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6,000 Years of Biblical History – It’s Closer than you think!

(#60 – the Wonderful Numbers of Sacred Canon – Part 3 of 3)

By Doug Krieger

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Passion Week – Seventieth Week

The Church has sorely missed the significance of the Passion Week – Palm Sunday unto so-called Easter Sunday Morning or Sunday Resurrection Morning on the First Day of the Week and how dynamically and prophetically its sequence of events mirrors the final week of Daniel’s prophecy – the entire Week is yet future.  Here’s what I mean….

As has been briefly discussed – and as you shall see below in more detail – at the conclusion of the very 69th Week of Daniel’s 70 Week Prophecy (Daniel 9:24-27) Jesus, Messiah the Prince, rode into Jerusalem on a donkey, Palm Sunday.  The timing was incredible – and its absolute perfection was initially seen by Sir Robert Anderson in The Coming Prince and then greatly perfected by Drs. Tommy Ice and Harold Hoehner (See here); notwithstanding, Ice and Hoehner, acclaim March 30, 33 AD as the date of the Triumphal Entry when, in point of glaring fact, that Sunday (“morning”) fell on 10 Nissan (to which they concur) but fell on 29 March, 33 AD and NOT 30 March, 33 AD – Sunday, Palm Sunday, could have only fallen on 29 March with the Crucifixion four days later as we have pointed out or 3.5 days from the start of 12 hours (6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. – “morning” of that Sunday – in the “daylight” of Sunday when by that 6:00 p.m. the Jewish Monday (still the Solar Sunday) commenced and it was then 11 Nissan) – at least Ice/Hoehner got the 10 Nissan spot on but all their other calculations are outstanding.  (See 29 March 33 AD as the date of the Triumphal Entry)

It is my conviction that their oversight on the dates may have to do with attempting to secure the “4 days” between the Triumphal Entry and the date of the crucifixion and then burial – please see our charts in this article which help clear up this issue.

However, what we are witnessing in the final PASSION WEEK of Jesus is the conclusion of the 69th Week as He rode into Jerusalem – that 12-hour time frame was in a very real and divinely mysterious sense “conflated” (overlapping) and laying itself over the final 70th Week/7-year time frame at the close of the age…in other words, the Passion Week overshadows the final 70th Week and it is clearly the 7/8 days from the Triumphal Entry/Witness to the Cross (3.5 days) and then the second 3.5 days in the Grave (3 days and 3 nights as Jonah) but a peculiar additional 12 hours or ½ day “undisclosed” to the disciples until Resurrection Sunday Morning – where Jesus was those additional 12 hours we have no idea but I can assure you, it had something to do with the 3.5 days of Daniel’s final week!

The final Seventieth Week will be lived out upon the Earth – but it was in point of divine fact lived out by our Lord Jesus during His Passion Week which occurred from Sunday to Sunday (i.e., on 8 separate days) but within 168 hours / 24 hours = 7 Days (one week).

The Two Witnesses Live Out Passion Week During the 70th Week

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Revelation 11 speaks of the unmitigated TESTIMONY of the Two Witnesses during the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week – “I will give power to my two witnesses, and they will prophesy one thousand two hundred and sixty days, clothed in sackcloth” (Rev. 11:3).  This cannot be the same time frame wherein we read:  “Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea!  For the Devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time” (Rev. 12:12) – furthermore, it simply cannot be the same time wherein we read:  “When they (i.e., the Two Witnesses) finished their testimony, the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit will make war against them, overcome them, and kill them” (Rev. 11:7).

The “Devil’s great wrath…short time” is precisely “time and times and half a time, from the presence of the serpent” (Rev. 12:14).  Indeed, it is the very time of the Beast who comes up out of the Abyss and makes war on the Two Witnesses…the same one of whom it is said:  “And he was given a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies, and he was given authority to continue for forty-two months” (Rev. 13:5).  Finally, the Dragon and the Beast – for they are in “concert” one with another – for these 42 months we read:  “And the dragon (the same one who was cast out of heaven’s portals – the one knowing he has but a short time) was enraged with the woman, and he went to make war with the rest of her offspring, who keep the commandments of God (Israel) and have the testimony of Jesus (the Church).

You cannot have an unmitigated testimony for 1,260 days (calling down fire out of heaven and devouring your enemies) while at the same time experience “open persecution” by the Dragon and the Beast – the Devil is given authority for 42 months, time and times and half a time – the final 1,260 days of Daniel’s Seventieth Week… “their dead body will lie in the street of the great city which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also their Lord was crucified…now after the three-and-a-half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them” (Rev. 11:8-11).

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Do you see it?  The TWO WITNESSES – whom we affirm to be the “two Olive Trees” (Israel) and the “two Lampstands” (“The Church” – and don’t say that there is no mention of the Church from Revelation 4 on when in point of glaring fact the Seven Golden LAMPSTANDS (“seven” standing for perfection – “are the Seven Churches”) and the “TWO (for “2” is the number of Witness and Testimony – or Two sets of Two) LAMPSTANDS are clearly seen in Revelation 11:4 – and, indeed, the word for “lampstand” in Revelation 1 is the same word used in Revelation 11 – the Church shall bear witness to the Testimony of Jesus!  How convenient to say that Israel is both the Olive Trees and the Lampstands when in point of exegetical fact the “Seven Golden Lampstands” of Revelation 1 reappear, if you would and should, in Revelation 11 as the empowered Testimony and Witness of the Church within the confines of Daniel’s 70th Week!

