figure it out?  What we do know for sure is this: Jesus will not return until everyone God wants to hear the Good News has heard it. Jesus said, ‘The Good News about God’s kingdom will be preached in all the world, to every nation. Then the end will come.’ ‘If you want Jesus to come back sooner, focus on fulfilling your mission, not figuring out prophecy.’” (Ref. Here)

Warren goes on to state that Acts chapter 1 confirms his thesis that Bible prophecy is a “distraction” and “sidetracks” believers from their primary mission (See here.).  He does this by using the words of Jesus when He told the disciples prior to His ascension:  “It is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has put in His own authority…but you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, etc.” (Acts 1:7-8).

What Jesus was addressing was the question the disciples asked Jesus; to wit:  “Lord, will You at this time restore the kingdom to Israel?” (Acts 1:6).  With the Baptism of the Spirit pending for the empowerment of the preaching of the gospel – why “end at the beginning” – that is precisely what is the emphasis here – not casting dispersions upon prophecy.  How’s that?  

Well, the very first message upon the actual ascension of Jesus in front of the disciples by “two men” who “stood by them in white apparel” was this:

“Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven?  This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven.” (Acts 1:11).

Now, if I were trying to deprecate Bible prophecy, that’d be the last thing I’d tell the disciples.  According to Rick Warren, the two men dressed in white apparel should have said:

“Men of Galilee, why do you stand gazing up into heaven?  The same Jesus has just told you that you shall be baptized with the Holy Spirit ‘not many days from now’ and it’s not for you to concern yourself about Bible prophecy; after all, concentrate on preaching the gospel and stop being distracted by the Second Coming of Jesus when He’s just completed His first coming!”

Insofar as the manifestation of the Kingdom to Israel concerns, Jesus was very forthright in stating:  “It is not for you to know times or seasons,” but on the other hand regarding Bible prophecy Jesus likened it to weather forecasting:  “When it is evening you say, ‘It will be fair weather, for the sky is red; and in the morning, ‘It  will be foul weather today, for the sky is red and threatening,’  ‘Hypocrites!  You know how to discern the face of the sky, but you cannot discern the signs of the times’” (Matthew 16:2-3).

Yes, Jesus was referring to the prophetic “sign” given hundreds of years ago by Jonah the prophet who was in the belly of the great fish three days and three nights – referring to his death and ultimate resurrection; however, His emphasis upon “discern(ing) the signs of the times” leaves one aware that such discerning of the “times” is hardly discouraged by the Lord, but something astute folks should practice – viz., WATCH for the SIGNS!

I will not go into the numerous Scriptures – especially in the New Testament in reference to preparedness for the SECOND coming of Christ (e.g., Matthew 25) because of time and space.  Preparedness (centered on the Second Coming) is directly connected in Matthew 25 to the scenario relative to the end of the age.  Warren’s isolation of Jesus’ words regarding “this gospel shall be preached to all the world…and then the end will come” appears to disregard all the other prophetic imperatives throughout the Olivet Discourse (e.g., deception, false christs and prophets, wars and rumors of wars, betrayal, persecution, fleeing, the Abomination of Desolation, etc.) – suffice it to say that “occupation with the prophetical” when nearly 40% of Scripture is prophetic is not only reasonable to conjecture but nigh mandatory.  Really now, consider, why would Jesus go into such copious detail in Matthew 24-25 if the gospel were the only thing that matters, as Warren suggests? 

Warren would have us believe the “gospel” is the be all and end all, because, quite frankly, his weltanschauung embraces an eschatology which is decisively “covenantal” wherein the Kingdom is Now in any event, and we are, as Christians, to take authority over the “kingdoms of this world” to the extent that when “this gospel of the kingdom” (as understood by Warren) is preached to the whole world (and the Church is in the “driver’s seat”) then Jesus will return!  So there’s no time to fool around regarding the Second Coming of Christ – as in “What’s the difference” whether He comes in five years or five hundred years – “We’ve got to be about the Great Commission and stop fooling around with Bible prophecy – what a distraction!”

Furthermore, Jesus’ statement that “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father” appears to be an expression of Jesus’ humanity as “man” as a reflection of his hypostatic union (Very God and Very Man – “Jesus Christ, who, being in the form of God, did not consider it robbery to be equal with God, but made Himself of no reputation, taking the form of a bondservant, and coming in the likeness of men…and being found in appearance as a man, He humbled Himself” (Phil. 2:5-8)).  The glorification and ascension, and that “all authority” has been given to the Son, would certainly entail that the Son of God/Son of Man would have all knowledge for “… in whom (Christ) are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Col. 2:2-3) – as well as the prophetic scenario as revealed in the Revelation clearly prescribes timing is well known regarding the Day of the Lord, ipso facto the Second Coming; indeed, how would the Devil know “that he has a short time” (Rev. 12:12) unless he understands his casting out of heaven’s portal signals the final 1,260 days of the Seventieth Week and consequent Wrath of the Lamb and coming again in glory of the Son of Man?

Yes, believers are wont to calculate and spend endless hours doing so, and criticized for so doing – but that doesn’t change the fact the Bible is full of “times and seasons” – and, quite frankly, genealogical numbers are found “all over the place” in Scripture – and for good reason!  We do not affirm in the least that the Scriptures are wasting precious time going into what on the surface may appear as “endless genealogies” – “all Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable…” (II Tim. 3:16) – “timing” issues are ubiquitous when one reads the Book of Revelation – then again, that’s none of our business, is it, in the first place, we should be preaching the gospel rather than being beheaded for Christ during what obviously appears as a three-and-a-half year time frame which is repeatedly given to us in various expressions such as:  42 months, 3.5 days, 1,260 days, time, times and half a time, 1,260 days the 70th Week, 3 ½ years, etc. – so why concern on “timing” when the Bible is altogether specific about such matters?

Personally, I think that Warren just walked by a class in calculus and concluded it was all gibberish and moved on with his life with:  “What difference does it make?” 

John, the Beloved, was altogether enthralled with numbers, times and seasons and ended his Revelation with:  “He who testifies to these things says, ‘Surely I am coming quickly.’ Amen. Even so, come, Lord Jesus!” (Revelation 22:20).  Can’t you hear the passion and longing in his voice – man, it’s all about the COMING OF THE LORD!  I remember when traveling to South Dakota to visit with relatives as a kid:  “Daddy, are we there yet?”  Dad was wise enough not to dampen my enthusiasm:  “No, son, not yet – but we’re getting a lot closer.”  “Tell me when we’re just about there – I can’t wait!”  “Son, just keep looking at those signs along the road – they’ll tell you how close we’re getting.”

The 6,000 years and the Early Church Fathers –

No, the Early Church Fathers were not perfect but their wisdom and scriptural understanding – especially, their Christology and Eschatology, was and is to this day considered some of the most “inspired” teaching – and upon their shoulders we stand.

“Irenaeus, an early church father of the second century in the area of modern day France, in his work, Against Heresies, reiterates the formula the author of the Epistle of Barnabas so plainly put forth.  Irenaeus says:

“‘For in as many days as this world was made, in so many thousand years shall it be concluded. And for this reason the Scripture says: ‘Thus the heaven and the earth were finished, and all their adornment. And God brought to a conclusion upon the sixth day the works that He had made; and God rested upon the seventh day from all His works.’ (Genesis 2:2) This is an account of the things formerly created, as also it is a prophecy of what is to come.  For the day of the Lord is as a thousand years; (2 Peter 3:8) and in six days created things were completed: it is evident, therefore, that they will come to an end at the sixth thousand year.’ (Irenaeus, Against Heresies Book 5 Chapter 28 emphasis mine)” (Creation Days According to the Church Fathers, Douglas Hamp).

Now, with that little backgrounder, allow me:

THE 6,000 YEARS &



Names of Bible Characters

Years Between Names (Normally – birth to birth)

Scripture Reference

Adam to Seth

130 Years

Genesis 5:3

Seth to Enos 

105 yrs   

Genesis  5:6

Enos to Cainan

90 yrs

Genesis 5:9

Cainan to Mahalaleel

70 yrs

Genesis 5:12

Mahalaleel to Jared

65 yrs

Genesis 5:15

Jared to Enoch

162 yrs

Genesis 5:18

Enoch to Methuselah

65 yrs

Genesis 5:21

Methuselah to Lamech

187 yrs

Genesis 5:25

Lamech to Noah

182 yrs

Genesis 5:28-29

Noah to the Flood

600 yrs

Genesis 7:6, 11

Flood to Arphaxad

2 yrs*

Genesis 11:10

Arphaxad to Salah

35 yrs

Genesis 11:12

Salah to Eber

30 yrs

Genesis 11:14

Eber to Peleg

34 yrs

Genesis 11:16

Peleg to Reu

30 yrs

Genesis 11:18

Reu to Serug

32 yrs

Genesis 11:20

Serug to Nahor

30 yrs

Genesis 11:22

Nahor to Terah

29 yrs

Genesis 11:24

Terah to Abraham

70 yrs*

Genesis 11:26


1948 Years (includes 2 yrs. of Arphaxad)

Note:  This same genealogy is found in Luke 3:34-38

*Gen. 11:26 “Now Terah lived seventy years, and begot Abram, Nahor, and Haran.”  The passage does not tell us Terah’s age when Abram (Abraham) was born, but when Terah’s first son was born.  Here’s the problem:  We don’t know which son was first because when Terah died he was in his 205th year (Gen. 11:32).  Now, Abraham was 75 years old when he left Haran - the very year that Terah died (Acts 7:4, Gen. 12:4); therefore, 205 years (Terah’s life) less 75 years (Abram’s age when Terah died) = 130 years; meaning, that Terah was 130 years of age when Abram/Abraham was born, not 70 years old (i.e., 130 years + 75 years = 205 years, age of Terah when he died). 

The peculiar listing of Terah’s age at “70” and begot "Abram, Nahor, and Haran" (Gen. 11:27) – forcing us, as it were, to “recalculate” the genealogies by “displacing” one’s firstborn “to the back of the line” (in this case some 60 years in that 130 years less 70 years = 60 years) is simply strange – why?  If we add back in the 60 years and an additional 2 years because it clearly states that Noah was 500 years of age and begot Shem (Gen. 5:32 – not 502 years of age as some surmise) and then says that Noah was 600 years old at the time of the Flood (Gen. 7:6) making Shem 100 years of age at the time of the Flood and not 98 years of age; however, this is severely complicates matters in that we find, quotes like this from Wikipedia:  “Genesis 11:10 records that Shem was still 100 years old at the birth of Arphaxad, (but nearly 101 - see Chronology note,) two years after the flood, making him barely 99 at the time the flood began; and that he lived for another 500 years after this, making his age at death 600 years.”  Therefore, if Shem were 100 years of age at the time of the flood, then two years after the flood Shem begot Arphaxad; that would make Shem 102 years of age. 

Then Shem lived an additional 500 years “after he begot Arphaxad” (Gen. 11:11) – this would make Shem 100 + 2 + 500 = 602 years of age when he died, and not 600 years of age (adding an additional 2 years to the genealogical total).  So instead of 1948 years from Adam to Abraham we would add the 60 years (the “Terah Factor”) + 2 years (the “Shem/Arphaxad Factor” already included in the 1948 years) and arrive at  = 2008 years (1948 + 60 = 2008).   “Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood” (Gen. 11:10) – at issue is this:  Shem was 100 years of age at the time of the flood because Gen. 5:32 says “Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah begot Shem….” – and we know that Noah was 600 years old at the time of the flood (Gen. 7:6, 11) – which would, at the time of the flood, make Shem 100 years of age. 

Now, it says:  “Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood” (Gen. 11:10).  So, the question is:  Was Shem 100 years of age when Arphaxad was born or was he 102 years of age (or 98 years of age or 99 as Wikipedia says) in that Arphaxad was born 2 years after the flood when Shem was already 100 years of age at the time of the flood?  These 2 years are absolutely essential in calculating the mysterious “62” years which act as a fractal/resemblance to the “62 weeks” of Daniel’s ultimate 70 Weeks prophecy in that it is broken down as 7 weeks; 62 weeks; and 1 week or 7 + 62 + 1 = 70 weeks with the “62 weeks” being altogether “Messianic” in that from the Second Temple’s Dedication unto the Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem – UNTIL MESSIAH THE PRINCE – there were 62 weeks or 62 X 7 equals to 434 years (62 weeks) plus 49 years (7 weeks) plus 7 years (70th week or 1 week) equals 490 years or 70 weeks.  Clearly, these 2 years are purposefully embedded within the chronology for our supreme edification.

It is noteworthy that from the birth of Noah’s firstborn, Shem, to the birth of Isaac there are 490 years.  Let’s see how that is calculated. 

Shem to Flood

100 yrs

Genesis 5:32; 7:6

Flood to Terah

220 yrs

Genesis 11:10-24

“Terah lived 70 years, and begot Abram”

  70 yrs

 Genesis 11:26

Abraham (Abram) to Isaac

100 yrs

 Genesis 21:5

Total “Years” from Shem’s Birth to Isaac’s Birth

490 yrs

Or it can be viewed as:

Shem was an (hundred years),

Arphaxad lived (five and thirty years),

Salah lived (thirty years),

Eber lived (four and thirty years),

Peleg lived (thirty years),

Reu lived (two and thirty years),

Serug lived (thirty years),

Nahor lived (nine and twenty years),

Terah lived (seventy years),

Abraham was an (hundred years and begat Isaac)...

100 + 35 + 30 + 34 + 30 + 32 + 30 + 29 + 70 + 100 = 490 years total.


Obviously, there appears to be a “60 year gap” disclosed by the fact that Terah, though it says he “lived 70 years, and begot Abram,” actually was 130 years of age when Abram was born (see above) – i.e., 60 years older than “Terah lived 70 years, and begot Abram.”  Adding an additional 60 years to the calculation would make the time frame between Shem’s birth and that of Isaac’s birth to be 490 plus 60, plus 2 equals 552 years.  Again, however, the omission of the “60 years” (but inclusive of the “2 years”) gives us 1948 years from the creation of Adam to the birth of Abram but with the 60 years included brings us to 2008 years. Could these "geneaological disparities" - having been inserted into the record - purposefully highlight something in the year 1948?  I think so...isn't it interesting that 1948 A.D. is the birth of the modern State of Israel....hummmm.  

Why the "49" in Zechariah 4 and the Jubilee Calendar

We have discussed on many occasions that the “49” connotes the work of the Spirit – this we learned from Zechariah 4:6 speaking of the interpretation in Zechariah’s vision of the Universal Lampstand with 7 conduits to each of the 7 lamps is equal to 7 X 7 equals “49” and this “49” bespeaks of the first “7 weeks” or “seven weeks of years” (i.e., 7 X 7 equals 49 years) found in Daniel’s vision of the 70 weeks wherein the first 7 weeks of the vision are separated out from the 70 and constitute “seven weeks of years” or 7 weeks X 7 years equals 49 years…thus, the 49 lamps are equal to the 49 years with the entire Universal Lampstand connoting:  “Not by might nor by power but by My Spirit says the Lord of Hosts” (Zechariah 4:6) in reference to how the Temple would be built under Zerubbabel’s governorship; it took 49 years to build the second temple; likewise, this alerts us to the concept of the “Jubilee Cycle” of 49 years plus 1 year equals 50 years (Leviticus 25:8-27).

The Jubilee Calendar was officially and divinely established in Exodus 12:1-2 wherein the month of Nissan became the first month of the Hebrew "religious" calculation and Nissan 10 became the day that the "congregation of Israel - every man shall take for himself a lamb, according to the house of his father, a lamb for a household" and by 14 Nissan (after four days) the Passover would take place (Exodus 12:3-14).  

