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...America and the Coming of Antichrist - America's Worst Nightmare

By S. Douglas Woodward

I'm pleased to announce the release on CreateSpace (and on Amazon in about one week - July 18, 2013) of THE FINAL BABYLON: America and the Coming of Antichrist.  This brand new book combines my efforts with two great co-authors:  Douglas W. Krieger and Dene McGriff,  they are the co-editors of the (

The Final Babylon:  America and the Coming of Antichrist



The Final Babylon: America and the Coming of Antichrist

The book focuses directly on the argument that America and not Europe will be the powerbase of the Antichrist.  Whereas the previous two books written by me, Power Quest Book One and Power Quest Book Two dealt with unfavorable aspects of American history overlooked by most Americans, THE FINAL BABYLON examines the Holy Scripture closely to present the biblical case that America possesses all the attributes of the Mystery Babylon of the Revelation (and the Daughter of Babylon in Jeremiah and Isaiah).  Therefore, we should not assume that America must diminish in political power and commercial capability  (i.e., we shouldn't necessarily expect the U.S. dollar to crash), to "make room" for Europe to step to the foreground as the dominant power in "the West."  We also recount the many author/researchers in Evangelicalism over the past 50 years who have proposed that America may indeed be the Final Babylon of the last days.

Below is a book summary to help convey the many subjects we discuss.

Foreword:  A City Sliding Down a Hill

We are privileged to have Cris Putnam, co-author of Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana [with Tom Horn], provide a lively introduction to the book.  Cris notes that many will find the arguments of our book offensive because of their patriotic sentiments, but that our Christian sensitivities should outweigh our patriotic concerns.  Instead of being Winthrop's "City on a Hill", America has turned from its mission as established by its founders, and has become a mechanism for the rich elite to implement their political agenda.

Chapter 1:  The Contrarian Prophetic Scenario

The traditional scenario in Bible prophecy since the Late Great Planet Earth is that America must diminish and Europe must become powerful again.  Rome will be "revived" and the Antichrist will lead a ten nation confederacy, likely built around "the Euro" and the European Union.  We challenge this popular point of view.  We propose America, and not a revitalized Europe, is the principal powerbase for Antichrist.

Chapter 2:  Who is Babylon?

"Mystery Babylon" is one of the greatest puzzles of the book of Revelation.  The Reformers (Luther and Calvin) identified the Catholic Church as Mystery Babylon and the Pope as Antichrist.  Dave Hunt did a landmark study (1994 - A Woman Rides The Beast) of Catholicism and its many apostasies.  But "who is Babylon?"  What can we learn about Babylon from its "founders" - Nimrod and his mother/wife Semiramis?  Is the future Babylon the historic city in Iraq?  Is Antichrist going to be a Muslim?  Should we assume the pejorative Babylon is to be interpreted literally or symbolically?

Chapter 3:  Why a New Look at Babylon is Not So New

There have been a number of great writers, researchers, and pastors, who bunked the standard prophetic scenario of dispensationalists and pointed the finger at America is the likely fulfillment of the prophecies in the Bible about the world's final great empire headed by "the little horn" of Daniel (The Beast).  How has nationalism in America caused us to miss the obvious?  What attributes does Babylon possess that America clearly matches?  Will the rapture cause America to diminish in power?

Chapter 4:  Is America a Christian Nation?

Most Americans believe that our Founders sought to create a Christian nation.  Most believe that our Founding Fathers were "men of the book" and strong Christians.  But what did they really believe about God?  How did their commitment to Freemasonry color their thinking about the nature of America's mission in the world?  Is there really evidence that America was planned by Rosicrucians before it was colonized in the seventeenth century? What role if any did the Illuminati play in America's revolution and development?  Is America "the New Atlantis?"

Chapter 5:  Why America IS the Final Babylon

In this chapter, we cite five strong arguments in support of our contention that America is the powerbase for the Antichrist.  (1)  America's religious preoccupations reflect the Babylonian religion; (2) America's national symbols reflect Egyptian (and Greco-Roman) deities and myths; (3) The infiltration of Nazis into America after World War II had enormous impact upon our government and "military-industrial complex;" (4) America's unsurpassed financial muscle will not likely dissipate, neither is it likely to relinquish political domination of the "West;" (5) America's military is global and many times the size of all of Europe's military, with deployment of its 11 carrier groups, 80 submarines, and 1,000 military bases worldwide.

Chapter 6: The Colossus of Commercial Babylon

New York City and Wall Street, are arguably the most powerful force in the world, directing the global economy.  Many conservative Christians argue that America is on the precipice of collapse and the dollar about to fail.  Are we ready to enter into hyperinflation and fiscal ruin?   Has "our death been greatly exaggerated?"  How does our economy compare to others in the world?  How does our political policy and financial policy intertwine to influence what happens around the world?  Could America actually be poised to rebound?

Chapter 7:  The First World Empire

There have been many world empires, but the first empire and the last empire have much in common.  What do the empires of Phoenicia (Tyre and Sidon), Tarshish (and the Punic Peoples), Neo-Babylonia, and Rome tell us about the last days' "final empire"?  Does the language of the Bible tell us who the final empire is?

Chapter 8:  Prophecy and the Powers of Seven

Co-author Doug Krieger provided the discoveries around which this chapter revolves.  There are many "sevens" and "seventies" in Bible prophecy.  We share how these seventies tie together the various metaphors applied to THE FINAL BABYLON to substantiate the argument that Babylon (and Tyre/Sidon) are metaphors depicting the powerbase of The Beast.  We study how the story of King Ahab, Elijah the prophet, Jezebel the harlot Queen, and King Jehu of Israel tell us about the future destruction of the final empire.  We conclude with the various names of Antichrist in the Book of Daniel and the characteristics of the "little horn."

Chapter 9:  When Antichrist Reveals Himself in America, Will We Recognize Him?

This chapter examines the interplay between Adolf Hitler and the Church in Germany during Nazism's ascendancy.  The statements of Hitler demonstrate how a philosophy of state supremacy over the church and a false dichotomy between social programs and spirituality, led to the diminution of Christianity, making it irrelevant to society, and nullifying its dampening affect upon the rise of evil.  We examine the lapse in evangelical theology today which denies the reality of true evil and real sin, and predict that Americans will have a difficult time recognizing Antichrist when he appears.

Chapter 10:  The Judgment of Babylon

The final chapter examines the Book of Revelation and its description of the judgment of Babylon.  We evaluate the final stages of world history (the three woes and the seven trumpets), with an emphasis upon the attributes of Babylon and God's judgment.  Discussed in depth is The Day of the Lord, the position of believers during this period, and the story of Jezebel as the picture of "the harlot" expounded upon by John in his apocalypse.

Afterword:  Democratic Globalism and the Fate of America

In this Afterword, we provide a political analysis of "internationalism" or Democratic Globalism - the overarching "foreign" policy  of the American government.  National sovereignty has been replaced by a commitment to "manage the world" through commercial, political, and military means.  The elite of the world, the mega-rich, seek to manipulate America's political, commercial, and military machine to enforce a global agenda.  This agenda is the driving force leading the U.S.A. to become Mystery Babylon.

You can find the book now at the following page at CreateSpace (a service provided by Amazon).  Click Here.  We hope you will read the book and share it with your friends and family.  We believe it will have a dramatic impact upon how you see America, how Christians should view the coming world government and America's role in making it happen, and what we should know to make an impact upon our country.

S. Douglas Woodward - Editor, FAITH HAPPENS

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