Listen – just who do you think the Dragon is so enraged with if it not be they who HAVE THE TESTIMONY OF JESUS – the same ones who gave that testimony the first 3.5 days or 1,260 days or the first half of Daniel’s 70th Week?  The same “Testimony of Jesus” that nailed Him to the Cross during the first 3.5 days of His Passion Week – uncompromised in Jerusalem – throwing the money changers out of the Temple – fearlessly confronting the chief priests, the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the legal scholars, the scribes, the Pharisee-lawyer, the masses, the disciples – all – and He declared the complete destruction of the Herodian Temple which took place in 70 A.D. by the “people” (i.e., the Romans) of the “prince who is to come” (i.e., the future and perhaps present Antichrist – Daniel 9:26); and then he spoke the Olivet Discourse to His disciples and addressed the ultimate and end-of-days Abomination of Desolation of Daniel’s “middle of the week” (Matthew 24:15). 

Indeed, He literally, therefore, prophesied both Israel’s scattering (the destruction of the Second Temple in Matthew 24:1-2) and her end-of-days ingathering unto the Desolator of the “Tribulation Temple” (i.e., from 70 AD to 2,021.5 AD or 1,951.5 years – Matthew 24:15). 

JESUS LIVED DANIEL’S 70TH WEEK – and after 3.5 days, if you would, 1,260 days, the Beast from the Abyss – WHEN THEY FINISHED THEIR TESTIMONY – JUST AS HE FINISHED HIS 3.5 DAY TESTIMONY…made war against them, overcame them, and killed them – just as Jesus confronted Satan himself who had the gall to suggest He “come down from that cross” – if You are the Messiah, save yourself…even so, the, the Two Witnesses shall confront that same incarnate Desolator, Apollyon, Abaddon (Rev. 9:11) – the Man of Sin and Lawlessness – “and they loved not their lives unto the death” … but “they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony!” (Revelation 12:11). 

At the precise end of His 3.5 days of testimony – HE WAS CRUCIFIED – His body, if you would “was in the grave” – His “dead body” – for “three-and-a-half days” – BUT DEATH COULD NOT CONTAIN HIM – He arose from the grave after 3.5 days – He’s alive forevermore!  Now, do you see the Testimony of Jesus THROUGH the Two Witnesses?  Yes, yes and yes! 

As He overcame death – even so, shall we:  “They overcame him” – yes, the Dragon, the Beast from the Abyss – “by the blood of the Lamb (at the end of 3.5 days) and by the word of their TESTIMONY – and they loved not their lives unto the death” – just as He loved not His life unto the death – in point of glorious fact – Jesus plans to live His Life unto the death through those who shall bear the TESTIMONY OF JESUS during the final 70th Week – as He lived His Passion Week – even so, He shall yet live His Passion Week out through those who bear the Testimony of Jesus during the 70th Week – as he was in the grave 3.5 days – even so, shall we face the fury of the Wrath of the Devil for this short time but we shall overcome – we shall arise from the dead by the Power of His Resurrection!

Did Jesus’ TESTIMONY during those 3.5 days get Him in trouble?  Absolutely!  All HELL rose up to crucify the Lord of Glory – they, the Two Witnesses, just like “those who dwell on the earth will rejoice over them, make merry, and send gifts to one another, because these two prophets tormented those who dwell on the earth” rejoiced over the death of Jesus – but then, “After three-and-a-half days the breath of life from God entered them, and they stood on their feet, and great fear fell on those who saw them” (Rev. 11:11).  You’re having a purposefully difficult time following whether or not this is Jesus or the Two Witnesses I’m talking about because the day comes and has been that the Testimony of Jesus shall be – as it has been nigh these nearly 2,000 years – lived out through His disciples!

Listen – this is NO SECRET RAPTURE – it’s the sound of a LOUD TRUMPET – “And they heard a LOUD VOICE FROM HEAVEN SAYING TO THEM, ‘COME UP HERE’” (Rev. 11:12) – does that sound like it’s happening in a corner somewhere?  No, no, no!  “And He will send His angels WITH A GREAT SOUND OF A TRUMPET, and they will gather together His elect from the four winds, from one end of heaven to the other” (Matthew 24:31 – and, incidentally, that’s at the END of Matthew 24 completely after the entire message of the Olivet Discourse… “so also will the coming of the Son of Man be” – Matthew 24:28-31).

All seemed to be lost at the end of the first 3.5 days of His Passion Week – then for the next 3.5 days nothing, so it appeared, then that gloriously Resurrection!  Brethren, that’s the Testimony of Jesus – don’t you want that Testimony to be your testimony?  “Father, not My will but Thine be done!”  As all hell broke out upon Him – even so after our unmitigated testimony shall the Dragon’s wrath confront us – BUT GOD Who raised up our Lord Jesus Christ, shall yet quicken our mortal flesh and “they that hear the voice of the Son of God shall live!” (John 5:25)