A span of seven years was used to compute various long time cycles - e.g., one of these long time cycles was a span of seven sets of seven years or forty-nine years.  Now, after 49 years were counted, a special Jubilee Year was declared - it was not the next year commencing the next 49 year-cycle but it was a special set-aside 50th Year - the Year of Jubilee (See Comments by Rabbi Baruch S. Davidson of Chabad on the integrity of the seven-year Sabbatical cycle depended on the larger fifty-year cycle—after completing seven seven-year cycles, a one-year hiatus was taken before the new cycle began (on the 51st year)). (Leviticus 25:10 - "And you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants...It shall be a Jubilee for you....").  

In a very real way we can envision this Jubilee Calendar akin to the "Feast of Weeks" or "Feast of Engathering" (Pentecost) wherein there are seven weeks X seven days equal to 49 days with the following 50th Day as the Day of Pentecost wherein both the very Feast Day of Pentecost (Pentecost is Greek, meaning FIFTY) bares significance to both Israel and the Church.  This information will be exceedingly valuable to us in our further calculations/chronologies.  

Notwithstanding, by themselves, the "490" does not show the "50" in that 490/50 is equal to 9.8; however, if we take 5 sets of 490 or 490 X 5 is equal to 2450/50 equal 49 we can clearly see the cycle of the 49!  Later we will see that there are clearly 5 sets of 490 years purposefully set aside in the biblical chronologies thereby keeping the "essence" of the "49" by the ability to multiply 49 X 50 = 2450/49 = 50.  Frankly, it is absolutely spectacular how the Almighty arranged the chronologies, proving the inerrant and divinely-inspired text.


Returning to the "Terah 70" issue (he being 70 years of age and begat Abram)...when the “Terah 70” is highlighted, we immediately grasp with profound understanding that the Almighty is placing great significance upon this “70” – for it will be from “the loins of Jacob were seventy souls” who came to Joseph already in Egypt from Canaan Land (Exodus 1:5).  Moreover, there are the “70 Elders of Israel” (Exodus 24:1, 9) – with the number set of “70” having ultimate significance as the “70” Weeks of Daniel’s prophetic vision (with special emphasis upon the 70th Week)…indeed, Jesus sent out the 70 disciples, 2 by 2 (Luke 10:1).  Furthermore, "70" is used in judgment:  70 years of Babylonian Captivity (Jeremiah 25:9-12); Babylon's demise after 70 years of the Neo-Babylonian Empire (Jeremiah 29:10); "At the end of seventy years, that the LORD will deal with Tyre" (Isaiah 23:17).   Remember, embedded with this "70 Weeks" is the very "49" in that 70 X 7 (1 week) is equal to 490 days/years.  

bab timeline

Something “seriously” is going on here.  Abram is placed at the forefront when sons were being born to Terah at 70 years of age....and, please, Terah did not beget triplets (Abram, Nahor, and Haran - Genesis 11:27). This allows for a calculation of 490 years to appear (see above chart) – i.e., this “70” is superimposed upon the chronology; however, when we add 60 years thereto (i.e., Terah was 130 years old when Abram was born, not 70 years of age or 70 years plus 60 years equals 130 years of age) we arrive at 550 years plus 2 years (“Shem/Arphaxad Factor” as in 490 plus 62 equals 552 years) – this sheds new light upon the chronology. 

Firstly, the “49” connotes the work of the Holy Spirit and is used in conjunction with the first 7 weeks, in this instance, of Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy wherein the first 7 weeks X 7 years equals 49 years (Note:  49, as a fractal of 490 years). 

The additional “60 plus 2 equals 62 years” wherein we must add in 62 years based on the aforementioned facts relative to the “60-year Terah and 2-year Shem-Arphaxad Factors” are, we affirm, reflected in the next segment of 62 weeks of Daniel’s prophecy or from the dedication of the Second Temple unto “Messiah the Prince” (62 weeks) for a total of 7 weeks plus 62 weeks equals 69 weeks.

In other words embedded within the chronology from Adam to Abraham is the time frame between the Second Temple and Messiah the Prince (62 weeks of Daniel 9:25 – a period of 434 years or 62 X 7 is equal to 434 prophetic years) – laying stress upon the coming of Messiah.  The “missing” 62 years have a “Messianic connotation” associated with them.  The first set of 490 years (from Shem’s birth unto Isaac’s birth – see above chart) and the additional four sets of 490 years as we shall see later in this discourse - each lay stress upon the “work of the Holy Spirit” in the building of the Temple – both the physical and the spiritual temple.

noah's ark

When we precisely calculate the time from Adam’s creation to the Flood we determine, using Noah’s age of 600 being the time of the flood, our arrival at 1,658 years.  When we back out the 100 years to account for the fact that “Shem was one hundred years old at the time of the flood, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood” – then we arrive at 1,558 years (from Adam to the birth of Shem); however, we have this pesky problem of “Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood” therefore, within the 1,558 years is the additional 2 years which has been added into the total, i.e. from Adam to the birth of Shem equals 1,558 years, even though Shem, it says, was 100 years old at the time that Arphaxad was born.  This "pesky chronological issue" is highlighted by this outstanding "Adam to Joseph Age Chart" (see below) in that we notice, if you carefully observe, Noah's age is 502 years old when Shem was born (not the 500 years of age as announced in Genesis 5:32 wherein we read:  "And Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah begot Shem, Ham, and Japeth" ... and then when Noah was 600 years of age at the time of the deluge:  "Noah was six hunded years old when the floodwaters were on the earth" (Genesis 7:7, 11) are we to believe that Shem was 98 years of age at the time of the Flood and then two years later Arphaxad was born or are we to believe that Shem was born when Noah was 500 years of age (like it says) and begat Shem? Therefore, Shem was 100 years of age at the flood and Arphaxad was born two years after the Flood, making Shem 102 years of age when Arphaxad was born!  

This becomes all the more complicated when we read:  "This is the genealogy of Shem:  Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood...After he begot Arphaxad, Shem lived five hundred years, and begot sons and daughters" (Genesis 11:10-11)...but please note the Genesis chronology never gives the grand total of Shem's life/age as it does the others - we don't know if Shem was 600 years old and he died or 602 years old and he died.  So, if you carefully observe the "green line" in the chart below you will notice that Shem's 100 years of age extends just to the other side of "The Flood" line.  Why?  Because Arphaxad was born "two years after the flood" - so the mysterious "two years" has to somehow be calculated "somewhere" in the chronologies.  

Ask yourself:  Was Noah 502 years of age and begat Shem or was he 500 years of age and begat Shem?  Clearly, Noah was 600 years of age at the time of the Flood, not 602 years of age as seen below if you add the obvious 502 years of age shown when Shem was born + the 98 (as seen on the chart), giving us 600 years of age - but the problem here is this:  "Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood" (Genesis 11:10); this, interestingly enough, would put Noah's age at 602 years (502 years plus 98 plus 2 equals 602 years).  So, the author below designed his chart to compensate for this little perplexing problem in the chronologies, making Noah 502 years of age when Shem was born; with Shem being 98 years of age at the time of the flood (not 100 years of age) and Noah being 600 years of age at the time of the Flood (which is correct)...again, the only problem is the fact that we clearly read that "Shem was one hundred years old (when?), and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood" (Genesis 11:10 - so, does that make Shem 102 years of age when Arphaxad was born, or does it make him 100 years of age?)....


I know you must think I've gone mad.  Not really.  The blatant facts are these:  Noah was 500 years of age when Shem was born and Shem from the flood onward lived 500 years, making him a total of 600 years old when he died - interestingly enough Noah was 600 years of age at the time of the Flood; Shem was 100, not 98 years of age at the Flood.  Now do you see what's going on here?  Of course, we see the uniqueness of "100" seen in the time frame from Shem's birth to the Flood as "100" years which can be seen both as 100 years added on to Noah's 500 years of age to make him 600 years of age, and the fact that Shem was 100 years of age; if you would, a "twofer."  Also, as a twofer we can see the 500 years of age when Noah begot Shem in Genesis 5:32 and then we can see that Shem lived 500 years after he begot Arphaxad (Genesis 11:10-11).  Now, really, so it appears that since Arphaxad was born two years after the Flood, that makes Shem 100 + 2 + 500 = 602 years of age (It doesn't say this but isn't that somewhat odd, given all the "even numbering" going on here?).  

So, two sets of "100" and two sets of "500" - why?  To lay abundant stress upon the divine mandate found in Genesis 6:3 having to do with Jubilee Cycles of "50" years and of the multiplication of 5 sets of 490 (which we will discuss later) and of the "100" when multiplied by "5" (as in 5 sets) is equal to 2450/50 is equal to 49...we will see below how vitally important these "number sets" are to the Biblical chronology - the Almighty simply used the ages of Noah and Shem at certain designated points to highlight HOW he would configure the future "generations" of His people and of "man, who is flesh." 

The "Arphaxad Factor" sets in motion an additional two years be added to the chronology – our preference being to the 1,556 years; therefore 1,556 years plus 2 equals 1,558 years from Adam’s creation to Shem's birth (allowing there to be a clean 490 years from the birth of Shem to the birth of Isaac – i.e., 100 years from Shem’s birth to Arphaxad plus 220 years (Arphaxad to Terah’s birth, who was the father of Abram) equals 320 years plus 70 years ("Terah lived seventy years, and begot Abram”) equals 390 years plus 100 years (Abraham was 100 years of age when Isaac was born) equals 490 years (i.e., 100 + 220 + 70 + 100 equals 490 years).  Therefore, from the creation of Adam to the birth of Shem we have 1,558 yrs. + 490 yrs. (Shem’s birth to Isaac’s birth) equals 2,048 years (from Adam to Isaac’s birth).

By using the “Terah 70 Factor” we have determined that there were 1,948 years (from Adam’s creation to Abram’s birth); but when we add in the 60 years (for Terah was 130 years of age when Abram was born) we arrive at 2,008 years from Adam to the birth of Abram/Abraham.  It's like eating your cake and "having it" as well!  This peculiarity of 1,948 years from Adam to Abram's birth is the same "year" of the rebirth of the modern State of Israel:  1948 A.D.  

Furthermore, what's perhaps even more astounding is this - the Neo-Babylonian Empire of Belshazzar fell in 539 B.C.   He saw the handwriting on the wall interpreted by Daniel the Prophet:  Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin” (Daniel 5:25-29) 1000 plus 1000 plus 20 (Aramaic Mena, which equates to 1,000 Gerahs) plus Tekel (Shekel equals 20 Gerahs) plus Upharsin or Peres (means to divide a “Mene” in half - thus, would have to be 500 Gerahs); therefore the total years are 2520 from 539/8 B.C. to 1948/7 A.D.  (538 to 1947 is equal to 2,485 luni-solar X 5.2524 (days over 360 days as per 365.2524 days in a solar year is equal to 13,052 days divided by 360 days equals 36 years plus 2,485 years is equal to 2,521 prophetic years (fairly close to 2520 years).

Again, if we “add back in” the 60 years (having already added in the 2 years of the Arphaxad “disparity” (i.e., 1,946 + 2 years = 1,948 years)) we arrive at:  1,948 years plus 60 years equals 2,008 years plus 100 years, Abraham to Isaac’s birth is equal to 2,108 years (Adam to the birth of Isaac…we thusly have discovered the merit of the “62 years” – insofar as attempting to calculate just why these 62 years are “above and beyond, yet within” the 1948 year chronology (from Adam to Abraham) we can only say that they lay stress upon the divine plan to highlight first the Messianic intention of the “62” weeks which was later revealed in Daniel’s prophecy of the initial 49 years (7 weeks) and the second segment of the 62 weeks being “Messianic” in that these 62 weeks extend up until Messiah the Prince - and the terminus of the addtional 62 weeks added on to the original 7 weeks occurs on Palm Sunday, 10 Nissan, 33 AD and not on 10 Nissan in 30 AD - which is incredibly important as we shall see.  Moreover, Israel's materiality of 1948 A.D. seems extraordinary, as well.

“Seventy weeks (lit. “sevens” or Heptads) are determined for your people and for your holy city…know therefore and understand, that from the going forth of the command to restore and build Jerusalem until Messiah the Prince, there shall be seven weeks (7 X 7 equals to 49) and sixty-two weeks (7 X 62 is equal to 434 years – from the Second Temple’s dedication unto Messiah the Prince – 62 weeks) or 49 + 434 is equal to 483 years 

Thus, the first “divine discrepancy” of “62 years” – as seen in the 62 weeks – presents His intention for Messiah the Prince.  Then, with the “49 or 490” (i.e., the initial 7 weeks or 7 X 7 equals to 49) displays the Divine Intent to effect the work of the Holy Spirit which is the ultimate Temple – both the earthly, as well as the heavenly reality, the New Jerusalem.  Moreover, when we calculate the 490 years between the birth of Shem and the birth of Isaac – this can only be done by the omission of the 60 years (Terah being 70 years or age, not 130 years of age when Abram was born) while adding in the 2 years of the “Arphaxad Factor.”

The five sets of 490 years….and the first 1558 years from Adam to Shem



Adam to Shem’s Birth

(Using 2417 B.C. as the birth of Shem - meaning that our chronology, based strictly on Bible dates of the ancients would ultimately commence on 3975 B.C. (the creation of Adam) or 2417 B.C. + 1558 years = 3,975 B.C. = the creation date of Adam).  We commend the work of Archbishop James Ussher; however, his start date we affirm is inaccurate, leading to numerous historical miscalculations and dubious historical extrapolations (e.g., he calculates the dedication of Solomon's Temple to be 1,000 years to the birth of Jesus in 4 B.C. making the Temple's dedication in the year 1004 B.C. or 971 B.C. (at the crucifixion of Jesus) whereas most research indicates Solomon's Temple was dedicated approximately from 947 B.C. to 957 B.C.). 

The starting point must commence at the CROSS and work backwards from 33 AD and not vice versa - otherwise, we will arrive at Archibishop Ussher's dilemma which is 29 years beyond the 3,975 B.C. date and subsequent problems.

1,558 Years (taking into account Arphaxad was born 2 years after the flood – giving Shem’s birth an additional 2 years – i.e., Noah was not 502 years of age but 500 when Shem was born)

3975 B.C.



1558 Years =

2417 B.C.

Shem’s Birth to Isaac’s Birth

2417 B.C. less 490 years = 1927 B.C.



490 Years =

1927 B.C.

Please note that the above calculations permit us to arrive at this first set of 490 Years.

Birth of Isaac unto the first Passover/feast of Unleavened Bread/Passover – 15th of Abib Moon which commenced the Exodus from Egypt

(Note:  Dates of the Exodus range from 1437 BC through 1440 B.C. to 1446 B.C.)...

1927 B.C. less 490 years = 1437 B.C. (Exodus)


490 Years =

1437 B.C.

Dedication of Solomon’s Temple – Solomon completed the temple in the month of Chesvan (the eighth month) but did not dedicate the temple until "at the feast" on 10-15 Tishrei (seventh month between the Day of Atonement, 10 Tishrei and 15 Tishrei, the Feast of Tabernacles – thus nearly 1 yearly elapsed between the finish and dedication of the Temple) various dates are given from 950 B.C. to 953 B.C. – i.e., 1444 B.C. less 950 B.C. = 490 years (I Kings 6:37-38; 8:2); however, we have selected:

1437 B.C. less 490 years = 947 B.C. (Solomon's Temple dedication)


490 Years =

947 B.C.

Dedication of Solomon’s Temple unto the four Persian Decrees to rebuild the Temple and the City of Jerusalem – dates vary from 539 B.C. unto 445 B.C. – 539 B.C. Cyrus’ Decree + 520 B.C. Darius’ Decree + 457 B.C. I Artaxerxes Decree + 444/5 B.C. Artaxerxes Logimanus Decree – Note:  The “average” of all four decrees is 490 B.C. (1960/4 = 490 B.C.) – meaning unto the birth of Jesus from these average decrees are 490 years. 