Reversing the Religious Calendar to the Civil Calendar

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Jesus ministered 3.5 years – from the Day of Atonement (John the Baptist announced Him:  “Behold, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world” (John 1:29)) unto Passover (i.e., from a given 10 Tishrei (Day of Atonement) unto a given 14 Nissan, Passover) or 3 * 360 days = 1,080 days + 176 days = 1,256 days with four days being added for His “inspection” from 10 Nissan (the Day of His Triumphal Entry unto 13/14 Nissan, the Day of His Burial) to 14 Nissan (176 + 4 days = 180 days) – therefore, if the Religious Calendar (14 Nissan – Passover) is flipped to the Civil Calendar (10 Tishrei – Day of Atonement) there would be these 176 days with these additional 4/5 days “missing” leading us to “see the Lamb who takes away the sin of the world” (Exodus 12:1-11) has now come to Judge the Nations, leading us to 15 Tishrei (Feast of Nations) and giving us a complete 180 day “flip” (or 14/15 Nissan – Passover with 10 Nissan as the day of the Triumphal Entry, Palm Sunday vs. 10 Tishrei (Day of Atonement) to 14/15 Tishrei (Feast of Nations/Tabernacles)…so if we reverse the Jewish Calendar from 14/15 Nissan to 14/15 Tishrei (i.e., from Passover to Feast of Tabernacles) we will have missed the Day of Atonement on 10 Tishrei; however, by adding in the “4 days of inspection” and coming back to 10 Nissan (the Triumphal Entry – “Until Messiah the Prince”) we will have a perfect “180 degree reversal” with both 10 Tishrei and 15 Tishrei in view as the “Wrath of the Lamb” upon the Gentile World Powers (i.e., the “Nations”)… “all JUDGMENT has been committed to the Son” (John 5:22).

It is interesting that 10 Nissan and 14/15 Nissan (4/5 days separating) are juxtaposed to 10 Tishrei and 14/15 Tishrei (4/5 days separating) wherein we find the Triumphal Entry and the Passover on the religious side of the Jewish Calendar near the commencement of the religious calendar (1 Nissan) vs. the Day of Atonement/Yom Kippur and the Feast of Tabernacles/Nations near the commencement of the civil calendar (1 Tishrei – Feast of Trumpets/Rosh Hashanah, beginning of the Jewish Civil Year).

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Therefore, the crucifixion of Christ took place on 1 April 33 AD – Wednesday, just before the evening commencement of the 14 Nissan Passover or on 13 Nissan.  The preponderance of evidence concludes that Jesus was crucified in 33 AD – notwithstanding all the contestations to the contrary. 

The precise date within the year is simply determined by the 13/14 Nissan “situation” – 1 April 33 AD.  Likewise, March 29, 33 AD is the date we embrace “Until Messiah the Prince” (Daniel 9:25)…His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem, Palm Sunday…giving us March 30 (Monday); March 31 (Tuesday); April 1 (Wednesday – the Crucifixion and burial); April 2 (Thursday); April 3 (Friday); April 4 (Saturday); April 5 (Sunday – Resurrection Morning at 6:00 a.m.).

Notwithstanding the significance of the 62 years (Terah’s 60 year disparity and the 2 years disparity of Arphaxad to equal 62 years) – we affirm that the “give or take” calculated by Warner (found in our previous discussions) is outside of the precision of the Scripture’s “jurisdiction” and that we must wholly submit ourselves to the Bible’s declarations to the letter, while “discerning” the peculiarities aforementioned in the chronology – peculiarities which are potently prophetic in their import.

Pausing at the 4008 Prophetic Years – the 6 sets of 490…

NOTE:  These actual 5 sets of “49” or “490” are likewise highlighted in both testaments as found in:

  1. Genesis 4:19-25 – Lamech’s 70 x 7 = 490 times
  2. Leviticus 25:8 – 7 Sabbaths of years; 7 x 7 years = 49 years – Yr. of Jubilee
  3. Daniel’s 70 Weeks Prophecy of Dan. 9:24-27 or 70 Weeks X 7 = 490 years
  4. Daniel’s First 7 weeks of the 70 weeks or 7 x 7 = 49 years – are “illustrated” in Zechariah’s Vision of the Universal Lampstand (Zech. 4) wherein 7 conduits per 7 lamps or 7 x 7 = 49 lamps depicting the 49 years of the building of the Second Temple would be a “work of the Spirit” – “Not by might, nor by power but by My Spirit” – Zech 4:6
  5. Matthew 18:22 – Forgive 70 x 7 = 490 times

We find these additional confirmations of the 5 sets of 490 years (chronologically set at 490, 49, 490, 49, 490 as if “evenly spaced” and with equally distributed emphasis –  No.1 and No.5 are in “times” - No. 2 and No. 4 are in “years of 49” and No. 3 are in 490 years) a somewhat astonishing discovery in that they mirror, along with Jesus’ statement in the New Testament the 5 major sets of 490 years in the Hebrew Scriptures (chronologies from Shem to Messiah the Prince) with the final set of 490 being “Messianic” and complimenting the final expression of 70 x 7 by the Messiah Himself in the New Testament as found in Matthew 18:22

Again 5 x 490 is equal to 2,450 Years from the birth of Shem to Messiah the Prince.  Finally, these “5 sets” of 490 are as the 5 books of Moses, the Torah – a complete set of 49 Jubilee Cycles or 2,450 divided by 50 equals 49 Jubilee Cycles or 49 x 50 is equal to 2,450 Years. 