The legitimate date commencing the countdown of Daniel's 70 Weeks or 490 years was 457 B.C. or:

947 B.C. less 490 years = 457 B.C. (See Ezra 7:7-8) 


490 Years =

457 B.C.

(See ADDENDUM and why 445 B.C. is preferred date)

From the Persian Decrees to rebuild the Temple and the City of Jerusalem “Until Messiah the Prince” (33 A.D.*)

457 33 A.D.(Messiah the Prince) = 490 years 

However:  490 years are SOLAR and not "prophetic luni-solar 360-day calendar years" therefore:  490 years X 5.2524 days (additional solar days of 365.2524 days juxtaposed to the luni-solar calendar of 360 days) = 2,573.676 days ("extra days") divided by 360 days in a prophetic year are equal to 7.1491 prophetic years subtracted from 490 years are equal to 482.8509 years or 483 years...leaving a "shortfall" of seven years which is the final 70th Week of Daniel's prophecy.  Therefore, if the years are considered "prophetic luni-solar 360-day years we can arrive at 483 prophetic 360-day years between 457 B.C. and 33 A.D. with 7 prophetic luni-solar years remaining of the original solar-calculated days to constitute the 70th Week of Daniel yet future.*


490 Years =

33 A.D.

(Note:  This “490 Years” is expressed in the 70 Week Prophecy of Daniel 9:24-27 – each “week” is a Heptad or 70 7’s thus 70 * 7 = 490 and each Week is 7 Years.)

*A formidable chronology is presented by Joel's Trumpet Free Forum in 2012 wherein the decree by Artaxerxes Longimanus is given in 444 B.C. (not 445 B.C.) wherein the solar year is utilized starting on 2 April 444 B.C. and extending some 476 solar years (non-inclusive 444 B.C. to 33 A.D.) or 476 yrs X 365.24219 days (solar) = 173,855.282 days = 173,855 days.

April 2, 444 BC is our start date. By adding 173,855 days to this date we will get the exact day and date when the Messiah appeared as a Prince. A Julian Date Converter must be used.  This Converter will show that April 2, 444 B.C. has a Julian Date Number (JDN) of 1,559,344.

From April 2, 444 B.C. it takes 173,855 days for Messiah to appear as a Prince.  The JDN aforementioned for April 2, 444 B.C. will recalibrate the number of days from 173,855 days to 1,733,199 days.  This will in turn place the terminus of the 69th Week of Daniel's prophecy to be on Palm Sunday, March 29, 33 A.D. (Julian Date)

Sir Robert Anderson subscribes to the March 14, 445 B.C. date as the commencement of Daniel's 70-Week Prophecy (decree of Persian King Artaxerxes Longimanus, also known as Artaxerxes 1 - Nehemiah 2:1-2) in that it was in the 20th year of his reign (which reign commenced on 465 B.C. that he commissioned Nehemiah to rebuild the city of Jerusalem (Nehemiah 2:5-8 or 465 B.C. less 20 years = 445 B.C.); however, in Ezra 7-8 it was the 7th year of Artaxerxes' reign, not the 20th year (444/5 B.C. + 13 years previous = 457 B.C.) that Artaxerxes' decree was issued to Ezra (Ezra 7:12-26).

By commencing in 444/5 B.C. unto "Messiah the Prince" there would be 483 years (445 years + 33 years is equal to 477 Solar Years); however, 477 Solar Years are NOT prophetic years; therefore:  365.2524 (there being 5.2524 "extra" days vs. 360-day Hebrew Prophetic Calendar Year Days) X 477 are equal to 174,225.395 days divided by 360-Day Prophetic Years is equal to 483 prophetic years; thus, allowing for the final 70th Week of Daniel to be yet future (i.e., 444/5 B.C. + 33 years of age of Messiah being "cut off" is equal to 477 Solar Years or 483 Hebrew Prophetic Years and 490 years less 483 years is equal to 7 years or the 70th Week of Daniel is yet future) thereby being divinely designed to achieve the ultimate 490 years of the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel.

The 457 B.C. fits perfectly (as well) in that 457 B.C. is precisely 490 years from the dedication of Solomon's Temple in 947 B.C.  Furthermore, 457 B.C. + 33 A.D. is equal to 490 Solar Years - thus fulfilling the 490 Jubilee Cycle "requirement" - the FIFTH SET of 490 years; however, these years are NOT prophetic years, but solar years.  Therefore: We must subtract out the extra 5.2524 days per year of the solar year vs. the 360-day prophetic luni-solar year or 490 years X 5.2524 days are equal to 2,573.676 days divided by 360-day prophetic year is equal to 7.1491 years or 7 prophetic years (approximately).  This will reduce the 490 years by seven prophetic years to 483 prophetic years.

In both cases the need for the final Seven Years or 70th Week of Daniel is required; however, the completion of the final or fifth set of 490 Years, completing the 2450 years or 5 sets of 490-year Jubilee Cycles of some 49 Jubilee Cycles (2450 / 50 years is equal to 49 Jubilee Cycles) can also "be seen" using the luni-solar calendar and the 457 B.C. King Artaxerxes I decree (457 B.C. + 33 A.D. equals 490 years).

Historicists (e.g., Seventh-day Adventists) insist on the 457 B.C. date in that the final 7 solar years are seen when they allege that Jesus began His 3.5 years of ministry in 27 A.D. and concluded it approximately on 30 A.D. (which is three years shy of approximately 33 A.D. - thus, the first 3.5 years of Jesus' ministry ended approximately on 30 A.D. (at which point Messiah was "cut off") and then there were an additional 3.5 years until the gospel was preached to the Gentiles at the house of Cornelius - thus fulfilling the 70th Week of Daniel (3.5 years plus 3.5 years is equal to 7 years and the final week or 483 years + 7 years is equal to 490 years); however, the extension of the final 7 years as the 70th Week of Daniel is mandatory for ultimate prophetic fulfillment to comport with both Daniel and John's repeated accounts in the yet-future apocalyptic chronologies in the Revelation where the 1,260 days, 42 months, 3.5 days, 3.5 years, time, times and half a time are repeatedly mentioned as future events.


There are 2450 years between the birth of Shem and "Messiah the Prince."  These 2450 Years can be calculated as 5 X 490 Years is equal to 2450 Years.  Please note...each of the 490 years bears a “10 years” insignia unto 500 years (i.e. 490 years is 10 years short of 500 years) or the “50” which bespeaks of the 50th Year of Jubilee; therefore (carefully follow): 10 years X 5 sets of 490 years can be seen as 50 Years (10 years X 5 sets = 50 Years) X 360 days in a prophetic year which in turn is equal to 18,000 days.  

This 18,000 is the fractal or resemblance of the 18,000 miles of the New Jerusalem or 12,000 furlongs (660’ is equal to 1 furlong) X 660’ is equal to 7,920,000’ multiplied by the 12 edges of the cubed NJ giving us 95,040,000’ which is the distance between the earth and sun at apogee (i.e., 95,040,000 miles) (Revelation 21:16).  This 95,040,000' is in turn divided by the number of feet in one mile or 5,280' which equals to 18,000 miles.   Therefore, from Shem to Messiah the Prince is all for the New could clearly say that Messiah's linage from Shem "Until Messiah the Prince" bespeaks of both the "Noahic Earth" - that remnant who called upon the Lord up through the Almighty's choice of Israel - both will be in the New Jerusalem.  

These 2,450 years are divided by the 50 years of one Jubilee Cycle/Year, giving us an amazing 49 such cycles, with 49 as the very fractal or resemblance of each of the 490 year chronological segments. Therefore, there are 49 Jubilee Years within the 2,450 years from Shem to Messiah the Prince (i.e., 50 years X 49 Jubilee Years is equal to 2,450 years).  We may unequivocally state that God’s intentions for Israel bespeak of the work of the Holy Spirit - the number 49 as seen in Zechariah 4 where the 7 lamps, each with 7 conduits or 7 X 7 equals 49 and these 49 connote the first 7 weeks of Daniel’s vision or, again, 7 weeks multiplied by 7 days are equal to 49 years it took for the building of the Second Temple.

The EIGHTH Month or "8"

There are within the first 1,558 years (from Adam to Shem) a total of 1,550 years divided by 50 Jubilee Cycles, which equals 31 sets of Jubilee Cycles with 8 years remaining wherein this “8” continues up through the end of the 6,000 years and connotes the EIGHTH DAY or the ultimate NEW BEGINNING, for Messiah was raised on the EIGHTH DAY of His Passion Week and the EIGHTH DAY shall be beyond the Seventh Day Millennium - i.e., the ESCHATON wherein we shall have "A New Heaven and a New Earth wherein dwells righteousness" (II Peter 3:13)...even so, EIGHT were saved from the Flood (II Peter 2:5) to commence the "new beginning."

It can be pointed out that it was in the EIGHTH month in which Solomon's Temple was completed (but not dedicated); to wit:  "And in the eleventh year (of Solomon's reign), in the month of Bul (or, Heshvan/Chesvan, the EIGHTH MONTH falling on October or November), the house was finished in all its details, and according to all its plans...So he was seven years in building it" (I Kings 6:38).  Solomon's Temple was dedicated, we affirm, on the Day of Atonement, 10 Tishrei (the seventh month), the same day that Jesus commenced His ministry - two sets of "Feasts" were held at the dedication wherein it states "Therefore all the men of Israel assembled with King Solomon at the feast in the month of Ethanim (i.e., Tishrei), which is the seventh month (approximately 1 prophetic year - i.e., Heshvan, the eighth month unto Tishrei, the seventh month with a 30 day time frame between Heshvan 11 (Rachel's burial date - the Matriarch of Israel and the mother of both Joseph and Benjamin who died when she gave birth to Benjamin) and Tishrei 10 (going backwards on the calendar, if you would).  Later, we will go into detail as to why we affirm that these 30 days picture the time of the Wrath of the Lamb which shall conclude upon the coming of Messiah on Heshvan 11 to commence the THIRD TEMPLE in fulfillment of Hosea 6:1-3:

Come, and let us return to the LORD;

For He has torn, but He will heal us;

He has stricken, but He will bind us up.

After two days He will revive us;

On the third day He will raise us up,

That we may live in His sight.

Let us know,

Let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD.

His going forth is established as the morning;

He will come to us like the rain,

Like the latter and former rain to the earth.

(Hosea 6:1-3)

From Abraham unto Messiah the Prince there were 2,000 years with the final eight years "appearing" as the Seventieth Week of Daniel - these two thousand years constitute the "two days" with the "third day" being the Sabbath, Seventh Day, the Millennial Rule and Reign on the Earth of the Son of David.  The EIGHTH DAY will be eternity, the ESCHATON, after the Seventh Day.

Therefore, returning to the three sets of Jubilee Cycles; to wit:  There are 31 Jubilee Cycles (within the 1,558 years between the creation of Adam and the birth of Shem with the "8" extending unto the end of the 6,000 years) added to 49 Jubilee Cycles (the 5 sets of 490 years or 5 X 490 years are equal to 2,450 years divided by the 50 year Jubilee Cycle equals 49 Jubilee Cycles) is equal to 80 Jubilee Cycles (i.e. 31 plus 49 equals 80 - if you would "squeezing out the eight year overage"); added to the final 40 Jubilee Cycles from Messiah the Prince in 33 A.D. to 2025 AD equal to 1992 years; and, adding the 8 years to the 1992 years is equal to 2,000 Years - divided by 50 years gives us 40 Jubilee Cycles plus the original 80 Jubilee Cycles for a grand total of 120 Jubilee Cycles multiplied by 50 Years for each such cycle gives us a total of 6,000 years multiplied by 360 days (regardless of the Gregorian calendar) giving us a total of 2,160,000 days, plus the 1,000 Years of the 7th Day (Millennium) provides us a grand total of 7,000 years.  When we multiply 7,000 years times 360 days (of the prophetic year) we arrive at 2,520,000 days which is equal (as a fractal/resemblance) to the measurement of the Sacred Cubit’s 25.20 inches.  Therefore, the 7 days or 7,000 years of history is the divine measurement. 

Please see the outstanding/exhaustive study done by Trumpet Sound Faithweb on the subject of the five sets of 490 years – it is most commendable on the chronologies (notwithstanding, there are some peculiarities in these writings to which we do not concur but the chronologies of the 5 sets of 490 years, we are in accord).

The three sets of 144 Reflects the 2 Sets of 144,000 and the 144 cubit Wall of the New Jerusalem

TOTAL YEARS:  Adam to Shem 1558 Years plus 2450 Years (Shem to “Messiah the Prince”) is equal to 4008 Years – These “Prophetic Biblical Years” are calculated using the 360 Days as 1 “prophetic year” – therefore, there were 4008 Years X 360 days is equal to 1,442,880 Prophetic Days or 144288 and “288” is equal to two sets of “144” or we could readily say that there are 3 sets of “144” embedded within 144288 (just as there are 3 sets of 144 mentioned in the book of Revelation as in Rev. 7:4-8 (Israel); Rev. 14:1 (the Church on the heavenly Mount Zion); and, Rev. 21:17 (The Wall of the New Jerusalem – as “144 Cubits” – wherein both Israel and the Church are united as the Bride of Christ).     Also, these “number sets” may be seen as “144” and “288” or adding their “digit sums” as 1 + 4 + 4 = 9 and 2 + 8 + 8 = 18.  “9” connotes the Sun of Righteousness (1 + 8 equals 9 or the Sun plus the 8 planets of the Solar System and “18” is the Cardinal Number of the 18,000 Mile, 12-edge perimeter of the New Jerusalem as in 12,000 furlongs X 660’ (660’ equals 1 furlong) is equal to 7,920,000 Feet (one edge of the New Jerusalem) X 12 Edges of a Cube equals 95,040,000’ divided by 5,280’ (1 mile) is equal to 18,000 Miles or 18 is equal to 18). 

Hebrew regarding the 490 "Generation" - THE FOLDED 100 MUST BE ACCUMULATED

Earlier we commented on the importance of the two sets of "500" mentioned in Genesis concerning the time of Shem's birth which occurred when Noah was 500 years old; then, after the flood Shem lived an additional 500 years.  The two sets of "100" are seen when Noah was 500 years of age, at which time the birth of Shem is announced and then Noah was 600 years of age at the time of the Flood; and, the second "100" occurs when "Shem was 100 years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood." (Ref. Genesis 5:32; Genesis 11:11; Genesis 7:6; Genesis 11:10)

“And the LORD said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years (Gen. 6:3). 

We have in Genesis 6:3 three separate 100, 20 and years.  Or, said another way:  100s which have already been doubled or unfolded (but need to be folded to see their original value) - bizarre, but oh so true....for we know that man certainly lived far and beyond a simple 120 years of age after the Flood; for example, Shem, the son of Noah, lived 500 years after the flood.  So what is going on with these ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY YEARS?

Starting from the end of the expression we find that the word “years” is found in Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon, H8148 and is directly referenced back to its Hebrew root:  H8138, wherein we find that the Hebrew root for the word “year” literally means “to fold”.

“Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon, H8138 (shanah or shaw-naw').  A primitive root; (to fold), that is, duplicate (literally or figuratively); by implication to transmute (transitively or intransitively): - do (speak, strike) again, alter, double, (be given to) change, disguise, (be) diverse, pervert, prefer, repeat, return, do the second time.” (Strong’s pp. 286-287 of the Hebrew Lexicon)

Thus, we are immediately introduced to a "doubling" which is taking place through the use of the word "years."  What we have here is a duplication expressed in the English word for years - but what has been duplicated or "folded" - obviously, it is some number set which has undergone doubling - e.g. the number "2" which has been doubled/folded would be equal to "4" and to unfold it, it would be equal to 2 again as in 4/2 = 2.

Now, as we continue moving backwards in our phrase we view the Hebrew word for “twenty” which means to “accumulate” (Strong’s H6242 (esriym) meaning twentieth or a "score" or "twenty" derived from H6235 (eser) meaning "twentieth" as an ordinal or a "score" which is 20);  H6235 is derived from H6237 (asar) meaning an accumulation of digits as in 10 + 10 + 10;   So, something which has been doubled needs to be added together or accumulated; thus, if we go back to our example of the number "2" when it was doubled to "4" we would have a group of these "2s" which would have been doubled as in 2 X 2 = 4; 2 X 2 = 4; and 2 X 2 = 4.  We would have accumulated three sets of "4" which would be equal to "12" or 4 + 4 + 4 = 12 (thus, the "accumulation of digits" is accomplished).  Therefore, to "accumulate" these "years" (which have been doubled) we would simple secure their sum.  Also, H6237 (asar) is taken only as a denominative from its identical Hebrew root H6238 ("to accumulate") - however, when this is used it means to "tithe" or to "give a tenth" as in "take the tenth" or "tithing."

What we have here in this "twenty" is as a thithe or "tenth" which has or will be accumulated.

Finally, we arrive at the word "hundred" which is directly impacting what has been accumulated (i.e., the sum of all the numbers which we have were originally doubled or folded).  So, let's say that our "sum" (i.e., accumulation) totals "12" - then how does 100 impact upon it?  Simply in this manner:  12 X 100 = 120.  The "12" as a sum becomes a "multiplicand" and the "100" becomes its "multiplier" and the "120" becomes their "product" or the result of "multiplying" the "multiplicand" and the "multiplier" together. 

Literally, Genesis 6:3 may be read as:

Gen 6:3: “And YHWH said, My spirit: (Holy Spirit of Life) shall not always strive: (to plead with or judge) with man: for that he: (who) also is flesh: yet his days: (a process of time) shall be (will continue) an hundred (a Hundred) and twenty (lit. accumulated) years (lit. “to fold”).”

If you would:  MULTIPLY BY 100 THE SUM OF A SERIES OF DOUBLES.  Don't you just "hate math"?  Hang with me, this may appear a bit complicated, but bear with me (GRIEF, it's already complicated!)...well, obviously, we've got to figure out what number set was originally doubled.  Since there is in view here (on the surface) the number set of "120" we must ask ourselves:  If it isn't (the plainspeak) "years" (i.e., 120 years) then what is it?  Well, it's a number set that has been doubled from its original number ... so, what was that original number that was doubled?  Obviously, we are speaking in terms when Moses wrote Genesis - i.e., Moses knew what that original number set was all about.  We believe it has everything to do with the "Sacred" or "Religious Calendar" - the only one - given to Israel at the time of the Exodus from Egypt known as the "Jubilee Calendar" - i.e., the so-called "Sabbatical Calendar."

The Jubilee Calendar

Firstly, the essence of the "Jubilee Calendar" given to Israel (Exodus 12:1-7) at the Exodus and amplified in Leviticus 25 when the Tribes of Israel would be in the Promised Land - the Jewish festival/religious calendar; specifically states:

"...When you come into the land which I give you, then the land shall keep a sabbath to the LORD...six years you shall sow your field ... but in the seventh year there shall be a sabbath of solemn rests for the land, a sabbath to the LORD...and you shall count seven sabbaths of years for yourself, seven times seven years; and the time of the seven sabbaths of years shall be to you forty-nine years ... then you shall cause the trumpet of the Jubilee to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month; on the Day of Atonement you shall make the trumpet to sound throughout all your land ... and you shall consecrate the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all its inhabitants ... that fiftieth year shall be a Jubilee to you ...." (Leviticus 25:8-55 excerpts - see also:  Lev. 27:17-24; Ezekiel 46:17).

Embedded within that calendar are the "Jubilee Cycles" of 49 years + the "Year of Jubilee" or the 50th Year; however, by themselves (i.e., the 49 years and its compliment 50th year) cannot be "left alone."  The "original number set" of "49" has been doubled; however, the 50th year or the "5" has somehow "impacted" the "49" number set.  Going back to Genesis 6:3 we also have the "100" impacting that which has been doubled.  So, class, this little "word problem" finds us isolating three items:  

(1)  The primary calendrical number set of the Religious Calendar of the Hebrews is "49" (or 7 X 7 = 49) - it has been "doubled" or "unfolded"...

(2)  The number "5" which is impacting upon the "49" to make it "50") by adding the Year of Jubilee or 50th Year...we affirm that this is the "multiplier" or the number of "number sets" which must be accumulated/sumed...

(3)  The "100" which impacts upon the original "49" and yet somehow relates to the "5" or "50th Year"    

Firstly, since in viewing the "49" we must realize that it has already been doubled; therefore, we simply divide by "2" to arrive at its original value:  49/2 = 24.5.

Secondly, whether we take 49 or 24.5 we can use these number sets as multiplicands and use our "100" as the multiplier and arrive at two products:  49 X 100 = 4900 or 24.5 X 100 = 2450 (in that 4900/2 = 2450).

But what do we do with the "5" or the Year of Jubilee or the 50th?

Well, it's quite simple - the 49, 5, 2450, 4900 all have their "duties to perform!"  The Genesis 6:3 declaration was given immediately after it said that Noah was 500 years old and begat Shem (Genesis 5:32; Genesis 6:3).  Whoops, there's another "5" seen there and "100" as well in that 5 X 100 = 500.  Likewise, Noah was 600 years old when the Flood took place; thus, another "100" years passed - again, the stress on the "100" is seen (Gen. 7:6).  Could it be that when we viewed the "folded" or doubled number set of 49, we should "see" 49 X 100 = 4900?  Furthermore, that its "singularity" was 24.5 or 2450 and that the "5" would impact the singularity?  We believe so.

Therefore:  24.5/5 = 4.9 = 5 sets of 4.9 = 24.5 or 2450/5 = 490.  In other words, there are "5 sets" of 490 years within the 2450 years (because the 49 years were viewed as "doubled" so its original was 24.5 but it was impacted with the 100 to be viewed as 2450 and this in turn was impacted by the "5".  Now, what is truly incredible is this:  Since there are 5 sets of 490 years in view within the 2450, if we were to divide them by the 50th Year of Jubilee we would arrive at this astonishing discovery:

2450 Years / 50 Jubilee Years = 49 Jubile Cycles


We are back to the original 7 X 7 = 49 years.  Only when we are dealing with the 2450 Years and dividing them by the "5" or "50th Year" can we arrive at the original 49 years or 7 X 7 = 49 or 49 sets of 50 Jubilee Long Cycles (49 X 50 = 2450).

Thusly, we first secured the hundred by simply multiplying the Jubilee Cycle of 49 by 100).  Then we moved on to the "twenty" (as in 120) which is to "fold."  When you fold that 4900 (by definition the 4900 has already been duplicated or doubled) into 2 parts it equals 2450 (thus, the "20" does the folding or the "dividing" or, if you would, the "unfolding")....4900/2 = 2450. 

From here we will get the number of total acknowledged years of the chosen people of YHWH, again, that being 2450 years, when the Holy Spirit will strive with man (i.e., the low degree of fleshly man) – i.e., 4900 / 2 (doubled) = 2450 years (i.e. the striving with fleshly man will end at the close of 2450 years ("'Til Messiah the Prince" or 33 A.D. there are some 2443 years) plus 7 years (Daniel's yet future Seventieth Week) equals to 2450 years or at the terminus or end of the 70th Week of Daniel’s prophecy – with a gap between 33 A.D. and the commencement of the 70th Week or the final 7 years - the final and fifth set of 490 years is not "seamless" as certain Historicists would want us to believe - there is a blatant gap, just as there is a blatant gap between the first and second coming of Messiah.

Put another way, if we divide 49 by 2 (“unfold”) this will equal 24.5 and then multiply this 24.5 X 100 we arrive at 2,450.  Furthermore, we must remember that Gen. 6:3 was said at the time of Shem’s birth when Noah was 500 years of age, 100 years prior to the Flood. Each generation is equal to 490 years.  There are FIVE such generations in the history (counting from Shem) unto Messiah the Prince (then the gap) and then the final 7 years to complete the fifth set of 490 years.

If you multiply 490 X 5 you will get 2,450 years, so acknowledged, with “Shem’s GENERATION” reaching unto Isaac’s birth; i.e., the first set of 490 years or “generation number one.”  Noah's "50" - if you would - foresees this incredible association between the 490 and the 10 years or the 5 sets of 490 to be equal to 2450 years with 50 years shy of 2500 to alert us to the Jubilee Cycle which is every 50 years or 2450 divided by 50 equals 49 Jubilee Cycles.  Shem's additional 500 years (Shem lived 500 years after the Flood) alert us, again, to the "50" needed from his birth unto Isaac's birth - in other words, every one of the five sets of 490 years, totaling 2450 will be divided by this 50 which will give us 49 Jubilee Long Cycles or 49 years + 1 year = 50 years with the 50th year being the Year of Jubilee.  The "50" can only be utilized after the total 2450 years is reached - then you divide by "50" and arrive at "49."  How clever is this?

Again, these five generations commenced at the birth of Noah’s son, Shem - since the divine declaration occurs immediately after the birth of Shem is announced, there being precisely 100 years from that original decree in that Shem was born 100 years before the Flood (Gen. 5:32) - again, another veiled allusion to the "100" which eventually must be folded (twenty); shortly thereafter, the “120 years” dictate/decree was announced (Gen. 6:3).  Shem is a part of the “bloodline” unto Abraham, per se, and constitutes that "Messianic bloodline" when it comes to the “490.”  Genesis 15:13 and Gen 15:16 fit together wherein we read:

“Then He said to Abram:  ‘Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them, and they will afflict them four hundred years…but in the fourth generation they shall return here, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.’”

These four hundred years are referring to the “four generations” (not to individual 100 year segments) but to 490-year generational segments – i.e., 4 generations X 490 years is equal to 1,960 years.  What was given to Abram was, in essence, eschatological - predicting Israel's immediate future through to "Messiah the Prince" via Abram's "son of promise" (Isaac) and that "promise's" final week, known as the Seventieth Week of Daniel; i.e., the final 490 years being 483 years up through 33 A.D. and the final 7 years concluding in, as we have indicated, around 2025 A.D. with the commencement of that Seventieth Week by 2018 A.D.  

"The Iniquity of the Amorites" at the end of the FOURTH GENERATION

This immediate “fourth generation” was given to Abraham from the birth of his son Isaac (Genesis 16) onward for 1,960 years; however, again, the final segment of these 5 sets of 490 years (commencing at the birth of Shem, Noah's son, and continuing "Until Messiah the Prince" in 33 A.D.) or 2,450 years (actually, 2,443 years plus 7 years of the 70th Week of Daniel’s prophecy) would be completed just as “the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.”  In other words, the Israelites via Abraham’s physical seed through Isaac, would return at the “end of days” (not after being afflicted 400 years in Egypt to return to the “Promised Land” to oust the Canaanites - for the Israelites were in Egypt not more than 300 total years) but would return “in the fourth generation” – i.e., the “fourth set of 490 years” (from the "seed of promise" - Issac - unto Messiah the Prince or 490 X 4 generations = 1960 years).  The "400 years" is really another way of expressing the FOURTH GENERATION of FOUR GENERATIONS.  

The initial set of 490 years (constituting the fifth set of 490 years) is found from Shem’s birth to the birth of Isaac – 490 years; for Isaac is the archetype of the Son, the Messiah, who was offered up for us all, the Lamb of God, the Son of promise - even as Abraham later offered up Isaac upon the altar (Genesis 22:1-19).  Consequently, "the iniquity of the Amorites" is NOT yet fulfilled until the very "end of time" or at the climax of the future Seventieth Week of Daniel...and that being the case, we must probe the meaning of the "iniquity of the Amorites" - just what is this?  Who were the Amorities whose name means "the high ones" or "highlanders?"

Gen 15:16, the iniquities of the Amorites had not yet taken full growth. What were these iniquities and why would it take 400 plus years to fulfill them? Well first of all the ancient Canaanites were child sacrificers to Molech and Chemosh. But there is more, Og, the king of the Amorites was a giant. He occupied the lands of Bashan and it refers to the “bulls of Bashan” surrounding Christ at his crucifixion in Ps 22. These “bulls” were in fact the spirits behind the giant Nephilim in Genesis 6. This is talking of the deep things of Satan here. (My emphasis)

There is one theory that the Rephaim, a brand of giant if you will, was really some sort of undead giant or partially alive ghost, since the word for Rephaim in Hebrew can mean “ghost” or “giant”. In any case there is a strong smell of the occult and necromancy about the whole affair. (Source:  Corum Deo - Before the Face of God)

May I strongly suggest that the same "iniquity" which caused the judgment of the Flood in the "days of Noah" - so shall it also be in the "days of the coming of the Son of Man" (Matthew 24:37-39).  In other words, the Seventieth Week of Daniel - yet future - will witness the full manifestion and fullfillment of the original prophecy made to Abraham by the Almighty; to wit:  

“Then He said to Abram:  ‘Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them, and they will afflict them four hundred years…but in the fourth generation they shall return here, for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete.’” (Genesis 15:16).  

Israel's entry into the Land of Canaan - especially, their dispossession of the Amorites and the "giants" such as the Anakim in Hebron - will not be prophetically fulfilled in fullness until "in the fourth generation they shall return here [viz., to Eretz Israel - to the modern State of Israel], for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet complete" - i.e., during the Seventieth Week, in that Israel has been re-gathered to their "Land of Promise," they will face the "iniquity of the Amorities" in fullness during that final Week and so will the world!  

The earth will, once again, confront the phenomenon of "giants in the land" and the materialization of fallen angelic beings whose manifestation and utter contamination of the human race, we affirm, is seen in Revelation 9:1-12 wherein we find the "bottomless pit" opened and the release of "creatures" whose appearance is "like the faces of men...they had hair like women's hair, and their teeth were like lions' teeth...they had tails like scorpions, and there were stings in their tails...and they had as king over them the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in Hebrew is Abaddon, but in Greek he has the name Apollyon." But within the "Amorites" there is another and much more subtle phenomenon taking will see it in the Addendum to this article.

How long were the Israelites enslaved in Egypt?

This "400 years" vs. "four generations" issue is further highlighted in that the "400 years" - allegedly Israel's sojourn in Egypt - is far more chronologically complicated as brought forth by Apologetics Press - we are deeply impressed with the seeming "irreconcilable chronological discrepancies" and how the Bible clarifies itself as a truly inspired document - congratulations to Kyle Butt, Alden Bass and Dr. Bert Thompson in their piece entitled:  How Long Was the Israelites' Egyptian Bondage?

Where, then, do the figures of 430 years and 400 years fit into all of this? Were the Israelites in Egypt 645 years? Or 430 years? Or 400 years? Or 215 years?

If the time period between Abraham’s call and the giving of the law (which occurred roughly three months after the Exodus) was 430 years (and Paul specifically remarked that it was), and if 215 of those years had passed before the Israelites went into Egypt (the time period from Abraham’s call to Jacob’s entrance into the land of the Nile), then that would leave only 215 years remaining for the Israelites’ sojourn in Egypt—which is exactly the time frame we believe the evidence supports.