Traditional and/or Other “Biblical 490s”

There are a number of other calculations determining 490 years by other researchers – for example:

From the birth of Abraham to the Exodus and the birth of the Nation of Israel Years Total
From the birth of Abraham to the giving of the covenant of Genesis 11:29-12:4 75  
From the Covenant to the Exodus, the confirmation of Exodus 3:12 and the giving of the Law (Exodus 12:40-41; Galatians 3:16-17) 430 505
Deduct the 15 years while Ishmael was Abram's seed, delaying the seed of promise -15  

Leaving the first 70 x 7 of years



From Exodus to the foundation of Solomon’s Temple Acts 13:18-21; I Kings 6:1, 37

Years Total

In the Wilderness


Under the Judges


For the reign of Saul


For the reign of David


For Solomon (it was in his fourth year that he began to build the Temple)


From these we must deduct the servitudes under


Cushan of Mesopotamia

(Judges 3:8, 14; 4:2-3)


Eglon of Moab (Judges 3:14)


Jabin of Canaan (Judges 3:8,14; 4:2-3)


Midianites (Judges 6:1)


Philistines (Judges 13:1)

40 93

The 480th year of Israel is therefore reckoned to be 573 less 93


To this we must add the years during which the Temple was in building, for the finishing of the house (I Kings 6:38)


And at least for the furnishing and ending of all the work (I Kings 7:13-51)


Making altogether the second 70x7 of years



From the Dedication of the Temple to Nehemiah’s return in the 20th year of Artaxerxes Years Total
From the dedication in I Kings 8:2 to Nehemiah's return (Nehemiah 2:1) 560  
Deduct the 70 years' Captivity in Babylon (Jeremiah 25:11,12; Daniel 9:2) 70  

Leaving the third 70 x 7 years



From Nehemiah’s return to the “Cutting off of Messiah the Prince” – Daniel 9:24-27 Years Total

"Seven weeks" (7x7)

Plus "threescore and two weeks" (62x7) 434  
Then God again deals with Israel for "One week" 7 490
Source on all above graphs:  Israel God’s Timepiece,

As you can see from the above (from the birth of Abraham to “Messiah the Prince” – 4 sets of 490 is equal to 4 x 490 giving us 1,960 years; whereas, our preferred calculations indicate that from Adam to Abraham there are 1948 years  (while taking into account the “missing” 60 years and the mysterious 2 years found in Terah and Arphaxad bringing us to 1948 (includes the “2 years”) plus 60 (“Terah’s Factor”) is equal to 2,008 years, from Adam to Abraham) which is the same number of “years” from 0 or 1 A.D. (the birth of Christ) unto 1948 A.D. – the birth of the State of Israel…I find that fascinating, to say the least.  Thus:  Adam to Abraham = 1948 years; and from Christ’s birth to Israel’s rebirth 1948 years.

Based on our preferred calculations – from Abraham to “Messiah the Prince” we find the following: 

We’ve calculated 1948 years between Adam’s creation and the birth of Abraham (taking into purposeful account that Abram’s father, Terah, was not 70 years of age when Abram was born, giving us the 1948 years but actually Terah was 130 years of age when Abram was born, giving us a positive 60 years or 2008 years (the “Arphaxad Factor” of 2 years is originally included in the 1,948 years).

Abraham was 100 years of age when Isaac was born.  We then add 4 sets of 490 years from Isaac’s birth unto “Messiah the Prince” or to 33 A.D. (or 4 x 490 is equal to 1,960 yrs. plus 100 yrs. (Abraham’s birth to Isaac’s birth) is equal to 2,060 years (from Abraham’s birth to Messiah the Prince – 33 AD); whereas the above 4 sets of 490 yrs. commence at Isaac’s birth unto Messiah the Prince or 4 x 490 yrs. is equal to 1,960 yrs.

Again, in review, we find that from Adam’s creation to the birth of Shem (Noah’s firstborn) there are 1,558 years plus 5 sets of 490 years (Shem’s birth to “Messiah the Prince” who was “cut off” in 33 A.D.) as so delineated (5 x 490 is equal to   2,450 years); therefore our total now stands at 1,558 years plus 2,450 years is equal to 4,008 years (360 day years).  We believe this to be the most “biblically accurate” and “prophetically potent” tally…purposefully extending the count some 8 additional years which are in point of fact the 7/8 of His Passion Week and the final Seven Years + 75 days of Daniel’s 70th Week.

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Clearly, according to our original chart at the commencement of this article, from Adam to the birth of Abram there are 1948 years (1656 years from Adam to the Flood (calculating the fact that Arphaxad was born 2 years after the Flood) – a time frame that digit sums to 1 + 6 + 5 + 6 is equal to 18 or 1 x 6 x 5 x 6 is equal to 180 – possibly looking forward to the “18” of the New Jerusalem). Between the Flood and Abrams birth there are 292 years (with the “2” year imbroglio of Arphaxad’s birth 2 years after the Flood included) – therefore, 1656 years + 292 years is equal to 1,948 years (Note:  By adding back in the “Terah Factor” of 60 years – having already added in the Arphaxad Factor” of 2 years in the 292 year configuration) or 60 years + 1948 years is equal to 2008 years from Adam to Abram). 