As Hoehner wrote: “In conclusion, the 430 years went from Abraham’s call to the Exodus. The first 215 years was their sojourn in Palestine and the last 215 years in Egypt. The 400 years was from the weaning of Isaac to the time of the Exodus” (1969, 126/309). Our point exactly!  

[My note:  Abraham's call is put back some 60 years due to the alleged discrepancy of how old Terah, his father, was when he begat Abram - i.e., Terah was 70 years old when he begat Abram...notwithstanding, Terah was 130 years of age and begat Abram...likewise, in Genesis 25:26 it states that Isaac was 60 years old (threescore) when Rebekah gave birth to Jacob and there were 430 years from the birth of Jacob to the Exodus as recorded in Exodus 12:40 and Galatians 3:17 wherein it states:  "And this I say, that the law, which was four hundred and thirty years later, cannot annul the covenant that was confirmed before by God in Christ, that it should make the promise of no effect" ... the covenant which was previously ratified with Abraham when Isaac was born, was confirmed with Isaac when Jacob was born; therefore, some 430 years (Jacob to the Exodus) + 60 years (Isaac was threescore or 60 years of age when Jacob was born - this was the confirmation of the covenant) = 490 years.]

We encourage your review of their outstanding piece on this chronological complexity.

Again:  5 generations of 490 years each –

(1) Shem to Isaac – 490 years (Years:  2417 B.C. to 1927 B.C.)

(2) Isaac to the Exodus – 490 years (1927 B.C. to 1437 B.C.)

(3) Exodus to the Dedication of Solomon’s Temple – 490 years (1437 B.C. to 947 B.C.)

(4) Solomon’s Dedication of the Temple to the Decree of the Persian Kings – 490 years (947 B.C. 457 B.C.), and

(5) The Persian King's Decree to Rebuild the Temple and the City of Jerusalem to Messiah the Prince at His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday – 490 years (457 B.C. or 445 B.C. to 33 A.D. and unto 2025 A.D. with the last 7 years being the 70th Week of Daniel (i.e., 2018 A.D. to 2025 A.D....445 B.C. is at the decree of Artaxerxes Longimanus found in his twentieth year reign in Nehemiah 2:1-2...the "acknowledged years" in the chronology omits at least 12 years to account for the 445 B.C. date (see addendum at the end of this article)).

the command to restore and rebuild jerusalem

So, 5 X 490 equals 2,450 years plus 1558 years (Adam to the birth of Shem) equalling 4008 years (with a dynamic reason for the “8” in that we know full-well that the final 7 years of Daniel’s 70th Week are yet pending plus 1, i.e., the 75 days as seen in the 8 days of the Passion week commencing on Sunday and ending on Sunday or two sets of 3.5 days or 7 days “within 8 days” – see below). 

Please note that the “Arphaxad Factor” of 2 years has been included in the 1558 years (Adam to the birth of Shem) in that “Shem lived 500 years after the flood” (Gen. 11:11) and Arphaxad was born two years after the flood; therefore, 102 years is traced back to the birth of Shem in that Noah was 500 years of age when Shem was born (Gen. 5:32); therefore, there are 1558 years between Adam and Shem’s birth (odd, but true or 1558 years + 100 years = 1658 years) – so in a sense, Shem’s birth is moved up several years to coincide with Arphaxad's birth.

For greater clarity – there are 1658 years up through the birth of Arphaxad – then we back out 100 years to the birth of Shem which will give us 1658 less 100 is equal to 1558 – Gen. 11:10) – yes, these two years are an enigma but have, as we have pointed out with the “Terah 60 year Factor” a very specific purpose in highlighting the 60 plus 2 is equal to 62 year “Messianic” time frame of the 62 weeks found in Daniel’s prophecy of the 62 weeks “Until Messiah the Prince” (after 62 more weeks are fulfilled).



Obviously, we’re not the only ones who have attempted to ascertain these calculations.  Recently, Tim Warner, who in his latest book, The Time of the End, goes into an elaborate chronology wherein, using the 50-year Jubilee Cycle (to which we concur), from Adam to the commencement of the Seventieth Week of Daniel, allows us to arrive on Rosh Hashanah 2029 A.D. and conclude (i.e., the 70th Week) on Yom Kippur 2036 A.D. with the Second Coming – stating that the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur) must be the date of the Second Coming of Christ in that “this is when the Jubilee trumpet is blown announcing the 120th Jubilee year” (using Lev. 25:9 and I Cor. 15:51 to substantiate his claim – The Time of the End, p. 315 – “the 120th Jubilee will occur 2007 years from the beginning of the crucifixion year” and it will be the “Last Trumpet” according to I Cor. 15.51).


Interestingly enough, Genesis 6:3 states:  “And the LORD said, ‘My Spirit shall not strive with man forever, for he is indeed flesh; yet his days shall be one hundred and twenty years.”  Some say that when this passage was given it meant that there were but 120 years before the earth was judged by the Flood– but we affirm it has a more “cosmic prophetic” understanding in that these 120 years constitute 120 years of Jubilee (i.e., Jubilee Years or Jubilee Cycles of 50 years each wherein 49 years plus 1 Jubilee Year is equal to a 50-Year “Jubilee Cycle”) – therefore, 120 Jubilee Years X 50 (Jubilee Cycles) is equal to 6,000 years which will terminate God’s “indirect” dealing with “indeed flesh” (man).  The Almighty’s “striving with man” will be 120 Jubilee Cycles or 120 X 50 years is equal to 6,000 years.

Warner claims:

“Virtually all Biblical chronologists, both Jewish and Christian, add up the Genesis genealogies from Adam to Abraham to arrive at a date for Abraham…most Christian chronologists put Abraham’s birth in the year 2008 AM. [B.C.]" (Reference below)

[Incidentally, we simply calculate 1948 years – Adam to Abraham - plus 60 years for the Terah Factor is equal to 2008 years; however Abram was born 100 years before Isaac on 2027 B.C. + 390 years = 2417 B.C. the birth of Shem - therefore, Shem to Isaac = 100 years + 390 years = 490 years with an express purpose for the additional 8 years embedded in the 2008 years already explained….]

Warren continues:

"...but simply adding up the years of each father when his son was born makes a faulty assumption; that each child was born on the birth day of his father…That is not realistic…There is a margin of error of 0 to 12 months for each generation.” (p. 247, The Time of the End).

What Warner does to compensate for this “unrealistic” chronology is to average things out: 

“Of course, since births are random throughout the months, the best estimate would be the average of six months per generation” (Ibid.)

In sum, Warner states:

“To properly calculate the twenty generations from Adam to Abraham, we must subtract six months for each generation.  We use the average of six months to account for the random birth months; and we subtract rather than add to account for inclusive reckoning, the absence of a zero-year for each person in the genealogy.  Thus, using this method, Seth was born when Adam was 129.5 by western reckoning …When we average the genealogies like this, something remarkable emerges.  Noah’s death and Abraham’s birth occur the very same year, exactly two millennia after creation (2000 AM), which is also the 40th Jubilee” [i.e., there are 49 years and the 50th year is the Year of Jubilee; therefore, the 40th Jubilee is calculated as 40 X 50 years is equal to 2,000 years and is 2000 AM from Adam’s creation to Abraham’s birth – that is, if there are precisely 2,000 years separating from Adam’s creation to Abraham’s birth; my parenthesis]. (Ibid.)

Warner says there are 20 generations between Adam and Abraham and that “we must subtract six months for each generation” – therefore, 6 months X 20 generations is equal to 120 months or 10 years, right?  Wouldn’t it stand to “mathematical reason” that if we start at Warner’s suggestion that most of us have miscalculated Adam to Abraham at 2008 years that in subtracting 10 years from 2008 we would arrive at 1998 years and not 2000 years (i.e., 2008 less 10 years is equal to 1998 years)…unless, of course, he’s adding back in the “Arphaxad Factor” which he doesn’t make mention thereof?

The “62 Year” Issue

In the chronology – there is most definitely a profound meaning in the “Terah 70 years” (60 year gap) and the two-year issue regarding Shem-Arphaxad:  “Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood…After he begot Arphaxad, Shem lived five hundred years” when, in point of fact, Shem was born 100 years before the flood (Gen. 5:32) and lived 500 years after Arphaxad’s birth – therefore, there are 2 unaccounted years according to Genesis 5:32; 7:6; 11:10-11 because Arphaxad was born two years after the flood – “Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah begot Shem…Noah was six hundred years old when the floodwaters were on the earth…Shem was one hundred years old, and begot Arphaxad two years after the flood…After he begot Arphaxad, Shem lived five hundred years….”  It never says, as in the case of many in the genealogies, regarding Shem’s full age – e.g., “Noah lived after the flood three hundred and fifty years…so all the days of Noah were nine hundred and fifty years; and he died” (Gen. 9:28-29).  In other words, we do not know “all the days of Shem were….”  So, we have this exceedingly peculiar 2 year issue.  At the very least one would have to admit that there is a dispute regarding these two years.     

The 60 years (Terah) plus 2 years (Arphaxad) equals 62 years.  Through the entire 6,000 year chronology we have a total of 62 years which go “unaccounted” (i.e., missing, in this sense) but for, we believe, the profound reason highlighting the “62-week lead up to Messiah the Prince.” (Sorry for the repetition but this is exceedingly important.)  Incidentally, there are other years which you shall see in the addendum that purposefully go "Unacknowledged."

The 62 years may be calculated as 62 years X 360 prophetic days is equal to 22,320 days.  In that this “mysterious time frame” in the genealogical chronology between Adam and Abraham’s birth may have additional and insightful meaning – we may examine these 22,320 days as 2 X 2 X 3 X 2 is equal to 24.  Could it be that “Until Messiah the Prince” we can foresee that His ultimate “cutting off” (Daniel 9:26 – “And after sixty-two weeks Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself”) was and is for a greater purpose?  I think so – for these 62 years can be calculated as 62 X 360 days is equal to 22,320 and eventually as 2 X 2 X 3 X 2 is equal to 24.

We know that “24” is wholly indicative of the 24 Elders around the throne in the Revelation – and that these 24 elders constitute the 12 Patriarchs of Israel whose names are upon the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem – i.e., the 12 Tribes of Israel and that the other half of the New Jerusalem is comprised of the called out ones from among the Gentiles and the Jews constituting the Church seen in the 12 Apostles of the Lamb whose names bedeck the 12 foundations of the Holy City, the Woman, the New Jerusalem…thus, 12 + 12 = 24 who are the 24 Elders of the Revelation about the Throne of God and the Lamb.  In other words, the 62 years equate to the 62 weeks and are wholly “Messianic” in producing through His “cutting off” the Divine Intent of the New Jerusalem comprised of Israel (12) and the Church (12) who constitute the 24 Elders of the Holy City.

Peter, in speaking about the Second Coming of Christ wherein he says that “knowing this first:  that scoffers will come in the last days” has, within this context declared:  “With the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day” (II Peter 3:3-8).

If we consider seven days, then 7,000 years are in view.  Seven days are equal to one week and one week is, therefore, equal to 7,000 years. 

Warner affirms that there will be 120 Jubilee years and/or Cycles (50 year time frames) in human history before the Millennium (i.e., the 7th Day) or 120 X 50 is equal to 6,000 years (i.e., 6 days).  In essence, we affirm the same precise 6,000 years and 120 Jubilees.  However, we do not come by this using the same chronologies that Warner does.  The 120 Jubilee Years are designed for 120 Jubilee Cycles (i.e., every 49 years there should be an additional 1 year or “Year of Jubilee”).  There are 360-days in a prophetic year – therefore, if we take 120 years X 360 days is equal to 43,200 days which is “432” and this “432" is the fractal/resemblance of the Radius of the Sun (the Sun’s diameter being 864,000 miles and its radius 432,000 miles).  There are 24 hours in a day; therefore, 43,200 days X 24 hours is equal to 1,036,800 hours which may be viewed as 1…36…8 or God (36 as in 360° in a circle) is in the midst of the New Jerusalem (18).

Incidentally, there is a reason why there are three sets of 2,000 years or three sets of 40 Jubilee Years in that 40 Jubilee Years X 360 days for 40 separate Jubilee Years equals 14,400 days and three such sets or 14,400 X 3 is equal to 43,200 or “432” the fractal of the radius of the Sun (432,000 miles – indicating that the Sun of Righteousness is arising on the Great Day of God (Malachi 4:1-2) – at the end of the 6,000 years); also, “144” can be seen in all three expressions – just as there are three sets of 144 seen in the Revelation:  144,000 of Israel sealed in Revelation 7; 144,000, the Church, atop Mt. Zion in Revelation 14; and the Wall (144 cubits) of the New Jerusalem in Revelation 21:17 constituting both Israel and the Church in the final manifestation of the Dimensions of Paradise, the New Jerusalem.

Warner continues:  

"Calculate[ing] the twenty generations from Adam to Abraham, we must subtract six months for each generation…we use the average of six months to account for the random birth months; and we subtract rather than add to account for inclusive reckoning” (Warner, p. 248). 

By doing this “averaging” Warner is able to arrive at 2000 years from Adam to Abraham’s birth; however, this seems meaningless in that in our calculations of 1948 (which includes the 2 extra years of the “Arphaxad Factor”), we have purposefully allowed 60 years to “appear missing” for a greater purpose – believing that the Almighty embedded these 60 years into the record for a profound reason (e.g., Israel rebirth in 1948 A.D.); therefore, if we added these 60 years to our 1948 years, we would arrive at 2008 years (from Adam’s creation to Abraham’s birth) without all the “averaging” – but what of these additional 8 years which Warner has so cleverly dispensed with?

For one – 8 years X 360-prophetic days in a year is equal to 2,880 days divided by 2 equals 1,440 days or two sets of “144.”  Even here we can see the divine intent of both Israel and the Church – though some of our dear dispensational friends would cringe at this notion in that the Church was a great mystery hidden but now revealed (the "mystery" disclosed in the teaching of the Apostle Paul) – however, the divine intent is unwavering and, we affirm, there is, most definitely, even in this 2008 years, such a concern…let alone what you shall witness hereunder….

Significance of the Passion Week’s 7/8 Days

Warner commits the conclusion (i.e., the Second Coming of Messiah) of the Seventieth Week to Yom Kippur, 2036 AD (1 October 2036); whereas we commit the conclusion of the Seventieth Week to BOTH Yom Kippur (2 October 2025 AD) and Passover 2025 AD (13 April 2025 AD)…again, let us explain…. 

There is a differential of approximately 11 years between our calculations and those of Warner.  Jesus’ “cutting off” (crucifixion) took place on Passover Preparation Day (13 Nissan); however, His burial took place on 14 Nissan (i.e., the Jewish Thursday, which was the beginning of the official Passover – for the bodies of the crucified were not permitted to remain on crosses during 14 Nissan Passover (Jewish Thursday evening – our Wednesday from at least 6:00 p.m. to 12 Midnight).  Therefore, He was taken from the cross on that evening of our Wednesday but buried that evening which was the Jewish 14 Nissan Passover (beginning of the Jewish Thursday).

Our Julian or Gregorian calendars indicate that Friday in the year 33 A.D. would have fallen on 3 April 33 AD and is assumed by many as the date of His crucifixion (i.e., Good Friday); however, such is not the case in that His body was in the grave “three nights and three days” as per the prophet Jonah (Matt. 13:39-42; 16:4; Jonah 1:17) being in the belly of the Great Fish.  If He were to have been buried Friday eve (the commencement of the Jewish Sabbath), then we would have – using only the Gregorian calendar – the following:

Friday  6:00 p.m. to 12 Midnight = 6 hours – April 3, 33 AD
Saturday   12 Midnight to 12 Midnight on Sunday = 24 hrs. – April 4, 33 AD
Sunday     12 Midnight until 6:00 a.m. = 6 hours – April 5, 33 AD

Total hours:  36 hours (6 + 24 + 6 = 36 hours) – these “time frames” must be understood in their “Jewish context” insofar as immediate time frames surrounding Passion Week – and this MAKES SENSE!