2018 AD and 2025 AD – It’s Closer Than You Think!

Now, again, backing out the “Terah Factor” of 60 years from the 2008 years we arrive back at 1948 (Adam to Abraham).  From here we now add in 100 years to Isaac’s birth to arrive at 2048 in that Abraham was 100 years of age when Isaac was born).  Now, we add on the 4 sets remaining of the “generations of 490 years”  or 4 x 490 is equal to 1960 years + 2048 years is equal to 4008 years – here we are once again with 4008 years from Adam to 33 A.D., Messiah the Prince. The 1980 years between Messiah the Prince to the present, 2013 AD (2013 AD less 33 AD – Messiah the Prince – equals:  1980 years); therefore, 4008 years + 1980 years = 5,988 (combined 4008 prophetic years + 1980 solar years is equal to 5,988 years).  That leaves us with 12 years until 6,000 years (5,988 + 12 = 6,000 years); however, the final 7/8 years/days are backed out because these years are at the close of the 6,000 years – therefore:  6,000 less 7/8 years is equal to 5,992/3 years.  Or put another way – instead of adding another 12 years to 5,988 we will add but 5 years (leaving 7 years yet unfulfilled to complete the final set of 490 years – the 70th Week of Daniel) and that would give us 2013 AD + 5 years is equal to 2018 AD + 7 years of Daniel’s final week brings us to 2025 AD.


In our previous accounting we have discussed the prophetic imperative to superimpose the religious calendar of the Jews at the commencement of the 75 days of Daniel 12:11-12 – which calendar commences on 1 Nissan – to the civil calendar of the Jews; which calendar commences on 1 Tishrei.  Jesus’ ministry commenced on the Day of Atonement which falls on 10 Tishrei.  To flip the calendars we would be at 10 Nissan – which was the day of “Messiah the Prince” – His Triumphal Entry into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday – March 29, 33 A.D.

#8 of 60

Since our proposal is that the 75 days commences on the very same Day of Atonement whereupon our Lord’s ministry on earth commenced – i.e., 10 Tishrei, we would then calculate, based on our prognostications relative to the year 2025 that this day in 2025 AD, the Day of Atonement, will fall on the Jewish Calendar on 10 Tishrei or 2 October, 2025.

Thirty days from the Day of Atonement – as we have discussed in Section IV, Part 59:

If the Calendar is flipped to civil – then the Second Coming of Christ will occur 30 days beyond the Day of Atonement (10 Tishrei or 2 October 2025 is the Day of Atonement) which would make the Second Coming of Christ (30 days, inclusive, from 2 October 2025) to be on 11 Heshvan/Cheshvan (1 November 2025) a day which has no immediate Jewish Feast Day significance – therefore, “no man knows the day nor the hour” of the Coming of the Son of Man; then there would be 45 days from this date to the Feast of Dedication – 25 Kislev, which according to our Gregorian Calendar would fall on 14/15 December 2025 (Commencement of the Millennium).  

As I began to query over any significance of 11 Heshvan/Cheshvan – thinking that since there was no historical importance to the date – to my amazement and utter astonishment I discovered that this is the very date commemorating the death of Rachel, the Matriarch of Israel who gave birth to Jacob’s two sons named Joseph and died in child birth bearing Benjamin.  Then I read from the Midrash the following and astonishing commentary:

Cheshvan (in Hebrew: חֶשְׁוַן), or as it is also known, Mar-Cheshvan, is the eighth of the twelve months of the Jewish calendar. [Note:  Tishrei is the seventh month on the Jewish calendar.]

In the Bible, Cheshvan is called the month of bool (בּוּל) a name that stems from the word for "flood" (מַבּוּל). The flood began on the 17th of Cheshvan, and ended the following year on the 27th of Cheshvan. On the following day, the 28th of Cheshvan, Noah brought his sacrifice to God and God swore never again to bring a flood upon the earth to destroy all mankind, and then revealed the sign of His covenant with the world, the rainbow.

Cheshvan is the only month which has no holidays or special mitzvot.We are taught that it is "reserved" for the time of Mashiach (Messiah), who will inaugurate the third Temple in Cheshvan. (My Emphasis)

Letter: Nun (נ)

The letter nun is considered to be the letter of Mashiach (Messiah), as is said (with reference to Mashiach): "Before the sun, his name is Ye-non [from nun]" (Psalms 72:17). As a verb-root, nun means "to reign." As a noun, it means "the heir to the throne" (from nin).

Cheshvan, the eighth month, is the month of Mashiach, because eight signifies the eternal revelation of the supernatural (the consummate state of rectified nature being the secret of the number seven). Whereas in our present reality, the "harp" played by King David and used in the Temple has seven strings, the harp of Mashiach possesses eight strings. Just as 8 transcends 7, so does 50 (the numerical value of nun) transcend 49 = 72 [i.e., 49 + 1 = 50 or the Year of Jubilee – my comment]

#9 of 60

In our present reality, the nun is bent over, confined by the boundaries of nature. With the coming of Mashiach, the nun will "straighten out" (the shape of the final nun - ן), and will break through the boundaries of nature also descending ("below the line") into the subterranean realms of reality in order to reveal there God's all-encompassing Infinite light.  (Source: InnerOrg and  Sefer Yetzirah – Please Note:  The Sefer Yetzirah (“Book of Formation” or “Book of Creation”) is the title of the earliest extant book on Jewish esotericism, although some early commentators treated it as a treatise on mathematical and linguistic theory as opposed to Kabbalah – See here.)

Further, if this were not sufficient, I further discovered these amazing facts and prophetic substantiations from the Jews – who will greatly benefit from Messiah’s coming…and to think that 11 Cheshvan is the very date of that prospect – did someone say CONFIRMATION?  The month of Cheshvan has also been explained in this manner by “Hebrew for Christians”…

“On the Biblical calendar, the month of Cheshvan immediately follows the “holiday month” of Tishri, though it is sometimes called Mar-Cheshvan (“bitter Cheshvan”) because there are no festivals during the month (“neither feast nor fast”) and it marks the start of the cold and rainy season in Israel.  The Torah records that God brought down the Flood that destroyed the world in Cheshvan 17 (Gen. 7:10-11), which lasted until Cheshvan 27 (Gen. 8:14) – exactly one calendar year after it began (the Jewish sage Rashi notes that the 11-day discrepancy between the 17th and 27th represents the 11-day difference between the solar and lunar year).  Because Noah’s Flood began and ended during this month, Cheshvan is generally regarded as “mar” – a time of judgment and hardship.