We have but two evenings and one morning (daylight) or 1.5 days – not the 3 days and 3 nights nor even the actual 3.5 days from His Wed. eve burial at 6:00 p.m. unto the manifestation of His resurrection to His disciples at 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning – a 3.5-day chronology.

Also, each “evening” in the Jewish calendar constitutes one 12-hour time frame and each “morning” in the Jewish calendar constitutes one 12-hour time frame.  Therefore, beginning on the “evening” at 6:00 p.m. Friday to Saturday at 6:00 a.m. we would have had “one night” – and from Saturday at 6:00 a.m. to Saturday at 6:00 p.m. we would have had “one full day” – and from Saturday at 6:00 p.m. to Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. (Resurrection morning) we would have had “one night” – therefore, instead of three nights and three days in the belly of the great fish, Jesus would have only been two nights and one day; meaning, that one 12-hour evening is missing and two 12-hour days are missing (24 hours) and instead of 72 hours (3 nights and 3 days or 12 X 6 is equal to 72 hours or three 24-hour time frames) we would have only 36 hours (2 X 12 hour (evenings) is equal to 24 hours plus one 12 hour day is equal to 36 hours vs. 72 hours mandatory or 3 days and 3 nights; let alone the additional one night (12-hour time frame), which we will explain for a total of 3.5 “days” (i.e., three-and-one-half days).

The question being:  Where are the other hours?  If, as we consider that Jesus was laid to rest in the tomb on the commencement of the Jewish Thursday by 6:00 p.m. (our Wednesday evening) – having been crucified on the Jewish Preparation of the Passover Day on Wednesday (both the Jewish Wednesday and our Wednesday) – then we would have:

Resurrection Easter Sunday morning at 6:00 a.m. – that would mean that 6 hours had transpired between our Midnight/Sunday and Sunday 6:00 a.m.  So, let’s calculate the Passion Week’s 7 days or 7 X 24 hours is equal to 168 hours by starting backwards, if you would, as follows, using the Gregorian approach or “solar” calculations:

Sunday  April 5, 33 AD – 12 Midnight to 6:00 A.M. = 6 hours
Saturday   April 4, 33 AD = 24 hours
Friday  April 3, 33 AD = 24 hours
Thursday  April 2, 33 AD = 24 hours
Wednesday  April 1, 33 AD 6:00 p.m. to Midnight (Burial) = 6 hours
  Total:  84 hours or 3.5 days
Wednesday   April 1, 33 AD – Midnight to 6:00 p.m. = 18 hours
Tuesday  March 31, 33 AD = 24 hours
Monday  March 30, 33 AD = 24 hours
Sunday   March 29, 33 AD – 18 hours – 6:00 a.m. to 12 Midnight
  Total: 84 hours or 3.5 days
  Total Hours:  168 hours/24 hours = 7 days or 1 week
  Jesus was crucified/buried on Wed., April 1, 33 AD               

The Jewish measurement of time juxtaposed to the Julian/Gregorian Calendar counts days beginning as an “evening and the morning were the first day” (Genesis 1:5); therefore, the “day” commences at 6:00 p.m. beginning a “12-hour evening” and not at 12 midnight; therefore, the Jewish luni-solar day is always 6 hours ahead of our Julian/Gregorian/Solar day. 

Jewish Sunday "evening" begins at 6:00 p.m. (our Saturday evening) to 6:00 a.m. or one-half of a day (Resurrection Sunday morning); therefore, all the above Gregorian calculations should be adjusted according to the Jewish Calendar; to wit:

“Jewish Day” (counting backwards)

Sunday  April 5, 33 AD = 6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. = 12 hours (17 Nissan)
Saturday  April 4, 33 AD = 24 hours (16 Nissan)
Friday                April 3, 33 AD = 24 hours (15 Nissan)
Thursday  April 2, 33 AD = 24 hours – Passover (14 Nissan)
  Total:  84 hours or 3.5 days
Wednesday   April 1, 33 AD = 24 hours – Passover Preparation Day (13 Nissan)
Tuesday  March 31, 33 AD = 24 hours (12 Nissan)
Monday   March 30, 33 AD = 24 hours (11 Nissan)
Sunday   March 29, 33 AD – 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. = 12 hours (10 Nissan)
  Total: 84 hours or 3.5 days
  Total Hours:  84 hours + 84 hours = 168 hours

Jesus was crucified/buried on the Jewish Wednesday/Thursday (Julian Wednesday), April 1, 33 AD, and was laid to rest in the tomb on that Jewish Thursday “evening” by 6:00 p.m. – there being four such evenings of 12 hours each (6:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. – Thr./Fri./Saturday and Sunday evening unto 6:00 a.m. Sunday morning) and three such “mornings” (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – Thr./Fri./Saturday) for “3.5 days”) with the 3 mornings constituting the “three days” or the “third day” (Luke 24:46).

Therefore, after additional research, we have determined that the day of the “Preparation of the Passover” which was also considered in Halachic tradition to be a Passover Day, as well, was on Nissan 13, Wednesday, the day of the crucifixion, and that by Nissan 14, the commencement of Passover, Jewish Thursday (our Wednesday evening for 6 more hours) He was buried (4 full days having expired from 10 Nissan through 13 Nissan in fulfillment of the 4-days of the “inspection of the Lamb” for Passover (10, 11, 12, 13 Nissan) for the lamb is to be eaten on 14 Nissan (Passover).

His Triumphal entry was on 10 Nissan (morning), Sunday, 29 March 33 AD. (See:  Sir Robert Anderson or "This leads to March 29th, A.D.33, the date of the Triumphal Entry of Jesus into Jerusalem" - using the Julian Calendar); however, it is imperative to count the full 24 hour “day” on Sunday, 10 Nissan, commencing at 6:00 p.m. (our Saturday evening) to 6:00 p.m. (the 24-hr. close of the Jewish Sunday) even though Jesus’ Triumphal Entry was from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. during the day (i.e., “morning”) on Sunday 10 Nissan – thus, the full 4 days for the “Lamb’s inspection” is fulfilled in accordance with Exodus 12:2-8 – without blemish.  Notwithstanding, the full 4 days – there are but 3.5 days from 6:00 a.m. 10 Nissan unto 6:00 p.m. 14 Nissan (10 Nissan, 12 hrs. – 11 Nissan, 24 hrs. – 12 Nissan, 24 hrs. – 13 Nissan, 24 hrs. = 84 hrs./24 hrs. = 3.5 days.  Jesus’ burial took place by 14 Nissan (Passover) where the blood had been placed on the lentil and doorposts of each of the homes on 13 Nissan (in Egypt) and then eaten for Passover on 14 Nissan inside the home.

Passion Week and the Seventieth Week of Daniel are a Mirror of each other

Simplified chronology of the “7 days” or Passion Week mirrors the 70th Week of Daniel in that there are 3.5 days (Jewish) at the commencement of the week from Sunday (half day) through Monday (full day) through Tuesday (full day) through Wednesday (full day) and the final 3.5 days with Thursday, Friday and Saturday being both “evening-mornings” and Sunday being an evening only juxtaposed to the “morning only” on the previous Sunday or 3.5 days plus 3.5 days is equal to 7 days; however, occurring from Sunday to Sunday giving us an “appearance” occurring over 8 different days.

passion week

If the (Julian) calendar ascribes the crucifixion of Christ to be on Good Friday, April 3, 33 AD, then “moving backwards” we would find the following:

3.5 Days

Sunday, April 5, 33 AD (Resurrection – Sunday Morning)

Saturday, April 4, 33 AD

Friday, April 3, 33 AD (Traditional date of the crucifixion of Christ)

Thursday, April 2, 33 AD

3.5 Days

Wednesday, April 1, 33 AD (Actual Crucifixion & Burial that Wed. Eve./Jewish Thr.) (Julian Calendar)

Tuesday, March 31, 33 AD

Monday, March 30, 33 AD

Sunday, March 29, 33 AD – Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem – “‘Til Messiah the Prince”

Therefore, the purpose of the “8” – for He arose on the EIGHTH DAY – as found in the 4,008 years from Adam to Messiah the Prince continue to amplify the Sacrifice of the Son upon the tree/cross giving us the New Beginning on the EIGHTH DAY.  This is the Passion Week of Jesus – the week which bears witness to the 3.5 days of testimony and the 3.5 days in the grave prior to His resurrection…giving us the clear appearance of the final 70th Week of Daniel’s prophecy wherein there are 7 days or years which are split down the middle as in 3.5 days (two sets for one week), 3.5 years (2 sets for 7 years), 42 months (two sets), 1,260 days (two sets or 2,520 days); time, times and half a time.

If it were not for the “Terah” AND the “Arphaxad” factors we would not have been able to secure the 2008 years from Adam to Abram’s birth (not 1,948 years) in that the 60 years must be added to the 1,948 years (i.e., Terah was not 70 years of age when Abram was born but 130 years of age or 130 years less 70 years is equal to 60 years and must be added to the 1,948 years (which includes the "Arphaxad factor") or 1,948 years plus 60 years is equal to 2,008 years…with the incredible expression of “8” constituting the ever impressive new beginning through the Resurrection and the ultimate final week of man’s accounting under the divine measurement.  

The "EIGHT souls" which were spared from the flood; to wit:  

"For of God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment; and did not spare the ancient world, but saved Noah, one of eight people, a preacher of righteousness, bringing in the flood on the world of the ungodly...For Christ also suffered once for sins, the just for the unjust, that He might bring us to God, being put to death in the flesh but made alive by the Spirit, by whom also He went and preached to the spirits in prison, who formerly were disobedient, when once the Divine longsuffering waited in the days of Noah, while the ark was being prepared, in which a few, that is, eight souls, were saved through water" (II Peter 2:4-5; I Peter 4:18-20).

The announcement of the coming Flood was given to Noah after we read:  "And Noah was five hundred years old, and Noah begot Shem, Ham, and Japheth... 'I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth'...Noah was 600 years old when the floodwaters were on the earth" (Genesis 5:32; 6:7; 7:6).  In other words, when the Flood occurred Noah was 600 years of age - not 602 as some surmise - however, that additional two years may be considered responsible for making the birth of Shem to be not 1,556 years from Adam to Shem's birth but 1,556 and 2 are equal to 1,558 years; and, consequently giving us the initial "8" over and above the 1,550 (i.e. making Shem 98 years of age at the Flood and not 100 years of age).  

Subsequently we have the original 31 Jubilee Cycles or 1,550 divided by the 50 Jubilee Cycles are equal to 31 Jubilee Cycles with the "8 left over."  The fact that EIGHT SOULS came through the Flood illustrates that the "8" (symbol for infinity) is the New Beginning and it passes through unto the terminus of the 6,000 years, being the final EIGHT years of the 6,000 (in our case from 2018 A.D. until 2025 A.D. with the "8th Day" forwarded unto the 7th Day "New Beginning").  Here we are talking about two judgments (i.e., the Flood) and the future judgment (the Seventieth Week) with the EIGHT being saved from the 70th Week's judgment in that it extends beyond the 1992 years or 1992 years and the 8 years are equal to 2,000 years with the final year itself akin to the 8-day Passion Week of Jesus which took place over an 8-day time frame but in hours (168 hours) was equal to 7 days (i.e., 168 hours / 24 hours = 7 24hr. days). 

The 2,450 years or five sets of 490 years (5 X 490 equals to 2,450 years) wherein we calculate that 2,450 divided by 50 (a Jubilee Cycle or 49 and 1 are equal to 50 years) finds that there are “49” separate 50-year Jubilee Cycles within the 5 sets of 490 years – how incredible is that?  We could have gone into an exhaustive proof of the 490-year time frames between the Exodus and Solomon's Temple dedication; between Solomon's Temple Dedication and the Decree made by the Persian King.  We commend the incredible biblical chronologies found at Trumpet Sound Faithweb for this insightful validation; however, we have expanded upon their chronologies in the ADDENDUM affixed to this article.

Furthermore, the simplicity of the 1,558 years from Adam to Shem’s birth is wholeheartedly embraced by Orthodox Christian communities around the world.   There are 31 Jubilee Cycles within the 1,558 years with 8 “left over” to the glory of God and the New Beginning with the Passion Week resoundingly echoing the 8 days and then to place the final 8 to the end of the age wherein 1,992 years plus 8 years equals 2,000 years from the Resurrection to the close of the age or AD 33 to 2025 AD = 1,992 Years with the “8 years” of the 4,008 added back into the finale or 1,992 Years plus 8 Years equals 2,000 years and the final 40 Jubilee Cycles giving us a total of “120 Years” (Gen. 6:3) or 31 Jubilee Cycles (from Adam to Shem with a “surplus” of 8 being carried ultimately unto the end of the age), added to the 49 (the 2,450 years between Shem and Messiah the Prince), added to the 40 Jubilee Cycles (the 2,000 years between Messiah the Prince’s first and Second Comings or 1,992 years and the 8 years which is added in Resurrection at the end of the 6,000 years are equal to 2,000 years divided by 50 is equal to 40 Jubilee Cycles).  These 120 Jubilee Cycles or 6,000 years divided by 50 yrs. (a single Jubilee Cycle) are equal to 120 Jubilee Cycles.

And just why are we, it would seem, so mesmerized by these "left over" 8 years?  Do the math:

8 years X 360 prophetic days in a year = 2,880 days or "288"/2 = 144 or TWO GROUPS OF 144 - again:  Israel and the Church - the ultimate goal and intention of the Divine Will!

And, finally, for the Wonderful Numberer of Sacred Canon (the very Angel Palmoni) who came to disclose the “secret” of the 2,300 days found in Daniel 8:11-14 appears to know precisely what he is doing in that at the close of the 6,000 years of “for he is flesh” (Gen. 6:3) we find that these THREE epics of human history wherein 31 Jubilee Cycles + 49 Jubilee Cycles + 40 Jubilee Cycles is equal to 120 Jubilee Cycles also discloses the following:

3 + 1 + 4 + 9 + 4 = 21 (31, 49, 40)

21 is a fractal of the Sacred Cubit’s 2.1 Foot or

3 x 1 x 4 x 9 x 4 = 432

432 is a fractal of the Sun’s Radius or 432 X 2 is equal to 864 which equals the Sun’s Diameter


“For behold, the day is coming,

Burning like an oven,

And all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.

And the day which is coming shall burn them up.”

Says the Lord of hosts.

‘That will leave them neither root nor branch.

But to you who fear My name

The Sun of Righteousness shall arise

With healing in His wings;”

(Malachi 4:1-2)


orwell 1984

Allow me to leave you with a somewhat startling discovery.  We have calculated up through 2013 A.D. (the present year as of this writing) that from 3975 B.C. unto 33 AD. some 4,008 years have transpired; therefore, from 33 AD unto 2013 A.D. there are 1,980 years - together 4,008 years + 1,980 years = 5,988 years, leaving us 12 more years to get to 120 Jubilee Cycles or 120 X 50 = 6,000 years.  Where do we find these additional 12 years?  Well, as we have said, we will add an additional 4 more years unto the brink of 2018 or the years 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 - and now we are at 2018 or, said another way, since we are currently 1980 years from 33 A.D. we would add on 4 more years to arrive at:  1980 + 4 = 1984 years.

A bit disturbing, wouldn't you say, I mean:  1984 is the title of George Orwell's famous "prophetic novel" regarding "Big Brother's" overreach affecting us all...such overwhelming power does the State afford and especially at the commencement of the final Seventieth Week connoting Witness, Testimony and ultimate Divine Justice and Judgment...the ERA OF BIG BROTHER will have reached its fullness!

Yet, the 27 July  2018 BULL'S EYE BLOOD MOON over Jerusalem - 120 days from 14 Nissan/Passover (Friday, March 30, 2018) with the Feast of Dedication/Chanukah (some 250 days from any given Passover - i.e., 14/15 Nissan to 24/25 Kislev) falling on 4 December (week of) is an awesom indication of that "Great and Terrible Day of the Lord!"

Keeping in mind that in the year 2018 we shall have transversed from 33 A.D. unto 2018 A.D. some 1984 years + 4008 years "'Til Messiah the Prince" will bring us to:  4008 years + 1984 years = 5,992 years with 7/8 years still pending for the Seventieth Week of Daniel's prophecy or 4008 + 1984 + 7/8 years = 6,000 years or the EIGHTH Year bringing us all into the New Beginning of the 1,000-Year Millenial Reign upon the Earth.  Finally, if we "exclude" 33 A.D. and commence our count from 34 A.D. onwards (or 2018 less 33 = 1985 + 4008 years = 5993 years + 7 years (instead of "8" years) = 6,000 years ... and most certainly 33 A.D. is a "partial" year and so is 2025 A.D.) - IS THIS NOT GLORIOUS?!  How the Almighty can calculate such astounding number sets is beyond the human imagination, accomplishing multiple messages of His ultimate desire for the Son to have His Eternal Bride:  The New Jerusalem!

Could it be that 1984 years were somehow configured by Orwell in this astonishingly prophetic manner?  Consider this incredible numeric possibility:  If we are on the brink (2018 A.D. being 1984 years since 33/34 A.D.) of the Seventieth Week of Daniel, that would mean that the Almighty is calling forth His TWO WITNESSES - the Two Olive Trees (Israel) and the Two Lampstands (the Church) as per Revelation 11:1-14.  We have repeatedly spoken of the TWO GROUPS of 144,000: Israel sealed in Revelation 7:1-8 sealed upon the earth prior to the Wrath of the Lamb (Revelation 8-9) and the second set of witnesses, the Church, resurrected/raptured upon the heavenly Mount Zion in Revelation 14:1-5 - "These were redeemed from among men, being firstfruits to God and to the Lamb" who in part were reaped by the Son of Man (Revelation 14:14-16) from the earth in response to the Everlasting Gospel proclaimed in Revelation 14:6-7 ... the gospel which is both redemptive as well as prophetically charged with the pending judgment of the Almighty upon Babylon the Great (Revelation 14:7-8).

Therefore - can we see the TWO WITNESSES at the commencement of the Seventieth Week if it were to commence after 1984 years at Passover in the year 2018?  I believe so - for 1984 can be seen in several ways:

1984 = 1 X 9 X 8 X 4 = 288

288 / 2 = 144


1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 22

2 Olive Trees and 2 Lampstands

22 X 288 = 6336


The Cross (33) with Two Men on Either Side (6...6)

22 X 144 = 3168

4-square Base of the New Jerusalem = 792 X 4 = 3168

3 Sets of 144 (Israel and the Church and the final 144 Cubit Wall of the New Jerusalem) =

3168 (1 set of 144) X 3 (2 Sets of 144 + 144 Cubit Wall) = 9504

9504 = the fractal of the distance between Earth and the Sun at apogee:  95,040,000 miles

The Sun of Righteousness (9504) is coming for His Bride (9504) for she is Clothed with the Sun

The 12 Edged Cube of the New Jerusalem's Perimeter is 9504 or 95,040,000 Feet

I am keenly aware that this has been a most difficult and, at times, redundant, read - however, it may be one of the most impactful calibrations you may ever read of your future and that of humankind.  Please notice below that there are in 2014 and 2015 a Tetrad or 4 consecutive Total Lunar Eclipses in sequence or "Blood Moons" in a row - we feel this may allude to the Oracle of Damascus and the Oracle of Egypt mentioned in Isaiah 17 and 19; however, the three sets of blood moons with the CENTRAL and/or "Bull's Eye" Blood Moon on 27 July 2018 is exceedingly significant in that it occurs 120 days from Passover (14/15 Nissan) and we feel this could signify the "120 years" mentioned in Genesis 6:3 in that "time's up" for "man, who is flesh."  Furthermore, in 2025 there is another "triad" or three Blood Moons which occur on March 14, September 7 in 2025 and March 3, 2026 spaced equally apart as are the three Blood Moons in 2018 and 2019 seen below.

chart on blood moons



Doug Krieger



The biblical chronology demonstrates that Adam's Creation was in 3975 B.C. - Shem's birth took place when Noah was 500 years of age; therefore, Shem was born in 2417 B.C. (i.e. 3975 less 1558 = 2417 B.C.).  There are five sets of 490 year segments between the birth of Shem and "Messiah the Prince" - or from 2417 B.C. to 33 A.D. there are 2450 years (inclusive or 2417 + 33 = 2450 years).  

These five segments of 490 years each were foretold by divine decree in Genesis 6:3:  "120 years" - which in Hebrew sets forth these time frames as described in the main body of this article.  The five sets of 490 years are shown in the chart below with the final 7/8 year time frame of the fifth set of 490 years extended to the final years of human history and is known as the 70th Week of Daniel - it can be calculated by extending the solar days into prophetic years; again, as so described in this article.  The 1558 years + 2450 years equal to 4008 years / 50-Year Jubilee "Long" Cycles = 31 (1558) + 49 Jubilee Cycles = 80 Jubilee Cycles with the "8-year 'carryover'" leaving 1992 more years (Gregorian) unto 6,000 years of "human history" shall be completed or an additional 2,000 years wherein the 70th Week "repeats itself" or an additional 40 Jubilee Long Cycles or 2,000 years / 50 equals 40 Jubilee Long Cycles for a total of 80 + 40 = 120 Long Jubilee Cycles or "man's days shall be 120 years" as in 120 X 50 = 6,000 years.

Again, we affirm that the "50" or "50th Year" is exceedingly significant in that 50 Years X 360 days = 18,000...this "18,000" is the very fractal/resemblance of the 18,000 mile 12-edge perimeter of the New Jerusalem.

In Matthew 24:3 the disciples privately came to Jesus to inquire regarding the "end of the last generation" - also, known as the FOURTH GENERATION (as dated from Isaac's birth, the son of promise).  Indeed, the end of the last generation is not yet.  The end of the FOURTH GENERATION will take place during the yet future 70th Week of Daniel's prophecy found in Daniel 9:24-27.  Up through "Messiah the Prince" there were 483 years (i.e., from the Decree made in 445 B.C. under Artaxerxes Longimanus in the 20th year of his reign) which commenced the final FOURTH GENERATION whose date, once again, was in 445 B.C. and reached unto 33 A.D. with some 483 "prophetic years" of 360-day years having transpired...leaving 7 additional 360-day years yet to fulfill to complete the 490-year cycle, the FOURTH GENERATION but the FIFTH GENERATION from the birth of Shem...for from Shem to Isaac's birth constitutes the actual FIRST GENERATION with the FOURTH GENERATION actually being the FIFTH GENERATION.

In Acts 7:6 the writer, Luke, was referring to the FOUR GENERATIONS of the House of Israel.  The four generations are entitled "four hundred years."  As you can see below, the Children of Israel were in Egypt but for 300 years.  We are peering into 4 sets of 490 years each or 4 X 490 years = 1,960 Years.  Genesis 15:15 states that Abraham would go to his fathers in peace and be buried in a ripe old age...but that in the FOURTH GENERATION (Genesis 15:16) they would return to Eretz Israel (the Land of Israel - the Promised Land - the Land of Canaan).  Israel would return to their land "for the iniquity of the Amorites is not yet full." 

The term "Amorites" can be found in Strong's H567 as emoriy and is derived from Strong's H559 giving us the sense of "publicity" or "promotion as in marketing a product, person, cause, idea or institution."  It also gives the "flavor" of marketing goods and services in the sense of "exchange of goods for an agreed sum of money - the commercial processes involved in promoting and selling and distributing a product or service."  The sense of the words can find a synonym in "merchandising" or the commrcialization of the market place; hence, the exploitation or manipulation of goods and services for profit - even out of greed.  To say this has but a veiled allusion to the zenith of this manifestation as seen in Revelation 18 is a gross understatement - it truly sounds like today's Globalization and, most definitely, the Amorites, as Canaanites (which literally means "merchants") perfectly fit this definition to the tee. 

Could it be that in at the "end of the fourth generation" - at the "end of the age" - that this generation shall see the full commercialization of the world - which "globalization" awaits the judgment as BABYLON THE GREAT and its merchandising as graphically portrayed in her judgment as seen in Revelation 18?  I think, let's get to the confirmation of the 5 sets of 490 years in Scripture:


              Creation of Adam in 3975 B.C. to Birth of Shem in 2417 B.C. =

 1,558  Years


                                + THE SEVENTIETH WEEK - 490 x 5 = 2450 Years

FIRST GENERATION - Shem’s Birth to Isaac’s Birth – 490 Years



Time Frame


Total Years 

Gen 11:10


Shem’s Birth to Arphaxad’s Birth

2417 B.C. to 2317 B.C.



Gen 11:12


Arphaxad lived 35 years and begat Salah

2317 B.C. to 2282 B.C.



Gen 11:14


Salah lived 30 years and begat Eber

2282 B.C. to 2252 B.C.



Gen 11:16


Eber lived 34 years and begat Peleg

2252 B.C. to 2218 B.C.



Gen 11:18


Peleg lived 30 years and begat Reu

2218 B.C. to 2188 B.C.



Gen 11:20


Reu lived 32 years and begat Serug

2188 B.C. to 2156 B.C.



Gen 11:22


Serug lived 30 years and begat Nahor

2156 B.C. to 2126 B.C.



Gen 11:24


Nahor lived 29 years and begat Terah

2126 B.C. to 2097 B.C.



Gen 11:26

Terah lived 70 years and begat Abram

2097 B.C. to 2027 B.C.



Gen 21:5

Abraham/Abram lived 100 years and begat Isaac

NOTE:  3975 B.C. (Adam's Creation to 2027 B.C. Abram's Birth = 1948 years or 1948 A.D. was the rebirth of the State of Israel)

2027 B.C. to 1927 B.C.





SECOND GENERATION – Isaac’s Birth to the Exodus – 490 Years

Exodus 12:40  Now the (Sojourning) of the children of Israel, who dwelt in Egypt, was four hundred and thirty years.  The children of Israel sojourned for four hundred and thirty years, which BEGAN when Isaac begot Jacob in the Land of Canaan, the Promised Land (Isaac was 60 years of age when he begat Jacob), until the children of Israel were delivered out of Egypt on that 15th of Abib moon (60 + 430 = 490 years).  Jacob sojourned in Canaan 130 years before his journey to Egypt (Gen. 47:28).  Therefore, the Children of Israel sojourned in Egypt for 300 years (430 years less 130 years (Jacob’s years in Canaan) = 300 years).  Also:  Galatians 3:16-17:  “Now to Abraham and his Seed (Isaac’s birth) were the promises made and confirmed before in Christ (the Seed = Christ)…And this I say that the covenant (the Exodus), which was four hundred and thirty years later (i.e., Isaac age when he begat Jacob...the "sojourning" began when Jacob was born + 130 that Jacob lived in Canaan + 300 years of the children of Israel/Jacob in Egypt = 430 years and when we add back in the 60 years of Isaac it will equal to 490 years), cannot disannul, that it should make the promise of none effect.”

Gen 25:26


Isaac lived 60 years (three score) and begat Jacob

1927 B.C. to 1867 B.C.



Gen 35:28

Gen 37:2

Gen 47:9

Psa 105:23

Gen 47:28

Gen 41:46

Gen 50:22



Jacob’s birth to the Death of Joseph in Egypt

1867 B.C. to 1661 B.C.



Exo 12:41


From the Death of Joseph in Egypt until the Exodus of Israel from Egypt (Note:  206 Years + 224 Years = 430 Years)

1661 B.C. to 1437 B.C.





THIRD GENERATION – Exodus to the Dedication of Solomon’s Temple – 490 Yrs.

Acts 13:16-18

Joshua 5:6

40 Years in the Wilderness – Moses was 120 years old and he died

1437 B.C. to 1397 B.C.



Joshua 14:7-11

Joshua 24:29

Judges 2:7-8

15 Years Joshua’s Leadership into Canaan Land Conquest – Joshua was 110 years old when he died.  Note:  Though he was 80 years of age when Israel entered Canaan Land and lived ‘til 110 (or 30 years more) – only 15 years (leadership) of that 30 is so “acknowledged”

1397 B.C. to 1382 B.C.



Acts 13:20

339 “Acknowledged Years” include:


Judges 3:11

40 Years

Under Othniel


Judges 3:30

80 Years

Land had rest


Judges 5:31

40 Years

Land had rest


Judges 8:28

40 Years

Under Judge Gideon


Judges 9:22-24, 55-57

3 Years

Under Abimelech


Judges 10:1-2

23 Years

Under Tola


Judges 10:3-5

22 Years

Under Jair


Judges 12:7

6 Years

Under Jephthah


Judges 12:8-9

7 Years

Under Ibzan


Judges 12:10-11

10 Years

Under Elon


Judges 12:12-14

8 Years

Under Abdon


Judges 13:3 – 15:20

20 Years

Under Samson


I Samuel 4:15, 18

40 Years

Under Eli



339 Years






He gave the Judges of Israel a space of about 450 years until Samuel the Prophet – HOWEVER:  Only 339 of the 450 years of the Judges is “acknowledged” as part of the 490-year chronology …111 years are not acknowledged…as follows:


Judges 3:8

8 Years

Under Chushanrishathaim king of Mesopotamia


Judges 3:12-14

18 Years

Under King Eglon of Moab


Judges 4:1-3

20 Years

Under Jabin, King of Canaan


Judges 6:1

7 Years

Under the Midianites


Judges 10:6-8

18 Years

Under the Philistines


Judges 13:1

40 Years

Under the Philistines


I Samuel 7:1-2

20 Years

Without a Judge




























TOTAL                       UNDER ENEMIES:

131 Years


339 Years + 131 Years =

450 Yrs.  as per               Acts 13:20-1

“After that He gave them judges for about four hundred and fifty years, until Samuel the prophet… And afterward they asked for a king; so God gave them Saul…for forty years….”

1382 B.C. to 1,043 B.C.



Acts 13:21


King Saul ruled Israel for 40 years – Ishbosheth, Saul’s son, reigned only over Israel 2 years but Judah followed King David.

1043 B.C. to 1003 B.C.



II Samuel 2:10-11

Ishbosheth, Saul's son, reigned only over Israel  – Judah followed David

1003 B.C. to 1001 B.C.



I Kings 2:11

II Samuel 5:4-5

II Samuel 2:11

David Reigned over all Israel 40 years – 7 years in Hebron and 33 years in Jerusalem (The “Tabernacle of David”) or 40 years + 6 moons

1001 B.C. to 961 B.C.



I Kings 6:37

“In the fourth year (of Solomon’s Reign) the foundation of the house of the LORD was laid, in the month of Ziv”

961 B.C. to 957 B.C.



I Kings 6:38

“In the eleventh year, in the month of Cheshvan (Bul), which is the eighth month, the house was finished…he was seven years in building it.”