Historically, Cheshvan has been a time that has brought much suffering to the Jewish people throughout the ages.  In more recent times, German Nazis launched a campaign on terror against Jewish people during this month.  Die Kristallnacht (the “Night of Broken Glass”), the infamous pogrom that initiated the Holocaust, occurred on Cheshvan 15 (Nov. 9th, 1938).  Its initial political purpose was to “disarm” all German Jews, though this became the pretext for cruelty, murder, and genocide of the Jewish people.  Despite its association with judgment, some Jewish traditions maintain that the month of Cheshvan will eventually lose its bitterness, because it will be during this time that the “third Temple” will be inaugurated.” (hebrew4christians)

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Upon further study I discovered the peculiar association of Rachel with 11 Cheshvan:

"And Rachel died, and was buried in the way to Ephrat - the same is Beth-lehem. And Jacob set up a pillar upon her grave; the same is the pillar of Rachel's grave unto this day." (Gen. 35:19-20)

Today, the 11th day of Marcheshvan [i.e., Cheshvan], is the anniversary of the death of our Matriarch, Rachel, (Rachel imeinu). On this day, it is a tradition for the Jewish people to visit the tomb of Rachel, located just a few hundred meters outside the city of Jerusalem, on the way to Bethlehem.

"Thus says the L-rd, a voice is heard in Rama, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children; she refused to be comforted for her children, because they are not. Thus says the L-rd: Keep your voice from weeping, and your eyes from tears: for your work shall be rewarded, says the L-rd; and they shall come back again from the land of the enemy. And there is hope for your future, says the L-rd, and your children shall come back again to their own border." (Jeremiah 31:14-16)

In a Midrashic teaching on these verses, our sages relate that when the Holy Temple was destroyed and the people of Israel were marched off into exile, the matriarch Rachel came out from her tomb (located on the road to Bethlehem) and cried bitterly over her children's fate, as they passed by her on their way to exile. These Biblical verses describe Rachel's crying, and G-d's answer to her. (Source: Temple Institute)

Here we find that Rachel – as Israel’s Matriarch or as “the Mother of Israel” – weeps for her children as they were carried away in judgment to Babylon.  Undoubtedly, the month of Cheshvan is inter-related to Judgment – indeed, for the 30 days of the Wrath of the Lamb has just climaxed from 10 Tishrei to 10 Cheshvan and now 11 Cheshvan has come – and Messiah has returned to BETHELEHEM, of all places – if you would, to the Mount of Olives but He very well could pick such a date to return, the very date where Rachel was buried – but the Jews cannot tell if it was in Judah or Benjamin – so close was its location to the two locations but just outside of Bethlehem, where Jesus was born, there can be little doubt…but there is something much, much more profound about this date and this is the astonishing part of 11 Cheshvan – something that has never, as far as I know, been shared in this light of Messiah’s coming in glory.

Solomon’s Temple was Completed – Probably on 10/11 Chesvan or 30 days from 10 Tishrei

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“And in the eleventh year, in the month of Bul (i.e., Heshvan/Cheshvan), which is the eighth month, the house was finished in all its detils and according to all its plans.  So he was seven years in building it [i.e., the Temple].” (I Kings 6:38)

Now, although Solomon had completed the Temple in the eighth month of Cheshvan, he did not dedicate the temple until the seventh month, for we read of the great celebrations and sacrifices in the dedication of the House of the Lord:

“At the time Solomon held a feast, and all Israel with him, a great assembly from the entrance of Hamath to the Brook of Egypt, before the LORD our God, seven days and seven more days—fourteen days.  On the eight day he sent the people away; and they blessed the king, and went to their tents joyful and glad of heart for all the good that the LORD had done for His servant David and for Israel His people” (I Kings 8:65-66).

These celebrations were in the month of Tishrei and during “feast days” – what days could they have possibly been?  They were broken down into two sets of “7.”  II Chronicles 7:8-10:

“At the time Solomon kept the feast seven days, and all Israel with him, a very great assembly from the entrance of Hamath to the Brook of Egypt.  And on the eighth day they held a sacred assembly, for they observed the dedication of the altar seven days, and the feast seven days.  On the twenty-third day of the seventh month he sent the people away to their tents, joyful and glad of heart for the good that the LORD had done for David, for Solomon, and for His people Israel.”

Here we see together the 7 and the 8 or the 7/8 as we see at the end of the 6,000 years.  Furthermore there are 14 days of two separate feasts – one for the dedication of the altar and then “the feast” seven days as well.  Firstly, allow me to configure that each 7 day time frame is equal to 2520 or 7 days * 360° = 2520 which is a fractal or resemblance of both the 70th Week of Daniel (2520 days vs. 2520° and to that of the Sacred Cubit’s 25.20”.  But there are two sets of these 2520’s or 5040 which is in feet the literal perimeter of Solomon’s Temple area.  Likewise, 7 days * 24 hours = 168 hours * 60 minutes (1 hr. = 60 minutes) = 10,080 minutes or the “18” of the New Jerusalem’s 12-edged linear perimeter (i.e., 18,000 miles) or “18” = “18.”

Solomon celebrated for 7 days the consecration/dedication of the altar – again, we are convinced that this date must have been the very Day of Atonement on 10 Tishrei of the Seventh Month.  On 15 Tishrei was the Feast of Booths – and all Israel knew this for it was given in the Torah to celebrate “the feast.”  How long was this feast? 

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Clearly, the dedication of the First Temple commenced on Yom Kippur and on Simchat Torah – 23 Tishrei – Solomon sent the tribes of Israel home rejoicing.  Simchat Torah, 23 Tishrei – Simchat Torah:

Simchat Torah or Simḥath Torah (also Simkhes TorehHebrew: שִׂמְחַת תּוֹרָה, lit., "Rejoicing with/of the Torah,") is a celebration marking the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings, and the beginning of a new cycle. Simchat Torah is a component of the Biblical Jewish holiday of Shemini Atzeret ("Eighth Day of Assembly"), which follows immediately after the festival of Sukkot in the month of Tishrei (mid-September to early October on the Gregorian calendar).

Therefore, the 14 days commenced on 10 Tishrei and concluded on the 23 Tishrei – count them (inclusive) and you will arrive at 14 days.  Now, that would mean that from 10 Tishrei to the end of Tishrei there are 20 days and then 10 more days in the following eighth month of Cheshvan brining us to 10 Cheshvan; meaning, that on 11 Chesvan would commence the coming of Messiah and the commencement of the 45 days of blessing found in Daniel 12:11-12

“And from the time that the daily sacrifice is taken away, and the abomination of desolation is set up, there shall be one thousand two hundred and ninety days.  Blessed is he who waits, and comes to the one thousand three hundred and thirty-five days.” 

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The incredible discovery – for we discovered 11 Cheshvan before we had any idea its possible significance – is this:  The 30 days from the Day of Atonement unto the terminus of the 1,290 days of desolation will be from 10 Tishrei unto 10 Cheshvan.  Then begins the 45 days of Blessing unto 25 Kislev at which time shall be the dedication of the Millenarian Temple:  To anoint the Most Holy Place…for from 11 Cheshvan until 30 Cheshvan there are 20 days and from 1 Kislev unto 25 Kislev there are 25 days making this time frame 20 days + 25 days = 45 days.  There are precisely 75 days between any 10 Tishrei Day of Atonement and any 25 Kislev Feast of Dedication.

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Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) through 23 Tishrei (Sukkot – or Feast of Tabernacles or Booths or Nations) all takes place in the SEVENTH MONTH – Tishrei but the EIGHTH MONTH is the time of the New Beginning – after the 30 days of Judgment and the commencement of the Messianic Age – the time when Messiah will reveal Himself to Israel – for “You will not see My face again, until you say:  Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the LORD” (Luke 13:35; Matthew 21:9; Mark 11:10; John 12:12-13).

It is abundantly clear that Solomon purposefully did not dedicate the completion of the Temple in Cheshvan – why?  Instead, he waited an additional 11 months unto the very Day of Atonement and commenced a 14-day celebration of both the Altar from whence the blood is brought into the Holiest of All and whereupon the Mercy Seat is sprinkled – the first such Festival of the actual Temple, no doubt and for 14 days unto the 23rd day of Tishrei the celebration persisted – 14 days having expired, leaving but 16 more days unto 10 Cheshvan for a total of 30 days – and indeed this does hearken back to the days of Noah – so shall it also be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man!  For as Noah experienced the flood in Cheshvan – even so, shall the 30 days of the Judgment of the Lamb persist unto Rachel’s weeping shall turn into joy – and the month preserved for the coming of Messiah shall have come – Blessed is he who waits and comes to the 1,335th Day

No – “no man knows the day nor the hour of the coming of the Son of Man” – but we are thoroughly enjoined to “discern the times and the seasons” of His coming – and this is about as close as it gets.

It is of great satisfaction to this writer to have discovered that the probable date of Messiah coming is precisely the time that the Orthodox Jews have determined Messiah’s coming – and, no, this is NOT to inaugurate the “Tribulation Temple” and coronate the Antichrist – that is pure rubbish – a thousand times NO – it is the coronation of the King of kings and Lord of lords – it is 11 Cheshvan the weeping of Rachel for her children will be over – the conclusion of the 70th Week and of the Wrath of the Lamb will have concluded and then shall be fulfilled the words of Hosea the Prophet:

“Come, and let us return to the LORD; for He has torn, but He will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up.  After two days He will revive us; on the third day He will raise us up, that we may live in His sight.  Let us know, let us pursue the knowledge of the LORD.  His going forth is established as the morning; He will come to us like the rain, like the latter and former rain to the earth” (Hosea 6:1-3).

These two days – these TWO THOUSAND YEARS from Abraham unto the final seven years of Daniel’s 70th Week – unto the EIGHTH DAY in the EIGHTH MONTH of Cheshvan – even upon 11 Cheshvan …and make no mistake about the “11” for He has defeated His foe by His coming again in glory as Israel’s Joseph, the Messiah, the Son of David with all His saints with Him – for as Enoch has said:

“Now Enoch, the seventh from Adam, prophesied about these men also, saying, ‘Behold, the Lord comes with ten thousands of His saints, to execute judgment on all, to convict all who are ungodly among them of all their ungodly deeds which they have committed in an ungodly way, and of all the harsh things which ungodly sinners have spoken against Him’” (Jude 14-15).