957 B.C. to 950 B.C.



I Kings 6:1; 7:1

From the fourth year of Solomon’s reign (i.e., the 480th year after Israel had come out of the land of Egypt) Solomon commenced the building of the Temple…and finished the Temple “in the 11th year of his reign in the eighth month” or Cheshvan or “he was 7 years in building it” … “But Solomon took 13 years to build his own house”  or 476 + 13 = 489 years or 476 + 4 = 480 + 7 = 487; therefore, 2 additional years are added or 487 + 2 = 489 unto the 13th year of Solomon’s Reign

950 B.C. to 948 B.C.



I Kings 6:37-38; 8:2

From the Eighth Month of Cheshvan (11th year of Solomon’s reign – he was “seven years in building it” from the fourth year of his reign) to the Seventh Month (Tishrei – 10 Tishrei) when he dedicated it – 1 year later…the 14th Year of Solomon’s Reign or 489 + 1 = 490 years

948 B.C. to 947 B.C.





FOURTH GENERATION – Dedication of Solomon’s Temple to Persia Decree - 490 Years

II Chronicles 9:30

Solomon Reigned in Jerusalem for 40 years or 40 less 14 years (time of his reign at dedication of the Temple) = 26 Years

947 B.C. to 921 B.C.



I Kings 14:21

II Chronicles 12:13-14

King Rehoboam reigned 17 years in Jerusalem


921 B.C. to 904 B.C.



II Chronicles 13:1-2

King Abijah reigned in Jerusalem 3 years

904 B.C. to 901 B.C.



II Chronicles 14:1

King Asa reigned in Judah 10 years - "Land was quiet for ten years"

901 B.C. to 891 B.C.



II Chronicles 20:31

King Jehoshaphat reigned in Jerusalem 25 years


891 B.C. to 866 B.C.



II Kings 8:16-17

II Chronicles 21:5-6

II Chronicles 21:16-20


King Jehoram reigned in Jerusalem 8 years

866 B.C. to 858 B.C.



II Kings 8:25-26

II Kings 9:6, 13, 27, 29

II Chronicles 22:2, 4

King Ahaziah reigned in Jerusalem less than 1 year


858 B.C.



II Kings 11:3

II Chronicles 22:8-12

Athaliah the mother of  King Ahaziah “overruled” and slew the descendants of the Royal House of Judah but Jehoash the son of Ahaziah escaped.






II Kings 12:1

II Chronicles 24:1

Jehoash/Joash reigned in Jerusalem for 40 years

858 B.C. to 818 B.C.



II Kings 14:1-2

II Chronicles 25:1

Amaziah reigned in Jerusalem for 29 years

818 B.C. to 789 B.C.



II Chronicles 26:3-5


Uzziah reigned in Jerualem for 52 years

789 B.C. to 737 B.C.



II Kings 15:1-2

Azariah reigned in Jerusalem for 52 years

NOTE:  Uzziah = Azariah... but the separation of their "names" constitute a double accounting in the chronologies.

737 B.C. to 685 B.C.



II Kings 15:32-33

II Chronicles 27:1, 6-9

Jotham reigned in Jerusalem for 16 years

685 B.C. to 669 B.C.



II Kings 16:2

II Chronicles 28:1

Ahaz reigned in Jerusalem for 16 years

669 B.C. to 653 B.C.



II Kings 18:1-2

II Chronicles 29:1

Hezekiah reigned in Jerusalem for 29 years

653 B.C. to 624 B.C



II Kings 21:1

II Chronicles 33:1-20

Manasseh reigned in Jerusalem for 55 years


624 B.C. to 569 B.C.



II Kings 21:19

II Chronicles 33:21-33


Amon reigned in Jerusalem for 2 years


569 B.C.



II Kings 22:1

II Chronicles 34:1

Josiah reigned in Jerusalem for 31 years

569 B.C. to 538 B.C.



II Kings 23:31-34

II Chronicles 36:2-4

Jehoahaz reigned in Jerusalem for 3 moons

538 B.C.

     3 moons


II Kings 23:36

II Chronicles 36:5

Jehoiakim reigned in Jerusalem for 11 years


538 B.C. to 527 B.C.



II Kings 24:8

II Chronicles 36:9

Jehoiachin reigned in Jerusalem for 3 moons 10 days


NOT ACKNOWLEDGED for 3 moons 10 days


Moons    10 days)


II Kings 24:18

II Chronicles 36:11-12

Zedekiah reigned in Jerusalem for 11 years


526 B.C. to 515 B.C.



Jeremiah 25:8-11, Jeremiah 29:10 & II Chronicles 36:21

Jeremiah’s Prophecy of the 70 Years Captivity

515 B.C. to 445 B.C. (Note:  The Decree Under Artxerxes Longimanus given to Nehemiah in Nehemiah 2:1-2





FIFTH GENERATION (FOURTH GENERATION FROM ISAAC) – Persia Decree 17 Years into the Reign of Artxerxes Longimanus unto “Messiah the Prince” (Daniel 9:26) - 490 Years – final 7 years extended to the 70th Week of Daniel yet future at the end of the age or 483 Years + 7 Years = 490 Years

Daniel 9:1-25

7 Weeks or 7 X 7 = 49 Years to Complete the Building of the Second Temple

445 B.C. to 396 B.C.



Daniel 9:25-26

62 Weeks or 7 X 62 = 434 Years from the Completion of the Second Temple unto “Messiah the Prince”

396 B.C. to 33 A.D.

483 “Solar Years” or 483 X 5.2524 (365.2524 Solar Year vs. 360-day Prophetic Year) = 2,537 days / 360 days = 7 Years = Extended to the Yet Future Final Week or 70th Week of Daniel at End of the Age






Daniel 9:27

70th Week

4008 Years from Adam to Messiah the Prince + 1980 Gregorian Calendar Years from 33 AD to present (2013 AD) = 5,988 Years + 12 Years = 6,000 Years or 120 Jubilee Long Cycles or 120 X 50 = 6,000 Years (Genesis 6:3) or 5,988 Years + 2014 AD + 2015 AD + 2016 AD + 2017 AD (4 Years) = 5,992 Years – Commencement of 70th Week:

2018 AD to 2025 AD (7 years – 70th Week) or

3975 B.C. to 2025 A.D. = 6,000 Years


     7  Years

    7 Years





                                                                In Years

Creation of Adam to the Birth of Shem


Shem’s Birth to Isaac’s Birth - First Generation


Isaac’s Birth to Exodus - Second General


Exodus to the Dedication of Solomon’s Temple - Third Generation


Solomon’s Temple to Persian King Decree - Fourth Generation


Persian King Decree to Messiah the Prince - Fifth Generation


Messiah the Prince to the Present Date of 2013 A.D.


2014 AD, 2015 AD, 2016 AD, 2017 AD


Seventieth Week of Daniel - Fulfillment of the Fifth or "FOURTH GENERATION"


Total Years - 120 Yrs. or 120 Long Jubilee Cycles of 50 Years Each = 6000 Yrs.


Creation of Adam in 3975 B.C. + 2025 A.D. (Second Coming of Messiah) =


Passion Week - Holy Week...Timing based on Julian Calendar Dates

Note:  the 7/8 Mirrors the 8 days of the Passion Week of Christ  (Sunday to Sunday) but over a 7-day period of time wherein Palm Sunday was 12 Hours and Resurrection Sunday Morning was 12 Hours (calculated via the Hebrew “evening and morning” as a day – i.e., 6:00 p.m. the start of the next day).  The Triumphal Entry began on 10 Nissan (Julian Calendar date of Sunday, 29 March 33 AD) and the Passion Week/Holy Week was completed on 17 Nissan (Julian Calendar date of Sunday, 5 April 33 AD); consequently the crucifixion took place on the Preparation of Passover 13 Nissan, Wednesday, 1 April 33 AD (also considered Passover) and He was taken from the cross and buried before 14 Nissan, Thursday and/or buried by 14 Nissan which was still on the Julian Calendar as 1 April 33 AD.  He was 3 days and 3 nights in the "belly of the great fish" or in the earth but did not reveal Himself until Sunday morning by 6:00 a.m. on 17 Nissan or 5 April 33 AD (Julian Date). 

Birth of Jesus and Herod the Great's Death - Use Julian Calendar Dates 

Note:  There is sufficient historical evidence that Herod the Great died between 1 B.C. and 1 A.D. (within a space of 1 year); meaning, that the birth of Jesus was not 4 B.C. but somewhere between 1 B.C. to 1 A.D. and most likely on Passover; furthermore, counting from this date would constitute the first year of the count up through 33 AD (three months into 33 AD) and would find that Jesus lived exactly 33 years - from Passover 1 B.C./1 A.D. to Passover 33 A.D. - He was "born to die" and for this purpose came He into the world for Mary wraped him in "swaddling clothes" (i.e. "burial cloth") and "laid Him in a manger" - Luke 2:7, 12).  

He commenced His ministry on the Day of Atonement, 10 Tishrei (the 7th month or 9/10th month of the Julian Calendar) in 29 A.D. (about 30 years of age according Luke 3:23 and having been born on Passover He was 29.5 years of age and ministered 3.5 years and was "cut off" on 1 April 33 A.D. being precisely 33 years of age) and that after 3.5 years of ministry He was crucified on 13 Nissan (the 1st month on the Hebrew Religious Calendar). This would mean that approximately 3 months would be remaining in 29 A.D. + 12 months in 30 A.D. + 12 Months in 31 A.D. + 12 months in 32 A.D. + 3 months in 33 A.D. with the crucifixion on 1 April 33 A.D. for a total of 3 + 12 + 12 + 12 + 3 = 42 months or 3.5 years of ministry.  

Please Note:  1 April 33 A.D. on the Gregorian Calendar falls on Friday and not on Wednesday (Julian Calendar) and Resurrection Sunday falls on 3 April 33 A.D. (Gregorian) and not on 5 April 33 A.D. as it does on the Julian Calendar. The Gregorian 1 April 33 A.D. being on a Friday distorts the actual Resurrection Sunday date by delimiting its time frame to 36 hours (i.e. from 6:00 p.m. Friday evening to 6 p.m. Saturday evening or 24 hours and then from 6 p.m. Saturday evening to 6 a.m. Sunday morning April 3 for 12 hours - therefore:  24 hrs. + 12 hrs. = 36 hours).

The "33" years of Jesus' age is intensely significant and altogether demonstrates that He as "Messiah shall be cut off, but not for Himself" (Daniel 9:26) but for the New Jerusalem in that 33 prophetic years X 360 days (Hebrew luni-solar year) = 11880 days or two sets of "18" or 18 within 18 and a sum of 1 + 1 + 8 + 8 is equal to 18.  The number "18" is the "standard numeric" of the New Jerusalem in that 12,000 furlongs x 660' is equal to 7,920,000' X 12 edges of the cubed NJ = 95,040,000'/5,280' (1 mile) = 18,000 mile perimeter or "18" is equal to "18."  Thus, He gave Himself for His Beloved Bride, the New Jerusalem.  Furthermore, this is the "Love of God the Father" in that 18 + 18 = 36 which is as 360 degrees in a circle without beginning or ending...or "God was in Christ reconciling the world unto Himself" (II Corinthians 5:19).  (Reference:  Revelation 21:16)

Please Note:  "The principal conclusion is that Herod died in early A.D. 1 because the December 29, 1 B.C. eclipse was the most likely to have been widely observed, and all of the historical evidence can be explained by the one simple hypothesis that Josephus was not aware that Herod's successors had antedated their reigns. A secondary proposal is that Christ was probably born near Passover, about April 6-9, 1 B.C."   ALSO:  "The proposed date of A.D. 1 fits all of the evidence indicating Herod's death was about 1 B.C. It allows Christ to have been born during the census begun in Judea in 2 B.C. and hence to be about 30 in A.D. 29, both in agreement with Luke's account. It also allows an ample three months for all the events that would not fit into one month in 4 B.C. Moreover, it fits the arguments Martin has made concerning the second governorship of Varus, uprisings in the Roman empire in the east beginning in 1 B.C., and the awarding of an imperial acclamation in A.D. 1 or 2[18], because all of those events would fit well in either A.D. 1 or 1 B.C." (Please see John P. Pratt's outstanding analysis, chronologies here:  Source)  

This would mean that nigh 9 months would have elapsed between the birth of Jesus and Herod's demise - sufficient time for the events of "Rachel weeping for her children" and the fleeing into Egypt by Joseph and Mary with the "baby Jesus."  

The 33 A.D. date (1 April 33) of the crucifixion is "numerically" significant in that Jesus was literally crucified on His birth date; therefore, if we configure 360-day as a prophetic year and multiply by 33 we arrive at the following:  33 X 360 = 11880 or two sets of "18" as in 1...18...8 and, based on the fact that "Jesus Himself began His ministry at about thirty years of age" (Luke 3:23) - i.e., that if He started His ministry on the Day of Atonement on 10 Tishrei 29 A.D. it would have been but three more months left in the Julian calendar to arrive at 30 A.D. and then counting 30-32 AD for three full years + the 3 months to Passover or 1 April 33 A.D. or on 13/14 Nissan.  In that He was 29 years of age we can calculate 29 X 360 days = 10440 days or "144" - therefore, the two prime number sets of the New Jerusalem are seen from the commencement to the terminus of His earthly ministry:  "18" and "144".

The only other time it specifically gives the age of Jesus is when He was 12 years of age and found in the temple on Passover:  "His parents went to Jerusalem every year at the Feast of the Passover.  And when He was twelve years old, they went up to Jerusalem according to the custom of the east...after three days they found Him in the temple...." (Luke 2:41-47 excerpts).  

Interestingly enough, 12 years X 360 days = 4320 days which is the fractal/resemblance of the Sun's radius (432,000 miles), which in turn is reinforced by the 3 days (searching for the "Boy Jesus") X 24 hours = 72 hours X 60 minutes = 4,320 minutes or 4320 which when placed together with the original 4320 + 4320 = 8640 which "8640" is a fractal/resemblance of the Sun's diameter of 864,000 miles.  The final configuration of 4,320 minutes X 60 seconds = 259,200 seconds which "2592" is the fractal/resemblance of the 25,920 years of the Great Precessional of the Equinoxes.


The 60 year discrepancy of Abraham's birth and the 15 years of Joshua's occlusion, as well as the 131 years within the Judges under their enemies or without Judges comes to 206 years.  Add to this the 20 years unacknowledged in the reign of the kings of Judah we have 226 years.  The additional 52 years of Azariah's duplication, if added to the 226 years, brings the total to 226 + 52 = 278 years whose unacknowledged and/or superfluous duplication, we affirm, not only allows for the 5 sets of 490 years = 2450 years but also this:  278 years X 360 days (prophetic year) = 100,080 days or "18" or the reflection of the New Jerusalem.  

We are not saying that this is the reason for these "278" years, however, it is somewhat interesting that their "days" give the reflection of the 12-edged perimeter of the New Jerusalem in that 12,000 furlongs X 660' = 7,920,000' X 12 = 95,040,000' / 5,280 = 18,000 miles or "18" is the dominant dimension of the New Jerusalem and that it matches the "18" derived from the years "unacknowledged" or duplicated in the chronologies (Ref. Rev. 21:16).  Could it be that even here in these 278 years there's a message that the Almighty uses all time to produce the ultimate expression of His administration:  The New Jerusalem.  

From 33 A.D. up to 2018 will be 1984 years (oddly enough Orwell's "1984") and the commencement of the possible 70th Week of Daniel.

In that Jesus was born in 1 B.C. - 1 A.D. unto 1948 there would have been 1948 years and this was the year that Israel became a modern state - the same 1948 years separating the creation of Adam to the birth of Abram/Abraham.

There will be 70 years (a "generation") between 1948 and 2018 or 1948 + 70 = 2018 A.D.






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