And, now...

The letter nun is considered to be the letter of Mashiach (Messiah), as is said (with reference to Mashiach): "Before the sun, his name is Ye-non [from nun]" (Psalms 72:17). As a verb-root, nun means "to reign." As a noun, it means "the heir to the throne" (from nin).

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The SEVENTH month will give way to the EIGHTH month – “Before the sun, his name is Ye-non [from nun] (Psalms 72:17 – “His name shall continue as long as the sun”) … for first the burning of the Sun in anger and then the healing rays of the Sun in blessing:

“‘For behold, the day is coming, burning like an oven, and all the proud, yes, all who do wickedly will be stubble.  And the day which is coming shall burn them up.’  Says the LORD of hosts, ‘That will leave them neither root nor branch.  But to you who fear My name the Sun of Righteousness shall arise with healing in His wings; and you shall go out and grow fat like stall-fed calves’” (Malachi 4:1-2).

33 A.D. to 2013 A.D. using 360-day Prophetic Year…

We have indicated that from the crucifixion/resurrection of Christ on April 1, 33 A.D – using Gregorian Solar days in a year or 365.2425 days per year – until the very present (July 31, 2013 A.D.) – some 1980 solar years have elapsed.  Added to this figure would be the 8 prophetic years (i.e., the remainder of the “8” which extends beyond the 4,000 years from Adam to the Crucifixion which would have been 4,008 prophetic years according to the ancient biblical chronologies wherein there were 1,558 years from the creation of Adam until the birth of Shem; and 5 sets of 490 years each or 5 X 490 years = 2,450 years from the birth of Shem to the crucifixion of Christ or 1,558 years + 2,450 years = 4,008 years with the 8 years actually being completed if one counts the final set of 490 years – but “extended” as a “double set” of 8 years to the final 8 years of man’s age or the 70th Week; therefore:  4,008 years + 1980 years + 8 years = 5,996 years – leaving us but 4 more years and a number of months whereby we have calculated that the year 2018 A.D. at Passover will mark the commencement of the Seventieth Week of Daniel’s prophecy or 4,008 years + 1980 years + 8 years + 4 years (the four years are approximately from 2013 A.D. to 2018 A.D.) is equal to 6,000 years.

However, if we were to count the 1980 years since the crucifixion of Messiah in 33 A.D. until 2013 A.D. as “360-day prophetic years” we would find the following:

There would be 1980 years of 365.2425 solar years or each solar year is 5.2425 days more than a Hebrew prophetic year based on 360 days; therefore:  5.2425 days X 1980 = 10,380.15 days / 360 (a prophetic year) = 28.83375 years (more than the original 1980 solar years or 1,980 years + 28.83375 years = 2,008.83375 prophetic years of 360-days per year from 33 A.D. until today, 2013 A.D.

Therefore, as the 1558 years (Adam to Shem’s birth) finds the “8” embedded therein and carried over into the 4,008 years (from Adam to the “cutting off” of Messiah) – the “8” (signifying the "new beginning" of eternity, the Eschaton or infinity) thusly pronounced and extended to the end of the “man who is flesh” (Gen. 6:3)…we, by using the prophetic calendar of the Hebrews, see that 1980 years, as in 2013 A.D. marks the 2,008.83375 prophetic years having elapsed from the crucifixion of Christ in 33 A.D. until now (2013 A.D.).

Obviously, this would mean that if the Seventieth Week of Daniel were to have begun – let’s say, for example, on President Obama’s Palm Sunday (this 2013 A.D.) entry into Jerusalem (affirming the “Unbreakable Alliance” between the USA and Israel) being the possible commencement of the Seventieth Week, we might see in the “8” a prophetic imprint; however, 2,008.83375 prophetic years + another 7 years and 75 days would extend the calendar to 2,015.83375+ the 75 days as prophetic years since the crucifixion of Christ until the completion of the 70th Week of Daniel – therefore, it is our conclusion that such a “prophetic calendar” is NOT in play since the “cutting off” of Messiah … but that the solar/Gregorian calendar is, having to do with the calling out from among the Gentiles a people for His name who have been incorporated into the Commonwealth of Israel.  This is the appropriate calendar we should utilize from the crucifixion of Christ until now.

What is in view, again, are the 1980 solar years which have transpired since the crucifixion of Christ up through 2013 with the 8 additional years having been extended (again) to the end of the 120 Jubilee cycles (120 * 50 = 6,000 years as per Genesis 6:3) which were seen in the 4,008 years from Adam’s creation unto the crucifixion of Messiah or 4,008 prophetic years + 1980 solar years + 8 (“8” being counted twice in that the 5 sets of 490 demand such and this “8” is, if you would, the 70th Week of Daniel + 75 days in accordance with Daniel 12:11-12) = 5,996 years; therefore, we are in 2013 A.D. some 4/5 years short of 2018 A.D. which would commence the Seventieth Week of Daniel’s prophecy + 75 days.  Thus, again, the target year is 2018 A.D. extending unto 2025 A.D. as the coming of the Son of Man.

Can you hear the footsteps of the Messiah? – The “Judge is at the door” – Are we ready – for “he that endures unto the end shall be saved”? – That’s a hard saying but His grace abounds towards those that fear His Name and surrender their all that He might be all in all!  Maranatha!



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